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  1. sycokilla

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    manure were very lucky its a match we should have won
  2. sycokilla

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    Yes I am sure you will need strength ...
  3. sycokilla

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    I agree he will be here till summer at least, unless results go rapidly downhill. I also think he will be here at the start of next season too if we end up mid table. I have no problem with Puel coming out and telling us to be patient but I do have a problem with him making the excuse that because we can not compete financially with the top 6 that it is impossible to get there. This was disproved only 3 seasons ago by the very club he is managing. Personally I am just bored with the predictability and one paced playing. I have watched every match this season and it seems easy to predict what will transpire during every. game apart from a couple of exceptions. Im sure I am not the only one and this is tending to make our home atmosphere even more toxic.
  4. sycokilla

    Arsenal Post Match

    I think Puel is here for the season unless we drastically implode...the positives with Puel is that we are bedding in some talented younger players ...the negatives are that we will never be more than mid table with his rigid thinking and he has the team playing like automatons and is too often out thought by more creative managers.
  5. I think Chilwell and also Ricardo are 2 of our most attacking minded players. We need a few more.
  6. Yes its not very politically correct to do this. I would say though that a manager needs to have better communication skills than the players, so it ironic, that the position of centre back; where we have a lot of problems at the moment could be helped by giving a chance to a player who the manager deems to have too little language skills to be introduced into the team.
  7. its always the players fault. what amazes me is that most of us could see this coming but the manager who knows the player far better than us cant see it.
  8. sycokilla

    Bournemouth post match 1-1

    Dont quite agree with that possession football is not effective in this league, Man city seem to be running away with the title doing exactly that.