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  1. You can tell when the season is over. Can't slag off Kasper, Wilf or Nacho etc. so lets jump on Stringer. Embarrassing or what?
  2. Notice that the Swindon comeback has rightly been mentioned several times but I defy anyone that was at that game to watch this again and deny those hairs on the back of the head aren't standing when Thommo gets that equaliser..
  3. What a day! What an honour to be part of the celebration!
  4. That's a fair point, assuming that all those that don't sing all boo our own players. Just let it go over your head Fox92. Save your energy for complimenting and encouraging those that do make the effort. Has been good in the past and can be good again, provided Brendan gets the side on the front foot.
  5. I hate the term *snowflake* but this rubbish comes pretty close to that. No excuses. Support your team or not but don’t slag off fellow fans. If there are enough lads prepared to start the chants the others will soon join in.
  6. Thought this was an interesting little read. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-48028660?fbclid=IwAR1wFgI4fFsan6olNZG5LufxqS6KhKX7XhI8W_6y2_9II4bCNd2IKS6DDqs
  7. YNWA, I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, Blue Moon are all slow songs. It seems to me that WYS is wrecked by belting it out like a machine gun.
  8. He was featured in the West Ham programme this week. Gave it away outside the ground but think he said he inherited 55 players and Mandaric was signing anything that wasn't nailed down without any discussion. Also said that he had a 5'4" right back called Hossein Kaebi but he wanted a footballer not a jockey.
  9. Wonder If Man City will come sniffing for Ben Chilwell as rumoured. Be an interesting swap if Mahrez became part of any deal.
  10. Be interesting to revisit this thread after a few games into next season. Could be a few excuses doing the circuit.
  11. Was in the hospitality area overlooking our fans. Were there in big numbers. The football didn't exactly set anyone alight and the view must have been a joke by modern standards? Parts of the support were quite lively. Can only assume people are judging things from their more insular experience. Don't be so hard on your fellow fans just to score brownie points in the *better fan than you* award. . They should be given medals for watching 90 minutes in that excuse for a football ground.
  12. Seemed a bit too passive for long spells today. Invited pressure by over playing and paid the penalty. Certainly didn't deserve to lose though. Crap place to watch football and appalling getting away after the game. Won' t be going back there in a hurry.
  13. Newcastle were very well organised as you say but Rafa did have a club with dosh when he was at Real Madrid. That didn't work out too well..
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