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  1. He couldn't have handled the situation any better
  2. Outstanding today, as he was on Thursday. He's getting better and better. When all fit, our options on either wing are frightening good
  3. When would the games take place though? European games are staggered through the day during the group stages and and work around peak European times so that it can be watched across Europe.
  4. Do we know when the winter patch is released? Wanting to start a new save but might as well wait for the update.
  5. I think it's up to 12 subs named now in Europa. 5 can be made over 3 separate occasions to limit stopages.
  6. I dont think VAR is the issue. It does what it's suppose to do. It clears up whether it's offside or not and it clears up wrong decisions. However, the referee's that are in control of it a sn absolute joke. Tonights game summed it up for me. No common sense whatsoever. Mike Dean was asked to view that incident because of a "Clenched fist" and "Violent conduct" none of which were committed. Some serious education is needed for the current set of referee's as I hate to say it, but they are literally ruining the game as we know it.
  7. Are we all ready for the Sky Sports Leeds show tomorrow?
  8. I'm sure she said that Pickford didn't get anywhere near saving Rodriguez's shot for there goal aswell 😔
  9. I had this yesterday too. Started a save with Grantham Town, singed a player who had a promise request that the defense would be improved. He signed and another player that I was in for (a striker) came in the day after. Player 1 was upset that the promise wasn't kept and put in a transfer request 1 day after completing his move.
  10. Thought he played very well today. Think a spell out of the team has done him some good. I would have much rather he stayed on than bringing Iheanacho.
  11. We left him out against West Ham earlier in the season and that was on par with yesterday. He's massively underrated.
  12. I personally think that the international break has had a massive impact here. We had built momentum and playing very, very well. We seem to perform better playing 2 games a week. I'm very optimistic going into this "busier" period now. Games coming thick and fast again and hopefully we can build that momentum back.
  13. My 1st away game that was. I'm sure it was the 02/03 season in the championship though, we finished 2nd and Portsmouth went up as champions. Harry Redknapp threw a tantrum after the game sating it should have never been played. Never seen rain like it in all fairness
  14. I was there at Blackpool away for an fa cup 3rd round reply on what has to be, the coldest night since records began.
  15. Same. Got back on the coach and the roof had leaked so all the seats were damp
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