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  1. Your mob have developed a proper complex over the last few years.
  2. I always find it amusing how people discredit a boxer by saying he's only really good at punching, as if that isn't literally the point of boxing.
  3. Lallana has made 24 appearances in European competition with most of them in the Europa League. That is only 6 more games than Tielemans - you cant assume every player over 30 is some wise old owl that knows every trick in the book and the key to every competition. Do I intend to hold the Head of Senior Recruitment accountable for the recruitment of senior players to the club? Erm, yes.
  4. He's only made 50 appearances in the last 3 seasons, had a number of injury layoffs and scored a grand total of 1 goal. It's very much a brainer.
  5. Wouldn't a better way to do this be to sign players who are better than what we have and put the current ones on the bench? Who said anything about throwing money at the bench?
  6. My point is that if, as said, Rodgers refuses to operate without Congerton, who does not have a good track record, at the club, then alarm bells should be ringing. We have already begun to see the limitations to Rodgers' management and yes while he is a good manager, I wouldn't say we have won the lottery with him and he's the best manager we could possibly hope to get. Therefore, we shouldn't be afraid of making a change if its needed.
  7. You must have noticed that we've gone from getting the likes of Tielemans, Soyuncu etc in to now prioritising unambitious and limited value domestic transfers such as Perez and then Vestergaard and Ryan Bennett and now Lallana. It's pretty obvious. What's changed in that time?
  8. Yeah you're right we might get Jannik Vestergaard as well. Cant wait!
  9. Ffs. No ambition whatsoever. If we allow him to Congerton is going to see us go the same way as Sunderland and Hamburg.
  10. Under this proposal, the below would be onside - it's just as absurd as the current situation
  11. Your Dad will still moan that the part of the body is only offside by a centimetre and that he cAnT eNjOy ThE gAmE aNyMoRe
  12. They are both positive things overall. Perhaps, although who is to say the 11k isn't raised from the sales of the sandwich? Most of the time these things take the form of donating x amount per unit sold - it's rare that all the proceeds go to the charitable venture. I also wouldn't think they are the first company to get involved in a charitable campaign without the ulterior motive of good publicity. Homophobia is still an issue in football, I wouldn't say it was in the past. I actually looked into that briefly and couldn't find any mention of financial support from the PL arising from the Rainbow Laces thing. Of course it's not all about money and there is benefit in kind.
  13. Yeah, one raises money for LGBT charities and one is tokenistic signalling from an industry where employees still feel unable to come out.
  14. So noble they named the event after him, and rightly so.
  15. When we let Southampton beat us the other week as a show of good faith after humiliating them in October.
  16. Corruption is endemic in every other industry in the world where anything like the sort of money in football is involved. It is naive to say the least to believe that there is no corruption in football. Exactly how far it goes is the question. Consider that a former PL referee openly admitted to fixing the outcome of a match of his own accord last year - nobody batted an eyelid and there were no ramifications.
  17. That's what I said to the judge ffs but he wouldn't listen!
  18. Remember how we won the league cos everyone was shit that year? This was the table after 26 games that season
  19. The gap between us and Chelsea is completely irrelevant and unimportant, and has been since we started this run of really poor results.
  20. The draw against Chelsea at home was a really poor result, they are dogshit at the moment.
  21. The fact is that this is clearly incorrect, and it's not exactly hard to see how it could be construed as 'turning a blind eye' is it? Its outright denying it. That was all Carl's original point was if I understand correctly.
  22. Was definitely a penalty on Maddison btw.
  23. There was a section with 100+ tickets going in it and it's now been taken off sale by the looks of it...
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