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  1. The weird thing is they roughed out all the injuries, got to a cup final and we keep coming back into games even if it isn't always enough. That game was worryingly like Bournemouth though and definitely think it's reasonable for people to be panicking after that.
  2. Jesus. Some people will blame anything on Kasper. Second one is awful from Fofana. Third one, how the f*** is Wilson one on one like that? Not saying he couldn't have potentially done more but he wasn't the root of the problem was he?
  3. Let's have it right, he's doing a very good job but this idea that he's an elite level manager is so far wide of the mark. His arrogance in refusing to make changes and accept his mistakes is what holds him back. How can you he losing 4-0 and not change the shape at all. That's utterly embarrassing management sadly. EDIT: Should have pointed out that the way the players were playing means we'd have lost regardless but doesn't forgive his stubbornness.
  4. This is far worse than any of those. Certain players have lost their heads and the sloppiness is incredible. Not quite on the level of Bournemouth but it's not far off at times.
  5. All this. Started the first 5 mins with some urgency but the decision making and concentration has been utterly awful. Far worse than anything else we've served up this season. Got shades of Bournemouth last year. And you've got to change the shape when you go 2 down. Must be so easy to defend against.
  6. Definitely JJ's goal; forgot how stupidly good that was. Shame that's he's not on the young player either as he'd have been a shoe for in player of the season before he was injured. Since then though it's got to be Youri. The most consistent by a long way
  7. One day you'll put this on the wrong thing and all your hard work building a really unique catchphrase will be undone.
  8. Pretty sure they're non transferable since you need ID for it.
  9. I didn't even see any of the punditry, just the second half . It's more the fact that most football fans talk about him as a defensive midfielder and plenty of our own fans do, yet he never played there for us. I don't think there are many better than Wilf in his position but that's not Kante's position so even those comparisons are a little off base. Kante basically does 2 roles in one and I genuinely do believe that an in form Kante probably has an even bigger impact on a game than a peak Messi/Ronaldo
  10. Amazing what happens when you play Kante in his actual position; centre mid. Feel like it's a good way to test if somebody was a Leicester fan before the title win as they'd know he's not a holding midfielder, wasn't for us, and never has been. Or that they just don't have a clue about football . Going to be bloody hard playing against that at Wembley.
  11. I like your outside of the box thinking. I'm with you on this one
  12. dmayne7

    Dennis Praet

    He's also done a surprisingly good job out on the right hand side at times too. Definitely wouldn't be selling as we aren't getting a better replacement for the same price
  13. Tella at wing back. 2 number 10's in midfield. We should boss this game from start to finish. 2-0 Southampton
  14. I'm laughing at him for tweeting that as it's so ridiculous but then part of me is also a bit angry that he's undermining people with actual mental health problems or who receive abuse online. Obviously I don't know whether he has mental health issues but he's more deluded than first thought if he thinks he's suffered anything more than a light ribbing, especially considering he's trying to force himself into the spotlight.
  15. Says a lot that I'd really detest Rodgers if he went to Spurs. Whereas if he got offered a United, Man City, Chelsea etc. I'd be disappointed but say fair enough. Spurs would be a big step down for him.
  16. That women talking about going to the dentist . Even better when she's clearly had plenty of work done to her teeth!
  17. See my post above . Can't say on here for obvious reasons as it's unsubstantiated (even though a close source) and I don't want to bring any heat to FT but it really doesn't make good reading...
  18. I mention it everytime Martin Allen is brought up but there's a lot more to that Clive Clarke story according to one of the directors at the time. Does not make good reading for Allen.
  19. You'd reckon a potential loan 2nd half of the season with Thomas. That and Ricardo/Timmy being deployed at RM, the fact Gosens also plays LM and with his skillset even capable of playing centre mid, and it's possible he's being brought to cover a number of positions on top of the fact he's a very good player.
  20. Watched the rest of that segment as I'm somehow drawn in by Simon Jordan since the Super League stuff and he's pretty complimentary about us too. Most annoying thing is that he actually talks sense all the time even if he is a tool.
  21. Was getting to the point where I was thinking Fofana and Soyuncu should be the partnership next year, and not necessarily because Evans had been bad. But the last few games he has been a colossus
  22. First half he was pretty poor minus a quality pass for Vardy. Second half he was absolutely ridiculous. When he's on it, he's such a complete striker and pure class
  23. Need some width ahead of the full backs desperately
  24. Agree again mate. The balance of our team is often affected by the lack of left footers so just having that but more variety will be nice.
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