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  1. Schmeicel is a world class goalkeeper. The only reason he's not considered so is because he wasn't bought for £72 million like Kepa Arrizabalaga or Allison were. Would any team in the world take Kepa over Schmeicel?
  2. I think it's easy to forget with young people who move clubs especially from abroad will often take time to settle - new city, new friends, new language, new food, no family. There's an assumption high wages can alleviate all that but in reality high wages can be even more destructive under those circumstances. Anyway, he's doing great. Can't find the bugger though...
  3. What is happening. Bielsa is doing a Rodgers tactical masterclass, he's going to spring his trap on the 70th minute after lulling us into thinking we're about to win 2-0.
  4. Wes Morgan to score a thumping header tonight. Can feel it.
  5. We're gonna get a drubbing and end up having to praise Leeds aren't we 🤮😢 Wouldn't be surprised if Wes Morgan pulls out later tonight with arse ache leaving a 1 man defence in the form of 19 year old Little Wes who doesn't speak much english. Much hilarity ensues. I don't think there are any defensive subs left either. time to shine Demarai... at right back 👍🏽
  6. With FA Cup, League Cup a hopefully long European campaign, intermittent Internationals and a gruelling Premier League season there's no danger of any of the defenders being dropped. I wouldn't be surprised if they're begging for a bit of a break by February.
  7. Assuming you're talking about Youri/Mendy... that works sometimes, others it's gone catastrophically wrong e.g. versus West Ham, Villa and numerous games at the tail of last season.
  8. It seems Youri Tielemans lacks any confidence in his ability to run with the ball hence looking for the perfect line splitting pass. And when that perfect pass isn't on (i.e. 99% of the time) he passes it back... to the defence who inevitably hoof it inviting yet another pass. He was trying the same during the West Ham and Villa games. Each lack of forward pass is further reducing his confidence. It's a vicious cycle the management need to help him come out of.
  9. Yep and youri. Again - players running forward so he decides to pass it back to the defenders breaking up our own attack and now giving Arsenal superior numbers in one useless pass.
  10. Mendy is the biggest problem. His remit is to break up opposition play and start attacks. He breaks up opposition play and breaks up Leicester attacks. Time and again his lack of vision coupled with his all-action presence is disrupting play.
  11. I don't understand how a team that won several games is so devoid of confidence so quickly. Serious motivational issues in the squad which scuppered last season's champions league certainty. Very strange.
  12. Rodger's is perservering with a very odd mid-90s italian style of left/right/back again football. Not sure why as the players aren't buying into it either.
  13. Needs to get some game time in. It doesn't help the team is playing in such a disjointed way at the moment. Attacks turn rapidly into recycles for no apparent reason, poor shape/movement. Coming into that must be difficult for any player.
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