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  1. New chants and songs

    Great news about Riyad coming back, hopefully the team and fans will welcome him back with open arms. So here's a ditty in homage: To the tune of 'Go West' by the Pet Shop Boys: (Together) we will fly so high (Together) bring back the glory time (Together) we will start life new (Together) this is what we'll do Ri-yaad life is peaceful here Ri-yaad stay in leicester-shire Ri-yaad your shirt is royal blue Ri-yaad and you'll be a winner too
  2. Andy King

    Something tells me the gits moaning about Andy King being undeserving of anything other than a cursory glance and a floppy handshake are spotty teenagers who were fiddling with their pokemonsters amongst other things whilst the rest of us were praying our stay in League 1 would be over in a footballing flash. Andy King was instrumental in that season and has been a welcome totem upon whom we can trace our collective journey throughout all the myriad of upheavals in the past decade. For his commitment and perserverence alone he deserves recognition above that would ordinarily be anointed. Andy King, we love your many faces, and I for one will be recalling your name for many years to come.
  3. Getting rid of Andy King would remove a significant piece of 'memory' from the team. Would be surprised if Puel took such drastic action judging by his desire to integrate new ideas rather than overhaul outright.
  4. New training ground

    I wonder if the training ground move involves disposing of the current stadium site as well for a 'modern' purpose built complex? Just a thought.
  5. Micky Adams on 5Live

    There was that stat for the relegation season where (off top of my head) if all games had ended after 80 minutes we would have been comfortably top half or something along that line anyway.
  6. Manuel Pellegrini

    He would also get the best out of Riyad Mahrez in whatever time he is still with us. Boosting his value at the least meaning the manager's salary would pay for itself.
  7. Swansea (A) Match Thread

    Great play by Mahrez. Anyone still doubting his worth to this team needs a reality check...
  8. So what's wrong?

    Great opening post. I think it's very clear the club has no infrastructure in place - I remember reading an excellent article about Southampton's setup which scouts not just players but coaches and managers too. There's a desperate short-termism which was punctuated with an impossible premier league win. Nigel Pearson to his credit created a 'setup' but behind that there must be from the board down a professional set of processes and principles in place. These are clearly lacking and can be seen in how poorly the academy - despite millions of pounds of investment - continues to produce very little talent. The same people have been at the club too long. The footballing world has changed considerably in the past 5 years with the advent of data and analytics. The club has not embraced that change since Pearson left. The result will be a merry-go-round of managers and an inevitable death march, in the same vain as Sunderland, Villa, Newcastle and many others.
  9. Next City Manager?

    Jesus the lack of ambition in some of these posts is incredible.
  10. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    Shakespeare has 45 minutes to save his job and possibly his management career.
  11. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    My fear now is we can easily slide into the short-termism that has completely destroyed Sunderland. Appointments made to stave off relegation, a slew of poor big money signings with each new regime, massive increases in wage bills and a poisonous dressing room culture that effectively decides squad selection. It's not far-fetched and something to be very weary of once Shakespeare is sacked.
  12. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    We're still trying to play a rapid, fast counter attacking style no different from 2-3 years ago. During which time bodies have grown older and more weary. And of course opposition teams have evolved far faster than we have meaning our tactics look even more basic than they did a few seasons ago. I'm not sure why we have no 'plan B' in terms of trying to calm games down - at the moment we seem to default to playing deeper and deeper as the game progresses, much like we did under Ranieri last season. The opening has been tough but I fear it will take several games against 'lesser' opposition to break free of the defensive/deep mindset which will inevitably sap confidence. I'm not so sure we'll get much from the next 3 games. I'm hoping I'm very wrong.
  13. Actually that's a very very important point hadn't considered that.
  14. My synopsis of this years Squad

    I'm reality that's a 4-5-1 which is where we've often struggled. I'm never quite sure what formation we play as invariably much of last season was spent hoofing it.
  15. It's been clear for a long while now there's no strategy/philosophy guiding the team anymore. Ranieri tried to instil one and failed miserably with almost exactly the same 11. The rest of the season is going to be quite long, and embarrassing by the looks of it.