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  1. Can't imagine a decision like that going against Manchester Utd.
  2. Get a hard earned draw away from home at one of the current form teams and with three top players missing. Just a shame there is another team on the pitch making things difficult. Just saying.
  3. Chelsea have to play Sheff Utd and Liverpool away and Wolves at home. We can still get over the line.
  4. Bennett looked alright Did what he had to do in helping us see the the game out. Think people are over analysing his performance. Decent debut in what could have been difficult circumstances.
  5. Beat Bournemouth and one other (or any two games) and then beat Man Utd and we will have done it.
  6. Need Watford to do a turn for us next and will be a fruitful day.
  7. Until Brendan can find a way or the bravery to get our front three causing more havoc, by giving them their head or by far better movement than we're seeing at the moment, it'll be more of the same in this system. Will be astonished if he doesn't solve this in the transfer window.
  8. We have turned into a pound shop Wenger's Arsenal. Don't play the ball forward in one pass if you can do it in three. Look good playing meaningless balls and let the opposition keeper get his deck chair out. And while we're at it, walk it into the net as well.
  9. Brendan looks more like a one trick pony as every game goes by. Never thought I'd ever say that after the way we started.
  10. Starting to lose faith after watching the first half at Everton. The football is so calculated and cold. They are so over coached they have forgotten where the opposition goal is and that aggression is allowed.
  11. Leicester City Chess Club. Let's complicate everything.
  12. Lockdown is easily bypassed. Just go for an eye test in Durham?
  13. Got a lot of time for Ben as a player but he should be grateful that he's not walking back into a dressing room with Roy Keane and Alex Ferguson waiting. That would wipe the smile off his face.
  14. They both played against Brighton and it didn't do the trick. The problems are probably a bit more complex than that.
  15. Our front wide players that are there to support Vardy seem to spend as much time supporting our full backs or defending in other ways. With our points advantage diminishing every game there will have to come a time when Brendan may have to let them have their head. Either that or change the system to some sort of counter attack strategy.
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