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    I'm assuming it's got a free upgrade to PS5 so might as well get it on PS4 if it's cheaper. Yeah the £70 is a lot. Think some are up to $70 dollars for this gen but will be stupid if that translates to pound sterling as standard. Actually saw that some of the first party games are €80 which is ridiculous.
  2. Having played the beta some of these features are new but as you said some aren't at all. And it's going to be a real slog playing career mode with the new match sharpness feature. You need to do it everyday so it slows the game down both in terms of how long it takes to get through a day but also my console was really struggling to deal with it. Doesn't really matter what features they put in anyway, if the AI is going to be so easy on the highest levels then it doesn't matter. Shame PES has neglected Master League as well because the match to match gameplay, particularly for career, is so much better
  3. Planning on getting a Series X for myself at launch and also an S for my brother as a late 30th present. The S is actually an incredible deal considering it's basically just a lower resolution but the same power. Even seen that it will have 30% smaller file sizes to combat the smaller SSD. Being fair, I don't see why you would really get an X at launch if you didn't need to. My XB1 is on its last legs so makes sense for me but without any exclusives it's not really worth it. The thing that would swing it, is if you don't have Game Pass yet then Microsoft's all access buying option is amazing value and definitely worth doing particularly with EA play coming to Game Pass and cloud gaming picking up momentum. Sony showed off some great games the other night so I really hope Xbox can kick on and get some of them out next year. Microsoft is doing all the right things in terms of consumer first but without the games it's a bit pointless. Are you getting one at launch?
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    From a commercial point of view it makes sense for those 2 games. When you've got such popular franchises you want to sell them on consoles with a massive install base and particularly when you're in the first year of a console where that install base will be small. Don't agree with Microsoft's decision to develop games on both gens for 2 years as it will definitely hold games back so I'd imagine that will happen here. Sure it will still be great (not that I've played the first one as I've got open world fatigue and will be trading in my PS4 soon) I got my Xbox One from Shopto on release day but I had some big issue with them recently so I wouldn't want to get anything from there again. Just seen that Argos, Very and John Lewis are cancelling pre orders so I guess the production issues with PS5 were true. And that's why I'm glad the Series X will be by primary console as it'll be nowhere near popular enough to sell out . Not that there's much point in getting it but my XB1 is on its last legs. Probably look at a PS5 next year, particularly when God of War 2 is out.
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    You're the biggest fanboy in here . Some of the games looked great the other night to add onto the already impressive list so Sony still miles ahead. I do think it's ridiculous that they banged on about the need for console generations and that you needed a PS5 to deliver those new experiences, then they go and say that Horizon and Miles Morales aren't PS5 exclusives anymore when they said they would be. Imagine if Microsoft did that . Apparently Amazon is emailing people telling that they may not be able to deliver on launch day which must be gutting if you've pre-ordered from there.
  6. Ermmm, do you know what position he plays? I'm guessing not...
  7. He won't even get on the bench. Couldn't last week with the injuries and with Under in that's another lost spot.
  8. For me, the most frustrating thing about Gray was that when he arrived and was just having small cameos, obviously the ability was there but it really was his maturity and decision making that impressed me and made me think he could really be more than just a decent winger. I sympathise with his confidence being knocked and not being given enough consistent runs in the team but that maturity to his game just completely disappeared. Shame but he's got to leave and try and find regular first team football because we also need better.
  9. Only when it's vaguely close to being real
  10. Impey was great as a wing back in that system
  11. It's the title of this topic... They're calling it a season update which seems a bit pointless for a game that doesn't have licensing. Apparently it's a bit more responsive but nothing big has changed as they're saving that for next year and a full redo for next gen. Think this is download only and costs £25 or so.
  12. You posted this the other day and based on the user name, I'm assuming it's your video. How did you come to the conclusion on values or is it based on transfer fees as either way it seems a bit off to me.
  13. Slight difference in that Ivanovic was class in the Prem and Luzhny was shvte . As pointed out, we did it perfectly with Cambiasso but then dreadfully with Matt Upson.
  14. Don't think he's ready from what I saw when I went to Anderlecht. Probably needs a tiny bit more physicality for the PL. If we're getting anyone from them, Marco Kana is the one.
  15. And Chilwell wouldn't be in the England team either? And before you talk about the lack of choice for England at left back (which is totally fair) Belgium have even worse options at full back. It's the area of their team that isn't world class. I'm definitely a fan from what I saw today and previously but I was also a fan of Chilwell. Going to offer quite different things I think.
  16. Foxestalk in deciding whether a player is good or bad after 1 game shocker... I thought he looked excellent, kind of player who just looks very solid and isn't going to let us down but I'm not going to sit here and say he's a definite improvement on another (good) player after 1 game
  17. But he was involved in basically every chance we had, including the 2 pens? Not like he did that when we were 3-0 up
  18. Agree with this and I don't think he did enough to impact games in the second half of the season. But, him coming on today made me realise that he really is a class act when he's got freedom on the pitch. Kind of forgot because he was playing deeper and deeper and we were so stale as a team which made me totly forget just how good he can be. We get everyone fit, bring in a couple and, perhaps most crucially, consistently play at a high tempo, we'll be challenging at the top end again.
  19. Sounds like a special from a Thai ladyboy. Might check in with Pearson Jnr, Hopper and Smith to see what they think.
  20. I've just seen it and he's got under a 7 haha. Leicester fans eh?
  21. Looks scarily good at the moment based on his performance for Belgium as well. Looks a little quicker as well. Granted it was only against WBA but when he's at that level, I really don't think it matters who he's up against in midfield, he'll boss it.
  22. I think we can all agree that his end product needs work but when he's on it, he's unplayable. He creates so much space for other players as well. Even if we sign the winger we desperately need he's absolutely critical to us.
  23. Decent line up but a bit disappointed Knight isn't starting or at least on the bench. And not that I'm some massive Gray fan but I guess he must be injured if he's not on the bench otherwise that's odd.
  24. Thought exactly the same with Vardy and pace still under 90. Ricardo's pace is way too low and dribbling but i understand why given he's a defender
  25. That record is actually pretty decent. Problem was where he played in the team. Then the fact everyone hates him
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