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  1. With the Internal Market Bill passing tonight, expect Britain's Foreign Policy positions on China and Iran to change for the worse. Poor Hong Kongers will be left high and dry. Gibraltar and Falklands all come back in to play (and Britain no longer has a realistic projection force navy). Nice knowing you Scotland & Northern Ireland. Slow hand-claps for Mr Johnson, Cummins and the Tories in a few years I reckon.
  2. Nothing about the Peter Taylor era made any sense even at the time. His managerial pedigree was paper thin. His stardom within the FA had risen but outside of it wasn't seen as anything special. He was good at the media game though which inflated his credentials. His first full season with Leicester was reminiscent of this season under Brendan but ended even more catastrophically. Hope history isn't about to repeat itself in the coming year...
  3. Quite sad reading through his experience. Clearly suffering with poor mental health. Hope he finds some peace.
  4. Schmeicel James Justin Darnell Johnson or Josh Knight Soyuncu Fuchs (Chestnuts 2nd half) Praet (Choudhary 2nd half) Ndidi Tielemans Perez Barnes (Subbed for Iheanacho/Gray) Vardy Thought process: Away from home against a team on a high Poor selection choice due to internationals and injuries Looking not to lose rather than come roaring out of the blocks because of last season's ending and lacklustre pre-season
  5. Something has gone very wrong in the squad. Very pedestrian playmaking with even the younger ones bereft of confidence. The number of times attacking positions are turned into defensive positions to recycle the ball is astonishing. There's also very little movement from players resulting in constant backward passes. It happened throughout the latter part of last season and again in this pre-season matches. It seems as though there are clear instructions to retain the ball at all costs, meaning creativity is stifled and attacking options limited. As a result the attacking players are lacking confidence, unsure of what to do when they get the ball. That lack of confidence is most clear watching Harvey Barnes who takes it upon himself to make something, anything, happen, but often results in nothing creating an even deeper confidence sapping spiral.
  6. FALSE! Everyone knows Brendan Rodgers is writing Haikus in his notebook: Winter ice breaks him Foundations broken apart Sack the physio
  7. Chilwell is going to be a huge loss no doubt about it. Hope he does really well at Chelsea & for England, be good to add another success story to the list of recent alumni. No shame in selling him either, the fact we are selling our left-back for £50m was unimaginable 5 years ago. Every team loses players, including their best ones. Hoping the infrastructure can keep the production line running and perhaps just as exciting will be the opportunity given to Luke Thomas and James Justin, Cheers chlleh!
  8. Expecting 2 central defenders with Man Utd initially chasing a win and then settling for a draw as time progresses. It's going to a be a fscinating 90 minutes. Fully expect A&E to get a few heart patients in come 6pm Sunday...
  9. Everything wrong with the modern world in one sentence
  10. Yes and no. Celtic & Rangers, with their hisotry and support base would easily be a 'top 6' side with access to the finance of the Premier League. Considering their relative successes in Europe in recent history even in a poorer league suggests they would out-muscle most English Premier League/Championship teams. The only thing against Celtic/Rangers would be remoteness and weather if they were in the Premier League. If they ever did end up in top tier English football, they would definitely improve the 'Premier League product'.
  11. Slow hand clap Leicester City fans for booing and hounding out our best local academy player for 20 years, whilst in the top 4 of the Premier League, which happens to contain two of Europe's most formidable sides. 👍🏽👏🏽
  12. After young Harvey Barnes goes on another mazy run: To the tune of 'Love will tear us apart' > Barnes, Harvey Barnes will tear you apart, again > Barnes, Harvey Barnes will tear you apart, again
  13. Ahem, Mahrez & Kante would like to have a word with you...
  14. Who doesn't like the Barbie girl chorus? REBEKAH VARDY THAT'S WHO. Another Vardy goal In the Vardy world If you chat sh*t He will bang it Come on Vardy let's go party!
  15. Actually would prefer to build the club further by allocating a decent chunk of it to stadium upgrades and an expanded recruitment network to complement the new training centre. Otherwise it's easy to have absolutely nothing to show for £85m worth of cash with just 1 or 2 bad buys - case in point Slimani, Musa, Silva, iheanacho, etc etc.
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