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  1. Puel

    The club clearly need to sit down with Puel and sort a strategy out because without Mahrez and Vardy, or even both next season, this current squad could well be in trouble. It's not rocket science to see that we are only marginally better than the stragglers in this League.
  2. Think we gave them too much respect to be honest. Very disappointing errors to concede but we didn't really give their keeper a chance to get his knees dirty and can't really complain at the result. Might have looked different on TV but Chelsea controlled that game for my money and didn't need to get out of third gear whilst we huffed and puffed and flattered to deceive until Jamie netted. Would have liked him to have started with Fuchs and Shinji. Overall, it's becoming disappointing that the Claude can't sort his first choice XI out and take games by the scruff of the neck.
  3. The Owners will know if he is doing a good job behind the scenes. Their judgement is all the matters. Hope he stays with us myself.
  4. Leicester vs Chelsea FA cup predictions

    Get a few pints into you and enjoy it HighPeakFox. We're all apprehensive. If you are at the game support the boys with everything you've got. .
  5. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    ......and very wet.
  6. Leicester vs Chelsea FA cup predictions

    Forget all your favourite players and just get behind whoever Puel chooses. Make the KP a cauldron as it was when we won the League. Don't wait for others to motivate you. Everyone do their bit without reservations.
  7. Puels man management

    Didn't see Gray's reaction to being subbed but if he was as stroppy as some are intimating at being pulled then he is miles away from being any use to us. Needs to grow up or play Championship level for a few seasons.
  8. Barely a plan A and certainly no plan B

    Most people complaining about the lack of a plan B probably didn't understand whatever plan A was in the first place.
  9. Was there amongst the opposition fans for what it's worth and gave them the same mark. Ben Chilwell's last ditch karate kick effort that resulted in their goal was both ridiculous and needless though for my money. He also got lucky and almost made another suicide backwards pass just in front of me that most people wouldn't have seen . Will be a decent player if he improves his decision making.
  10. Thought they were both disappointing myself. Shame the poll can't split the votes from those that actually went and those that streamed or listened to the game. Might make interesting reading.
  11. Puel’s KPI’s

    I reckon most people are jumping on the "boring football"" tag because they've made hard work chasing games recently. If we had taken the lead it would be seen differently by any fair minded pundit, For heavens sake, they've only been beaten 4 times in the last 20 odd games (90 mins) so all this negative reaction is amusing.
  12. Name a better option than puel

    What happens when the next manager starts to have a mini slump? Another thread like this I suppose.
  13. Why do people love to hate our manager?

    Everyone's entitled to an opinion but the most venomous seems to come from people that think they are experts in Management and probably couldn't run Whelk Stall FC if given the opportunity.
  14. Puel-come to the future

    Learn to engage brain before speaking chap. Nobody is suggesting that, certainly not me.
  15. Puel-come to the future

    Sorted us out immediately and we looked very organised during his very short spell.