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  1. Quickly deletes post. Was a tap in though 🤣
  2. Need another Winger. Perez is not the answer.
  3. Agreed. Pants are being pulled down on our side now with other teams knowing we’ve got a massive few for a defender. Cahill for a year is a great shout. Him, Evans and Wes would be ideal for Soyuncu and Benkovic to learn from.
  4. Absolutely spot on mate. How many mistakes or bad decisions has Gray/Barnes and to be fair Maddison made but because they score goals they get away with it. I see plenty of potential in Soyuncu and he’s very similar to Maguire in my opinion.
  5. Think if we don’t get another Midfielder he’ll be staying. I still think he has something to offer?
  6. I wouldn’t say it’s vital. Marc and Harvey can do it for us. It would be nice as I’ve never been convinced by Gray myself. I also think Maddison will play wide and Perez in behind Vardy.
  7. You’ve not even responded to anything else I’ve put so that proves my point. Your opinion is clearly above everyone else’s. “K thanks”
  8. Why do we have so many people on this forum that are more concerned about proving points rather than just discussing things? Where did you “learn” from his illness may I ask? And if his head wasn’t turned why don’t he just come out and say publicly he’s happy at Leicester to give us some re-assurance? However, I don’t disagree with what your saying. He will be professional and he’s a good lad by all accounts, but the longer this drags on the worse it’s going to get. I really don’t see United going above 75m for him unless they get desperate and it can’t be doing our SQUAD any good knowing he could be going and it’s all in limbo.
  9. I’m hoping it will be a big signing. Not big as in “marquee” as I don’t think that will do us any good really. But someone who again has proven quality, Ziyech maybe, that will turn heads and dampen the whole Maguire situation.
  10. I personally feel we need to sell now as his head is turned. What’s the point in keeping a player that is at least interested in a move, especially to a club in free-fall like Man United. Let’s give Soyuncu a go, he will make mistakes but he’s got Wes and Jonny to learn from and Benkovic is a solid option moving forward. I also have a feeling Fuchs may be deployed as a CB if we have injuries too.
  11. To be fair mate I really like Morgan. Club legend and from a footballing point of view I still think he has something to offer and I was pleased he signed his contract extension as did Fuchs.
  12. Anyone think it’s interesting that Maguire has played alongside Wes for both the friendlys in a “second string” team?
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