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  1. The real mystery to me is why after all this time, people still don't know his name...
  2. Strange game for him as he made quite a few mistakes. But, I think that was down to the sheer amount of involvement he had so if you even it out it's probably not that noteworthy. On the whole he defended really well and I'd say he had a very good game
  3. He should have closed him down for sure. But what the hell was Rodgers' doing bringing him on at left wing back. Dreadful management
  4. Why are we playing 5 at the back again. Especially with Barnes as a wing back. Such a waste.
  5. What a word. Reminds me of Iain Dowie and bouncebackability which somehow became a legitimate word.
  6. I can see a recurring theme here. I'd be all over this but I tore everything in my knee about 3 1/2 years ago then injured 60 seconds into my first match back 18 months ago. Eat your heart out Matty James! Good to see that Sutton are hosting. My last team had a final there too and it's pretty decent inside despite the appearance from outside. As said abover, there's a possibility you could get a 5 a side thing ongoing (though appreciate this is 11 a side for a reason). Problem with London as well is that in terms of travel time, you're covering a catchment area that's equivalent to all of the Midlands and more.
  7. Haha yep. I was literally just watching Nige calling Mike Dean arrogant . Love that clip
  8. First half I thought he was excellent. Had a real poor period in the second half (plenty dipped though) but then finished strongly minus a couple of mistakes. Think he's struggling from a lack of confidence at the moment but he brings a much better balance to the team.
  9. Just had a feeling he was going to miss that one. Been pretty poor. Mendy looks particularly off the pace. Fuchs is making plenty of rash decisions too. We need something to galvanise the whole team.
  10. but he's 'back out on the grass'. I don't think he's running around on crutches
  11. That's got to be including non playing staff wages, and I'd assume bonuses as there was one recently that had us about a million down from that. To put into context, that's suggesting we'd have 30+ players on £100k a week. Reality is there's probably only 4/5 who are on anything like that so I highly doubt it's just players. Interesting where we sit in terms of followers though. Think that suggests that their is already the potential to make this one of the 'big' clubs
  12. Sounds like a load of crap to me...
  13. Bit harsh. 1st half he was one of the few to come out with some credit. But agree that second half he wasn't great but join the club on that.
  14. I adopt the Nigel Pearson mantra of neither get too up or too down but I wouldn't hold it against anybody who booed that performance. It was utterly inept and quite frankly down to a lack of desire. That's the only explanation for Southampton being able to press the ball and keep 6 players within 20 yards of the ball versus 3 of ours but still not get caught short on the overload. You excuse bad performances, you don't excuse a lack of effort and concentration. Horrible performance but will all be forgotten tomorrow and we can take immense pride in how the season has gone so far.
  15. I think the position we find ourselves in the league and cups is far better than most of us even hoped for. Everyone involved deserves immense credit for that and it's easy for us to forget that. But I have to say that was one of the most gutless performances I've seen from us in a long time. VAR, Kasper and the woodwork saved us being on the end of the scoreline that we deserved. Couldn't string 2 passes together but then decided we'd try to do that in the 95th minute. And to compound matters we didn't even have the Sunday league level knowledge to stick a centre half up top for the last 5 mins and at least try to get a goal that way. It's been a fantastic season but that was a real horror show. Got to show a big reaction from that.
  16. Excellent. Thank god you're not a medical professional; I'd be dead
  17. Sorry what? I'm not sure what aspirin will help with? And oh yes, because this forum is so spot on with everything. I said he wasn't great, same as pretty much everybody else. You want to pin that all on Chilwell that's your prerogative. And I'm totally entitled to disagree with that.
  18. Plenty? Minor strain of anything in the knee and you shouldn't weight bare. Footballers are going to be told to take extra precautions compared to a member of the general public.
  19. And so did every other single player.
  20. Yeah, should have just punted it out for a goal kick everytime with all those options he had... So many passes behind him; what do you expect him to do with that. Don't think he was great but this is such basic criticism that does nothing to take into account the context of what was happening on the pitch.
  21. I've been playing FM for well over a decade and I'm experiencing something that's never happened before. Typically it's easy to improve year on year, if you have an understanding of CA and PA in terms of attributes (not the most fun but you can't unlearn it when you know). Meaning once I win the league one year, that's it; I'll just keep winning especially since I have a team of kids that will be way better than the year before. For context I took Tonbridge to 5 consecutive promotions which isn't too hard when you get one decent player who'll make a bit of money, and somehow sneaking into the CL in my first season. Last few days of playing, I've been on a really patchy run of form (which obviously happens). But, the strange thing are the performances in those matches. I've gone from dominating possession in every division during the 6 seasons I've played, with really good discipline to now barely able to get 40% possession and my full backs in particular, getting caught out all the time and picking up at least a booking between them. Obviously I'm glad for the challenge and whilst the losing is frustrating, it makes the success that much more. What's annoying me is that it's not like we're not quite playing to the style we've always done but somehow we seem completely incapable of even coming close. All my dynamics are well in the green too plus I've made some minor tactical adjustments like easing off tackles but even my victories are very unconvincing. It makes me think that they patched something but maybe I'm just overthinking things?
  22. Probably not these 2 back to back. Might be leaving with a few teeth missing
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