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  1. Can't wait for him to start not just for Leicester again but one day as a senior England player. I think it will be magic for our city.
  2. They are all correct and Pearson gets a lot of credit for the title winning team. But great infrastructure or players isn't enough. Look at Man Utd, Real Madrid, et al - you need a visionary leader to see you through the good times but especially the rocky times. Ranieri was a magician in that moment.
  3. A great leader always makes it look like success was achieved in spite of them. That certainly applied to Ranieri in the league winning season. It was a real case study in leadership versus management. He seemed to trust the staff (playing & support) and guided with vision and key insights when needed throughout the season. The team itself had leaders throughout because of the journey they had individually come through. The planets aligned for a brief moment in time, and the result was spectacular - and it was because of Ranieri not in spite of him.
  4. They would dominate in the same way Man City/Chelsea/Man Utd etc do and have done. Of course the current team isn't competitive but if allowed into the English league system you can guarantee one of them would make it to the premier league within the decade. Their fan-bases and stadia would make them one of the most attractive clubs to buy - especially Celtic - which is more marketable of the two old firms. Premier League money would propel them past most of the current 20 teams in the top tier. By domintation I mean they would both be considered 'top 4' teams within a very short period of time.
  5. Absolutely. If Celtic/Rangers were allowed in to the Premier League they would dominate. It's why they've never been allowed in by the elite English clubs.
  6. Cross, cross some more, cross it again, cross it in hope, cross it in anger, cross it out of play, cross it into the keeper's hands... 1-dimensional. yawwwwwn
  7. Puel should have been relieved of duty in summer. There's a real danger the style of football will put off potential recruits over summer and allow existing players to have their heads turned. The style of football is counter to the prevailing premier League style of fast attacking pressing games which entertain and yield excitement. The manager needs to be replaced but only when a suitable candidate has been identified.
  8. Totally agree and so fitting considering the journey we've been through: The chorus is a bit too apt... Time to say goodbye Horizons are never far Would I have to find them alone Without true light of my own with you I will go on ships over seas That I now know No, they don't exist anymore It's time to say goodbye
  9. Great idea which I'm sure some of the players, former players and locals can contribute to
  10. A slow rendition of WYS without the oo-oo would be ace. And having Adrea Bocellit back singing 'Time to say goodbye' would probably make everyone lose it
  11. OMG we're relying on wolves to score for us
  12. Literally spending all our time either going backwards, passing sideways or losing the ball unnecessarily. They've already hit the post twice in 20 mins. Matter of time.
  13. Wolves are everything Leicester aren't. Puel will be out of a job next week.
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