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  1. Was aiming more on the relationship side as I'm sure my colleagues and / or something I read suggested all was not rosey between them which might have started the Rogers in for McGregor rumours.
  2. I'm not a Celtic fan but a couple of colleagues are so I've watched a fair few of their bigger games in the hope of being able to give these colleagues a bit of jip and from what I've seen of him I believe he could easily cut it in the prem. He has all the attributes you ask, believe it or not the SPL is actually a very physical league and you often see some rare challenges flying in, he can take as well as give. Of the games I've watched most of the build up play has gone through him be it from him playing deep or played to him in the final 3rd, he is a very tidy player. As for strength and stamina he is box to box and definitely ran on Duracell (there are other batteries out there) during the games I watched, also not sure if your aware but the other nights SCO game v BEL was his 69th competitive match in an 11 month period so yes he has the engine with the bonus of not being injury prone. Im sure Henrik will/can give us the full run down on him as he's watched him week in week out at those lower end games and will see if he still plays like it's against Rangers or if he reserves himself for the big games but I suspect he's all out in every game. 1 for Henrik, what's his relationship like with Lennon I get the feel he preferred to play and would prospure more under Rogers than Lennon?
  3. I was on Vancouver island for Canada day few years back which is 1st July it's a week long party really good atmosphere, also hired a car and drove to Seattle it's only 2.5hrs from downtown Vancouver then got the ferry back to Vancouver island much better than the drive as you get to see whales, dolphins etc. Whistler good as this time of year you get to ride the cable cars meant for skiers and are only 20ft or so above black/brown bear family's.
  4. I’ll put it out there, Benkovic will be a better player than Maguire he is more composed and refined already. I rate Caglar also and At some point we need to start playing these or risk losing them which will hurt us in the future. Maguire is 26/27 so in his prime and whilst certain CB go on longer Ferdinand, Evans off the top of my head look at the difference in build I can’t see Maguire still cutting it at 32+.
  5. A gripping watch and really happy that they decided to run it in just in English and not dodgy Russian accents or subtitles. In some programs using the native language and subtitles adds something but I feel there is too much going on emotionally as well as the educational understanding of it all which would be missed if we had to read the dialog.
  6. I'm obviously missing something with him "The 1 that got away..." he's been playing for Hoffenheim who finished 9th in an overall average league last season and for all the talk of him being a hot-shot has he in the past 3 seasons been the subject of approach by any big team?
  7. BKLFox


    ...could it be a play on words because moving to us is a big move abroad to him as he not UK based to start with?
  8. BKLFox

    Papy Mendy

    If purely down to trimming wages & outside of those that are probably going anyway Slim and the out of contract lads, I'd sell both Mendy and Amartey. Rough I know on DA as he's been injured + I like the pair of them really but hear me out, sell those buy C McGregor we plays both defensive and offensive roles so that's cover for Ndidi/Hamza and Maddison/Tielemans (if we can secure) we then have Hamza to cover DA's roles DM/RB just not CB but we have enough of those already now & McGregor to cover DM/AM. So sell 2 buy 1 but still cover 3 or 4 positions. That said C McGregor is more than just cover and would want to start but would really strengthen the squad and allow players to take breaks and allow us to push on more than just the on the League front, just imagine looking at the bench and seeing CM or JM, YT even HC depending on who's started rather than DA and PM there's defensive and attacking options there to come on and influence the game.
  9. Doing the same, fly into Dubrovnik early June will do the old town then have a hire car to go into Montenegro for 4 nights read that the border checks are a bit of a mare but mainly in July/August time so fingers crossed.
  10. Same could be said about the match day forum on here with all the doom and gloom merchants out in force when we concede in first 15minutes of a game despite 75mins+ to be played it’s we are shite we have lost, sack X sell Y, etc etc
  11. BKLFox


    Of the top 6 I see him at Spurs, young team, the way they play suits him, champions Lge and the biggest seller - the Manager, which ironically is the 1 thing that could stop him going as I can see Poch going on to bigger and better things, just a shame they got into CL semi's as it might keep him there a little longer. From what he said when he first joined us about bringing young enough to wait and how he has to continue to learn and will only get that playing week in week out and not on 1 of the big teams benches which is where he would be for the other 5.
  12. I see all the dome and gloom merchants are out in force after a loss, some even saying we got the wrong man? This was always going to be a tough game they sit in a 541 vacuuming any space in the final 3rd, at times there were 18 players occupying this area it's hard to walk through this traffic and you can't go over as they step up forcing an offside. On the 4 or 5 occasions they did venture into our half we needed to be quicker at playing through them & we never that's all but I'm confident we will learn and BR will have seen this and be making plans to address the issue. As for getting the wrong man those that prefer the great tactician that is Rafa the Gaffa would you seriously like to watch that week in week out and no it was nothing like what we did in our title win, this is Rafas only tactic which he's been using for years with Newcastle, don't believe me, here's a quote from Pep in 2017 on Newcastle: “I would like the opponent to play, for football itself and for the spectator, for everybody. But every manager can decide whatever he wants,” After the previous 4 games i know which manager and football style I'd rather watch on a weekly basis.
  13. You will have a blast, I went to watch WAL v SA @ the Principality about 6 years ago and I've never experienced an atmosphere like it and speaking as an Englishman that stadium and crowd are a amazing. I went down on the train mixing with all the SA fans fully intent on supporting SA but once in the stadium and with pre-match entertainment underway and when the players came out it was a true hairs standing up on the back of your neck moment, it certainly tested my new found SA loyalty, thankfully I gave my head a shake and managed to keep the faith. Whilst it was alcohol fuelled it was a better experience than any I have had @ Twickenham to date. Anyway I stayed at the Royal Hotel a modern boutique style hotel which might appeal to the other half as a bit different to the standard chains this is on St Mary's Street & you can't get anymore central than that, whilst a little pricey (I'm sure I got a deal) there are a few other hotels on that Street. I'd suggest booking early over a Rugby w/end thou. The good thing is the Stadium is only a 5-10min walk from the centre so it makes sense to stay close and unlike places like London all the bars restaurants are tightly packed around that area in the main. It has the usual big chains with regards to bars, Tiger Tiger, Walkabout and such like but all get packed before and after so Top Tip book a restaurant for just after the match otherwise the 70k people or so making that short walk across soon fill those many bars up. I booked an Indian restaurant which had people queuing out the door when I arrived but my group just walked to the front and got seated and they didn't mind that we just ordered beers and some starters giving us an hour in there for the rush outside to die down. Im smiling as I type remembering the w/end it was rowdy yes but with that amount of bodies in a smallish area it will be yet I didn't witness much trouble to speak of and felt safe the entire time we also had a few females in the group if you thinking about the other half, everyone's just out for a good time, even the locals they lost btw, but were superb in defeat. I feel like I've written that for me but hopefully started you off with a few ideas of what to expect, I'm sure you'll have a great time enjoy 😊
  14. Please note I’m not slating Maguire and if he stays great, I’m just saying if we get the offer we have more than enough to cover his loss so I would take it
  15. In my defence I do say long term. Yes for Maguire he's good but not great, I've followed Benko at Celtic and have colleagues that watched him week in week out live and reports from them is he's the real deal & as you know being at the ground you see more on how a player really is etc than on a high lights real. Evans I've said before is the best CB at the club currently and it's him +1 until he can't do it then Cags and Benko.
  16. Rogers will have a right conundrum next season with who to play as CB pairing. With Morgan getting the extension, Maguire possibly staying and Benko coming back along with Cags and Evans that's before he looks at the likes of Hughes, Knight etc in DV squad. Those players give us the option to switch when required for 3 @ back but with how the team are playing now not sure he will do that often. Long term it's Cags and Benko for me but when do they get the chance ahead of Maguire and Evans for next season and will they be happy with bit part, especially with Morgan probably taking the bench place must Saturdays. Something in me says take the money for Maguire if it comes otherwise we are going to lose 1 of those 2, who in my eyes are silkier versions of Maguire, both comfortable with ball @feet both like to bring the ball out and go on marauding runs down field, both faster and younger and both can defend, ok Cags has made the odd blunder but don't they all. Id imagine DV players will / should go on loan so rules 1 of those adding to the immediate headache but what a headache to have I guess.
  17. Morgan shouldn't play for us again and if someone wants to pay a lot for Maguire in the summer I won't cry. For today's game if he wanted to play 3 CBs then it should have been Evans in the centre with Caglar on the right, the centre of the 3 needs to be the best ball playing and Morgan reminds me of a circus balancing act whilst riding a unicycle. Im not seeing 3 at the back with players we have, Barnes and Maddison doing nothing for us today the line up v Brighton would have been better there was more balance and options with the extra forward in Gray, we are reliant on Ricardo on the right he loses it and they off down that wing the other night Gray was there for support.
  18. Agree Tierney not moving unless he 1st choice LB and not sure he'll leave anyway, I know everyone has a price but he is Celtic thru and thru. As for McGregor he is a much better player than Mendy is, I like Mendy but McGregor has more in his locker. He can do the dirty stuff in CM and has covered in that position for Brown this season and done very well but he also drives Celtic forward with most of their play going through him he's like a hybrid of Mendy/Ndidi, Tielemans and Maddison would definitely look to buy and he doesn't have that history with Celtic like Tierney it was Rodgers that brought him on.
  19. It's as if your in my head Foxy Bear, these 3 for me also. Tielemans a must Mitrovic is a more all rounder than say Wilson And a few Celtic fan friends say for all the talk of Tierney they believe McGregor Is the best player at the club everything goes through him and he can do everything, pass short, pass long, shoot and tackle, dare I say an upgrade on Maddison? And the same if funds left a back up LB and Winger
  20. Doesn't matter to you anymore Syd Cupp he's been relieved of his duties!!!
  21. Can 1 of the elder statesmen of the forum or 1 of the mods advise on the regulation time We must wait until We can stop saying “it’s not his team (new man) he needs n*transfer windows before we can judge him..” and start getting on his back?
  22. 1 summer and 2 January windows so if you know anything about transfer windows it’s 1 yes and in that time he didn’t know what he had in the summer, and what does he buy January just gone and for how much?
  23. But but but Vardy played why didn’t we win?????
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