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  1. l444ry

    Master Puel

    Would be more worried if the club hadn't signed a couple of defenders to be honest. However, Puel still has to integrate them into a playing style, something he's not looked very adept at thus far. That's why I still think it'll all end in tears.
  2. l444ry


    Every team presses the opposition eventually with a high, medium or low press. The fact we looked disjointed off the ball, in a lot of people's eyes, was probably more to do with a lack of organisation. To be honest, until the last two games I'm not convinced that the players knew what the hell they were supposed to be doing.
  3. l444ry


    I know that. Tell some of the others.
  4. l444ry


    Strange old world when Diabate and Pereira (who nobody has seen yet) are evidence that Puel is a transfer genius yet all the rubbish signings are Rudkin's fault. Oh well, it is silly season.
  5. l444ry


    I stand to be corrected but aren't Puel's stats worse than Shakespeare's? Given Shakespeare's "hard" start this season and Puel's "simple" run in surely that's taking the word "progress" a bit far.
  6. Marquee on the pitch at St James Park when everyone gets back. Will be a long night in Brackley.
  7. l444ry

    Jamie Vardy

    Not my point mate.
  8. l444ry

    Jamie Vardy

    Can't see him leaving for Atletico unless he desperately doesn't fancy another slog next season under Puel. If a top English club shows interest then that's another thing.
  9. l444ry


    Astonished that he hasn't been shifted out yet. Will back the owners decision 100% but can't help feeling that you don't have to be Mystic Meg to think this won't work out well if Puel stays.
  10. l444ry


    Buyers Remorse.
  11. l444ry


    Think you're argument is way too simplistic and has very little factual basis to be honest.
  12. l444ry


    Could be right Stan. Not sure whether the money is the main thing here but I'm sure the live fan base I something they'd like to grow given their stadium plans.
  13. l444ry


    Doesn't mean they'd stop coming altogether, just pick and choose games. Hardly a badge of honour spending money regularly watching his brand of football is it?
  14. l444ry


    Be interesting to see if season ticket sales for next season hold up. Can see quite a few picking and choosing games if Puel stays.
  15. l444ry

    End of season Puel poll

    Utterly amazed how many can flip flop because of two good performances by the team. Two performances that were the polar opposite of everything Puel has been seen to have done at both Southampton and now Leicester. Very odd thought process.