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  1. We've looked physically and mentally fatigued for weeks and our confidence is shot. It's quite a good, if depressing, excuse.
  2. Why was Mason Greenwood invited to operation **** Liverpool?
  3. They are going to be a lot more fresh, got a horrible feeling we're losing this
  4. 'These are the moment you live for as a footballer' Behave Waggy.
  5. Happy for Waggy but bloody irritating otherwise. Why did Cardiff have to ruin it?
  6. Look at Sky pretending that isn't meaningless
  7. Good luck finding someone willing to take that bet.
  8. Giving Bentleys Roof air time now, salt in the wound
  9. I wasn't lead booker and haven't had anything yet.
  10. Yeah looked like there were plenty when I got mine
  11. Thanks! How was the travel booked, did you have to do that separately or is it included in the transaction? Or do you not need the coach?
  12. Anything on the ticket section of the site takes you to the queue now.
  13. Oh right I haven't tried. Selecting the seats may well bring the number down because the seat is allocated to a transaction temporarily?
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