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  1. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Buying Sigurdsson even with the sale of Drinkwater would mean Leicester would be one of the biggest net spenders this summer and probably take us in to the top 6 wage bills league. Most likely a dangerous financial position to be in especially with possible legal action on the horizon against the owners. Just saying...
  2. My synopsis of this years Squad

    I'm reality that's a 4-5-1 which is where we've often struggled. I'm never quite sure what formation we play as invariably much of last season was spent hoofing it.
  3. It's been clear for a long while now there's no strategy/philosophy guiding the team anymore. Ranieri tried to instil one and failed miserably with almost exactly the same 11. The rest of the season is going to be quite long, and embarrassing by the looks of it.
  4. Exactly the same as the performance against Luton and Milton Keynes. The malaise runs deep...
  5. Gray - considering future

    There's still a tendency to favour tenacious bulldogs in the mould of Ian Hume - plenty of heart, little skill. The rapid transition from League 2 to Premier League champions means we haven't as a fan base become accustomed to a different style of player or play.
  6. MK Dons.. Friendly.. Tonight.

    I put off making my dinner for this.
  7. MK Dons.. Friendly.. Tonight.

    Reminding me of last season's pre-season. Not boding well...
  8. Mahrez to .......................?

    Still hankering after a back tracking Steve Guppy-esque hard working winger right?
  9. Mahrez to .......................?

    Looks increasingly likely that will be the outcome towards the end of the summer just before the season starts.
  10. Mahrez to .......................?

    FFS the hate for Mahrez is unreal. Makes us look like a petty small-time club. Perhaps our players and other targets have cottoned on to that.
  11. Mahrez to .......................?

    Yep, good riddance to Leicester's only ever PFA player of the year. What does he do other than prance around and flick his hair anyway after a useless stepover? We'd rather have Steve Guppy back any day, a proper man's winger. Right Lads?
  12. Mahrez to .......................?

    He's been great for us - for the life of me don't understand fans that scorn him for not being an all-action fighting midfielder with fancy footwork. There's not many of them on earth. Forever grateful we had the pleasure of unleashing the real Riyad on the footballing world.
  13. LCFC U21 / Development Squad 2016/17

    I think it's fairly clear our Academy whilst not quite a failure, has not been a success by any relevant measure in the past decade at least. I felt Pearson recognised it as such hence hoovering up and willing to take risks with youngsters from elsewhere. I wonder if during the summer the board will now be looking to appoint a manager to overhaul the entire club apparatus to match the club's new found status, along with physical infrastructure changes to cement last season's gains.
  14. Brexit Discussion Thread.

    As a 'remainer' I haven't met a single person who wants this to be a disaster. What is a disaster is selling the deal on the back of dubious information - lies. I'm sure we'll be 'fine' in the long term but no one knows what long-term means and there's no definition for 'fine' either. We're heading into the future with so many unknowns. Any questioning of these unknowns is immediately shot down with accusations of treachery and lacking faith in blighty. It's an absurd situation to be in and one entirely created from an unrelated issue - immigration.
  15. Brexit Discussion Thread.

    Fully expecting a crazy 2 years of 'developing country' casino style financial growth followed by a giant depression/crash when the UK actually leaves the EU officially and the Scotland referendum looks likely to head for a split. This is going to be Pepsi Max at Blackpool style of a rollercoaster followed by the kind of headache the morning after that Blackpool also offers.