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  1. Everything wrong with the modern world in one sentence
  2. Yes and no. Celtic & Rangers, with their hisotry and support base would easily be a 'top 6' side with access to the finance of the Premier League. Considering their relative successes in Europe in recent history even in a poorer league suggests they would out-muscle most English Premier League/Championship teams. The only thing against Celtic/Rangers would be remoteness and weather if they were in the Premier League. If they ever did end up in top tier English football, they would definitely improve the 'Premier League product'.
  3. Slow hand clap Leicester City fans for booing and hounding out our best local academy player for 20 years, whilst in the top 4 of the Premier League, which happens to contain two of Europe's most formidable sides. 👍🏽👏🏽
  4. After young Harvey Barnes goes on another mazy run: To the tune of 'Love will tear us apart' > Barnes, Harvey Barnes will tear you apart, again > Barnes, Harvey Barnes will tear you apart, again
  5. Ahem, Mahrez & Kante would like to have a word with you...
  6. Who doesn't like the Barbie girl chorus? REBEKAH VARDY THAT'S WHO. Another Vardy goal In the Vardy world If you chat sh*t He will bang it Come on Vardy let's go party!
  7. Actually would prefer to build the club further by allocating a decent chunk of it to stadium upgrades and an expanded recruitment network to complement the new training centre. Otherwise it's easy to have absolutely nothing to show for £85m worth of cash with just 1 or 2 bad buys - case in point Slimani, Musa, Silva, iheanacho, etc etc.
  8. 3-1 loss to United. They're desperate for a win and we haven't really hit our stride yet. A loss at home will shorten Ole's odds for departure even further so expect all out assault with Vardy completely pushed out of the game with a deeper than expected Man utd back line, relying on Wan Bisakka, James and Rashfords pace to make up the space in the final two thirds. Assume pogba will have a quiet game due to Choudhury or Ndidi wanting to show up the £90m whinge. Assuming Choudhury and Ndidi both start wouldn't be surprised to see a red at some point as well. It's gonna be a wet day in Manchester again I'm afraid! Will be fascinating to watch Maguire and Soyuncu trying to outdo one another for the cameras. I can see mistakes from either one resulting in goals. Can't wait!
  9. This is entirely the manager's fault, especially in relation to the u-21 team. All the FA have done by blaming the players is absolve future managers of their own failings as an international manager. There's two main roles for international managers: tactical training and psychological conditioning. They're not expected to develop players or juggle resources. Pathetic.
  10. I've revised my opinion. Kyle Walker (Man City) is an absolutely beast and would likely cost £100 million to prise away from Man City (e.g. a bid from Real Madrid or Barcelona). Ricardo is up there with João Cancelo who cost Man City circa £27 million + Danilo (worth around £30 million?). Whether Ricardo hits £100 million is debatable but the current market suggests his value to be circa £60-70 million. A decent season again and a place in the Euro 2020 squad with Portugal and he'll be worth £80m next summer. Caught this bit of speculation linking Ricardo with Juventus: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9386012/juventus-leicester-pereira-transfer-news/
  11. He'll be their captain soon and cult hero. Top player and a leader. Good luck Harry!
  12. Ricardo Pereira is widely acknowledged as one of the best full-backs in the Premier League, if not THE best. Based on Harry Maguires £80m valuation, and the way modern attacking full-backs are a rare but sought after commodity, would it be fair to assume Ricardo Pereira, if approached by another club, would leave at or close to £100 million? I'm going by Wan-Bissaka (1 season pro experience) already costing Man Utd £50 million.
  13. I agree Maguire is a big loss - he was well liked and added a spirit to the team that is difficult to price. However, breaking the wage structure would damage that same spirit, and most likely affect both his and the team's morale. His head was turned. At that point the only solution is to sell, quickly.
  14. The man, the legend. All hail the Rudkin Edit via @urban.spaceman:
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