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  1. Quite a literal 'do the mean us'? Yes, they had a 'weakened team', but United didn't hand Man City the title. We beat them, at their Stadium. They didn't throw it away, we had to do our part and beat Man U for Man City to clinch it last night.
  2. Data data data. We have a really good team crunching numbers. We also have a clear strategy in terms of age, number of years left on contract etc. which helps us focus on targets at the right price.
  3. Not keen on this one. It emphasises Man U too much.
  4. When everyone is fit, we have an unbelievable squad right now. A lot of our players are "unknowns". We haven't gone our and bought our talent, we've worked hard for it. JJ, Thomas and KDH et al are great examples of what an amazing club we are.
  5. The media should be talking about how we've reached the FA Cup final for the first time in 50 years, yet they are talking about this ridiculousness.
  6. Guys, I'll put a good word in with Daka! @casablancas @urban.spaceman
  7. And now I'm red again! GME is hilarious!
  8. Same! I don't have much in it, so might as well just let them ride!
  9. I'm almost back to green with GME 😂
  10. Cars will be quite different in the not too distant future. We'll all take mass transport to travel longer distances, whatever that may look like (hyperloop?!) and have told an automated electric car to meet us when we arrive. It will be tracking our progress so it arrives exactly when needed and then take us effortlessly to our destination. There will be no traffic jams or direct particulate pollution (hopefully grids will continue to be increasingly based on renewables). We'll pay a subscription fee for the transport, or it will just be taxed and provided 'free at point of use'.
  11. Most of my investments are in ETFs, but I have some individual stocks and play money to see if I can beat the market!!
  12. should have got free kick for that push on Under
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