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  1. Braga seemed to have learned from Liverpool's approach. They pushed numbers on to occupy our back three and wing backs which completely stifled us. When we did get possession our midfield was outnumbered and this resulted in long balls to the front and lost possession or isolated strikers. The substitutions in the second half made things better possession wise, but to play this system to it's best we possiby need more accomplished wing backs in the long run and certainly Youri in the starting eleven.
  2. A 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 with Castagne/Ricardo/Justin as wing backs is different to Albrighton and Thomas. No point playing this system with those two. Teams just push two/three players on centrally to occupy our back three then press our wing backs who are simply not good enough at this level to regain the ball or deal with the situation.
  3. Missing Mendy or Wilf in the middle. Midfield is too weak with Albrighton and Thomas hardly getting forward at all.
  4. Missing Mendy or Wilf in the middle. Midfield is too weak with Albrighton and Thomas hardly getting forward at all.
  5. The whole 1973/74 FA Cup run was an event in itself. Incredible support at all the away games. And Keith Weller got goal of the season in this game at Luton as well. FA Cup Classics: Luton Town 1974 - YouTube
  6. We never bottled anything against Liverpool when Martin was in charge. Pretty sure we won three out of four games at Anfield (drew the other) in the League and lost only once in four games at Filbert Street.
  7. The International break certainly didn't help. Brendan Rodgers gives the impression that he's thorough in his preparation, and it's likely that had very little time with some of the players on the traning ground for such an important game. Not making excuses for a dismal performance but it surely couldn't have helped.
  8. Easy to see why Slimani and Gray are a million miles away from the First Team.
  9. Think it's 50% or 4000, whichever is the smaller.
  10. That performance looked like nobody at the club believed we could get anything from the game. Outplayed and outfought from the first to last minute. Can understand them setting up as they did as it's proved to have worked previously. But this time they looked to be going through the motions and didn't control the game without the ball. They got at us too easily with Barnes and Maddison in the wide positions and the back line looked jittery because of it. International break didn't do us any favours and other minor mitigating circumstances but a big lesson learned hopefully.
  11. Disappointing. Showing them too much respect and in such a defensive mode that we can't get going, resulting in too many hopeful long balls. Pretty sure Brendan will drum it into them that we need to get back to passing the ball and start being brave in possession.
  12. My mistake, Villa Park. Had the Middlesborough game years later in my head. Thanks for the correction.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/lcfc/videos/738113057035005/
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