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  1. If you look at the Czech league and their results in Europe the last few years I'd say its foolish to think we can do much other than play our strongest available side. Still can't believe we've drawn a trip to Prague and we can't even go, bloody criminal.
  2. The third was a bit generous but the other two were clear penalties - the first was absolutely stonewall.
  3. Feel so much more gutted for him personally than for the team. Awful blow to him and having such a good season individually.
  4. We have had a consistently bad injury list for over a year now, and that includes a 3 month break. At what stage are questions allowed?
  5. I understand that from a purely medical or epidemiological perspective that might be the way forward. With these scientists that's their job and it's their drum so we shouldn't be surprised that they bang it. I don't agree with people directing abuse at them because really that's their professional prerogative. It's for the government, our civilian leadership, to take all aspects into account, and say thanks for the advice but that is unnecessary and unworkable and we'll be taking another path. Nobody seriously thinks the government has 'followed the science' throughout still do t
  6. Shouldn't it really go back to being U21s? You shouldn't be playing regular academy football if you're 22, you should be in a first team squad, be that at your academy club or elsewhere.
  7. Great to finally have a decent right-back at the club
  8. Both deserved to go out but we'll take it. Paid a price though
  9. Oops. Thought I was in the match thread - get well soon JJ.
  10. That is why you dont play players in every ****ing game!
  11. Just looked at their results and it's more one month than two. They've dug out some great results but i see they were all 1 nil, although I dont remember them stinking up the gaff in order to get them.
  12. They have been genuinely decent for a month or so now tho.
  13. You've never microwaved a pot of Extra Thick Double and poured it down your socks?
  14. I'm not denying I said words to that effect, as I've said multiple times (in the appropriate part of the forum btw) it was incredibly tedious reading any and every unfavourable observation about performances and results being dismissed with 'but we're 4th', it still is, and we had that all 2nd half of last season and look how that ended up. Expressed myself in an overly emotive and reactionary way? Sure, so sue me. Doesnt mean I wouldn't have been and still won't be pleased to be proven wrong, and I've posted more than once about being impressed by the way they've gone about doing so.
  15. Eh? You think everyone in the country has analysed the responses of every other government? I dont know, but I'm not the one claiming ours is the best in the world - you tell me.
  16. I mean it's still quite possible we could finish lower than 4th tbh yeah, but I'll be delighted if we don't.
  17. I don't disagree, it's ultimately more logical just to do it. All cases of prisoners dying whilst incarcerated go to coroner's court so if one died of Covid having been denied a vaccine there'd be a clear case for litigation. By who's judgement?
  18. Entirely correct to say that the usual suspects on here and in the press would be going apeshit if Corbyn said nonces shouldn't lose their place in the queue though.
  19. Can't knock the bloke, but tap water has more flavour than Alistair Cook
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