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  1. Cheers. Will check it out. Anything but standing in a cold marquee passing as a pub with no choice of beers.
  2. Any pub suggestions other than the Witton Arms?
  3. How did the home fans sound to you? They sounded non-existent from the away end. Maybe the noise doesn't travel well?
  4. Ran the show today. With a few more quality players around him today it would have been more evident.
  5. Yes mate. Disappointed if TV showed things as you say. Was a bit subdued but was an easy win to be honest.
  6. Was the worst I’ve ever seen him for ages. Was a point of discussion in the away end. Maybe he needs to play regularly but was miles off it today.
  7. Never had to get out of second gear today. Mind you, not sure if we’d have got into third gear if anything had gone wrong. Onward and upward.
  8. If it's too expensive he could always go to a Prawnbroker.
  9. No problem. Probably just too many lightweights playing with their phones rather than talk to their mates sat next to them.
  10. Not sure what your point is as your full post to my comment was 8 words long. Must be at cross purposes. Either way I personally don't want Brendan to experiment with kids that might never even make it in the Pro game.
  11. He can play Fuchs, Wes, Albrighton, Gray etc. What drugs are you on? He doesn't need kids.
  12. No chance he'll start U23 players. Dopy suggestion given Brendan's approach to each game. We'll be going there to win.
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