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  1. I usually get the Tube from Euston to St Pancras and then Mainline to Stratford International. Takes about half an hour and a simple journey. Worst bit is the crazy system the Police use exiting the Olympic Stadium after the game. Absolute shambles.
  2. Can't make the game now so have 1 x Adult ticket at cost price. Message if interested.
  3. Frank Worthington and Riyad are the most enjoyable to watch and ever been privileged to see wearing a City shirt. Would love to have seen Frankie playing in Claudio or Brendan's sides. Would be a more equal contest. Sod it, will go for Wortho.
  4. Much easier on the eyes these days. Defo a Brendan influence on things.. Great to see Beaglehole and his staff adapting to the new regime.
  5. I do have one spare if you still in need.
  6. If Atlantis resurfaced fully populated and started looking around for a system to run itself by, does anyone seriously think they'd go for a Monarchy?
  7. l444ry


    The problem with this sort of whataboutery is that the majority of the media rightly condemned the language used. Unfortunately the Farage, Johnson and Yaxley-Lennon kind of language gets front page support from the so-called newspapers.
  8. Problem with the Newport side is that Puel was the Gaffer.
  9. Just won against the Champions League finalists and people feel the need to find someone to criticise. Took all 14 who played to win that game today and Perez was one of them.
  10. Yes mate. Was in the ground with the City fans. You?
  11. Feel a bit sorry for Rodgers to be honest. All the hype and expectation came because of his reputation. He's always said it will take time to get his methods fully across and nothing has changed in that respect. Some fans are now showing disappointment at the first hiccup and blaming Rodgers because their own high expectations are not as immediate as they'd like. Just chill out, put your tactics boards back in their cases and give the fella some working space.
  12. There's controlling a game and there's dominating a game. We have the majority of possession most games. If you really expect us to dominate sides like Man Utd away in the way you seem to indicate then that's fantasy given the short time Rodgers has been with us.
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