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  1. Morgan shouldn't play for us again and if someone wants to pay a lot for Maguire in the summer I won't cry. For today's game if he wanted to play 3 CBs then it should have been Evans in the centre with Caglar on the right, the centre of the 3 needs to be the best ball playing and Morgan reminds me of a circus balancing act whilst riding a unicycle. Im not seeing 3 at the back with players we have, Barnes and Maddison doing nothing for us today the line up v Brighton would have been better there was more balance and options with the extra forward in Gray, we are reliant on Ricardo on the right he loses it and they off down that wing the other night Gray was there for support.
  2. Agree Tierney not moving unless he 1st choice LB and not sure he'll leave anyway, I know everyone has a price but he is Celtic thru and thru. As for McGregor he is a much better player than Mendy is, I like Mendy but McGregor has more in his locker. He can do the dirty stuff in CM and has covered in that position for Brown this season and done very well but he also drives Celtic forward with most of their play going through him he's like a hybrid of Mendy/Ndidi, Tielemans and Maddison would definitely look to buy and he doesn't have that history with Celtic like Tierney it was Rodgers that brought him on.
  3. It's as if your in my head Foxy Bear, these 3 for me also. Tielemans a must Mitrovic is a more all rounder than say Wilson And a few Celtic fan friends say for all the talk of Tierney they believe McGregor Is the best player at the club everything goes through him and he can do everything, pass short, pass long, shoot and tackle, dare I say an upgrade on Maddison? And the same if funds left a back up LB and Winger
  4. Doesn't matter to you anymore Syd Cupp he's been relieved of his duties!!!
  5. Can 1 of the elder statesmen of the forum or 1 of the mods advise on the regulation time We must wait until We can stop saying “it’s not his team (new man) he needs n*transfer windows before we can judge him..” and start getting on his back?
  6. 1 summer and 2 January windows so if you know anything about transfer windows it’s 1 yes and in that time he didn’t know what he had in the summer, and what does he buy January just gone and for how much?
  7. But but but Vardy played why didn’t we win?????
  8. Had he played Gray from the start u would have whinged
  9. BKLFox

    Ali Regbha

    Signing in the summer according to Irish media https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/league-of-ireland/boost-for-bohs-with-ali-reghba-set-to-rejoin-club-on-short-term-contract-37839772.html
  10. I know it's only wiki but if you read his management style it quotes everything most the outers say is wrong with Puel. Preferred style 4231 so those longing for 2 upfront not happy, often plays players in unorthodox positions to shoehorn into his system, firm believer in squad rotation & zonal marking...ok it doesn't say he is boring little Frenchman with no charisma in his interviews so they have me there (4-1) but alarmingly it does say he was a hard man to please with Gerrard going on record to say he longed for a well done from him, would this not worry you with our young squad who need to hear these words. I read the likes of Winters comments stating his record of achievements but it's like the other post on here saying who's the better goalie, those achievements were 14 years ago different times and with established top 4 clubs not a club trying to build itself for the long haul. His recent achievements don't really pick him out the pile do they?
  11. Only 2 pundits that I'd take any notice of for both good & bad comments are Gary Neville and Liam Rosenior who needs to be promoted above all those mentioned In previous posts + the normal five on soccer Saturday they have got a little complacent ala Keys/Gray combo thinking they too big to drop & don't get me started on the BBC and BT so called experts, all garbage. At least these 2 give thought out technical and tactical insights and seem to do more research into teams they comment on or for debates they engage in, not just cheap throw away comments looking for a laugh and sprouting the same pundit buzz words like the masses.
  12. An eye opener for those that scoff at Puels over use of certain words, balance being 1 of them, is an article by Pep for SSports where he says he can't find room to put Man City's record signing into the team currently and he will have to be content with a place on the bench and bit parts. Due to the fact it's Man City these players whilst probably not happy will put up with it but for a team like Leicester we can't go splashing out on big signings and loading every base with 3 top quality players which is where our model and staff come into their own. We have a very good starting 11 with a half decent bench, YT is the missing link for me or a player of that type and what ever transfer funds we have the majority of it must be spent securing him / that type this summer. I'm not all that fussed if we don't sign an out and out striker, if Vardy goes yes if not no. Hear me out before I get sectioned by a few, say we go for Mitrovic , a player I think would be perfect for us, we won't play 2 upfront, not many teams do, so going back to the start of my post who sits on the bench and who plays? both Vards and him would expect to play but 1 will dip out, it also pushes out other options from current players + limits the integration of up and coming players 2 or 3 we can mention from DV squad + on loan, the cabbage etc, even Hirst @ OHL if that was the plan to get him to us via the back door. Vardy is important to us I get that he sets the tone and his name scares defenders but I wouldn't be adverse to playing the team v Spurs it just needs repetition to click, I'm sure Vardy will be deployed in the same set up and great it's a win win for us, we get vardy + we find our own solution internally. So summer clear out of Morgan, Simpson, Oki who probably shouldn't be on the bench anymore adds nothing and would rather see a DV player there, Fuchs going anyway, Silva not worked, possibly Mendy I mentioned balance and change of shape with buying YT/Type no need for 3 1st team DM. Peps comments also double edged for us as hopefully it will highlight to those young spotlighted players they may just be better sitting where they are.
  13. Puel has said we set up in a 433 with Maddison dropping into a 3 with YT & WN as the holding MD'er, so was the intention not to have a striker but 3 forward players that interchanged in Barnes/Gray/Ghezzal with JM & YT popping into the central attacking space that the 3 upfront create with continued movement & dragging defenders around, would be interesting to see a heat map of those 5 players & see how much they overlap and then with Vardy's over those....where does 1 go for such a beast or can 1 of the bright spark posters read between the lines
  14. Fec'ing Sky prematch build up to Spurs v Leicester and they talk about Man City, Liverpool & Chelsea
  15. Cracking little article on sky sports that Barnes has done about how hard it is to get the break as a young player and how huge the step up from U23 to Premier 1st team is which is forcing the pool of English talent abroad to get their chance. He then starts bigging up Leicester's / Puel willingness to put faith in youth, says all the young players are seeing this not only internally current 1st team, fringe and development players but also externally. This surely will benefit us in the summer window when those young talented players are looking for their next steps, even those currently knocking around in the big 6 teams and just not getting game time. We have U22s playing regularly in the 1st team and we have a large contingent in all age groups not only for England but Internationally and they must talk about the club and its plans..futures bright futures blue
  16. Sorry subtle attempt @ humour with their nickname
  17. I know you can't say that anymore the words travellers.
  18. Although I can’t find using the search didn’t we have about 100 or so pages on trying to sign Craig MacKail-Smith around the same time as Maynard was it? Think he went Bournemouth then slipped away to nothing.
  19. Champions Lge - We are going to struggle to get into the Europa let alone CL and I don't mean that in a struggle to get 7th position I mean, do people realise that for all the teams still in the FA cup there are only 3 teams left that can make 7th a Europa slot and 2 of those play each other in the next round, please don't pin all your dreams on qualifying through league position. Matching player ambition - option to buy nothing to do with player it's down to Monaco if they put that clause in, they haven't as they hope he will shine and they end up with a bidding war from prem clubs. All the more important if they get relegated he is probably their biggest remaining money making asset and by pushing a bidding war they can squeeze every last drop of money out of him. Financial Makeweight - already posted I see this as Monaco in relegation battle Jardim wants mature heads to guide the team out, steady eddies not mavericks, where as we could do with a maverick, someone who will try an ambitious pass or just shoot from outside the 6yd box.
  20. Monaco are in a relegation battle and Jardim has done what any of premiership merry go round managers aka Big Sam would do, he has dropped the youth in favour of experienced mature heads to get him out of a pickle that's all. Tom, I wanted Silva to work as much as the next man but it didn't / hasn't for what ever reason, we have however ended up with a real potential bright star who at 21 has all the same attributes Silva had shown in Portugal + some, namely he can tackle, more mobile, shows aggression, can work in a 2man MF, better varied passing range, 2 footed and 1 hell of a shot on him, what's not to like.
  21. Popped onto the Everton forum after their defeat in the cup to see they are having identical conversations about Silva and his tactics, lots of what were the board thinking, he has no plan b, chops and changes the side along with it's not his team, we're in transition, we need stability etc so pretty similar except 1 thing and that was they do blame the players more, not fighting for him, not having the minerals to stand up and take responsibility etc which doesn't happen on here and I mean that as a team not the same individuals that get blamed regardless if there involved in play that leads to us conceding or not. Most field games are played in phases with a bad phase played further up the pitch having a knock on down the pitch, Its easy to blame the likes of Morgan, Simpson, Mendy in recent games because they are spotlighted due to being in the final phase of conceding but if the more popular players the likes of Vardy, Maddison or Albrighton hadn't lost the ball or had won the tackle further up the pitch it wouldn't set off the chain reaction, I know I'm kinda simplifying it and not every penny fits the slot but I'm trying to say it's a team game and we should apportion blame/credit as a team win lose or draw. Recently Puel was being blamed for over training and going into to much detail for the players to handle yet contrary to that Puel himself said on a recent interview regarding 'spy-gate' “I want my players to play their own game, not to play as a reaction to the opposition. “I don't like this because I want to develop the team to have the ability to have the right answer. “When something arrives in the game they have to have the right reaction. The end of the game is too late. “I want them to take responsibility.” That last bit hits the nail on the head and the right way to coach for me, he gives them the building blocks but ultimately it's down to them once they cross the white line and I'm sure this is how the great Pep does it. Again keeping it simplistic, an instructor down in Hereford can train his troopers to storm a building for a month but when they actually do it for real they have to react to what's in front of them not say the instructor didn't tell me there would be a gunman in that room and freeze, I know I'm losing the plot . Lets stop the continued assaniation of Puel, yes he has his cons but there's a lot of pros, let's get in the stands and pull together behind him and our team and finish this season on a high. As a side just read this morning that Silva has only won 6 of his last 32 Away games, I can't believe that he was on the top of our list for some on here, Puel's stats must be better than that
  22. For all the stick Puel gets with his team selections a lot of the 'i'd like to see teams' are virtually identical player wise, just goes to show we don't have the large pot of players some believe we have.
  23. I've watched quite a few Man City games this season & in the main was bored rigid. Ok i'm neutral to the teams but having read your post it got me thinking would i look forward to a game if i was a Man City fan and surprisely the answer based on those games i'd seen was a resounding No. Yes they play free flowing football & they score goals but where's the excitment when you know you just have to turn up to win, atleast with us you don't know what your going to get..no Merson pun intended..surely thats more exciting.
  24. However, not so long ago, Jardim was described as an extremely defensive manager. France Football ran a poll asking if Monaco were “Ligue 1’s most boring team” and the answer was a resounding 71% in favour, saying ‘yes’. ”Jardim is getting good results, but his team is playing poorly. He invented new football tactics - the chloroform tactics. It’s impossible to watch them. Fans are dying of boredom.”
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