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  1. West Brom away match thread

    Struggling on Reddit to find anything that works on iPad ..Any pm appreciated..
  2. Looking for one adult/one child tickets (together) for Swansea. Any help appreciated.
  3. Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Any IOS/IPad stream would be appreciated- lost the one I had on Reddit..
  4. Watford Away Match Thread

    Any IOS/ IPad compatible stream pm would be most appreciated - struggling to get a hit via Reddit..
  5. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Any one got an IOS stream they could PM me please - can’t find anything on Reddit...
  6. Paul Taylor - Of Fossils & Foxes

    Happy memories of travelling with Paul and the London Branch late ‘80’s - early ‘90’s...So glad he witnessed our Immortal Triumph...RIP Paul.
  7. "It's not God it's only Andy Peake..."
  8. Atalanta - random memory

    That puts some meat on the bones for me! Good to read those replies.
  9. Atalanta - random memory

    Seeing Everton's defeat against Atalanta in the Europa Cup revived a very old memory...A match at Filbert Street in 1972 in the Anglo Italian Cup - we beat Atalanta 6-0. I was 11 and have a vivid memory of hundreds of koppites walking around the pitch to change end at half time. Anyone else remember this? The net tells me the attendance was 10949!

    Good article here... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/09/01/transfer-eadline-day-leicester-city-scouting-network-came/
  11. May 2nd 2016

    Watched the game in a pub in Stockton On Tees with fellow Foxile - my mate Ed. I just wanted a release from all the weeks of pent up worry and fear that we would feck it up somehow...Half time and resignation that we move on to the weekend..then 2-1 concentrated the attention and then the beautiful moment...Go nuts and then think.. This is really happening and it's happening NOW! Trying to compose myself to take in the moment...Final whistle mayhem and sinking of shorts..A few Boro fans in the pub after their match that day.. Congratulating us...Walked (swayed) home singing "We are the Champions" to the heavens. Texts and emails from all over the place. Spoke to my compatriot Pete in Sweden - we've been through so much City history together...That warm, mellow feeling that lasted for weeks...WE BLOODY WELL DID IT!!!!
  12. Long standing supporter (45 years) now a North East foxile with no chance of a ticket - badly needs an Atletico home ticket! Sincere request thanks.
  13. Sevilla 2-1 Leicester Post Match

    Good report in the New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/14/sports/soccer/leicester-city-fc-sevilla-champions-league.html
  14. Gaston Ramirez

    I must say I was impressed watching him in both our recent games against Boro. Combative, quick and creative - could be a good signing. I live on Teesside and the local view is that this has come out of the blue and they don't want to lose him.
  15. Worse defeats??

    Agree with Melrose... Harlow in particular. Nearly 40 years ago - blimey!