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  1. Maddison substitution for Perez made our shape go haywire for a while. Praet steadied the ship just as he was going to get the hook and Burnley getting on top . Could have done with Wilf in midfield for that last ten minutes but a good day at the office overall.
  2. Pretty sure I read somewhere that it was Top that persuaded Vichai to buy Leicester when the chance came up. Appently he was at our 1997 League Cup game against Middlesborough and had a soft spot for the club ever since. Think we're safe with Top in charge.
  3. Flynn looks a great prospect judging on that half. Great attitude to the game.
  4. He's 33 years old and just signed a new two year contract at Napoli with a £2 million signing on fee. He absolutely loves Naples and Naples loves him. It's been suggested he'll be getting a job behind the scenes there when he retires.
  5. Don't think the first 20 mins were as bad as some make out. Probably set up with the mentality of not giving anything away, especially as we were playing away and expecting more of a barrage from West Brom. Once that never materialsed we cantered home.
  6. Could do with a comments before and after thread. Was all doom and gloom up until 20mins and now euphoria everywhere.
  7. With respect, it is the point. People can whinge about coughing up £70 to secure a season ticket and equate that with a doughnut or come up with some meaningless £4 million figure shirt sponsorship and ignore the giant strides this club has taken over the last decade. Bit like populism, simple answers to complex issues. Reminds me of the experts that moan after winning 2-0 that if only they'd done what they think it would have been 6-0.
  8. Since the King Power takeover we have won the Premiership and finished top five. Best 10 years in our history. Can't believe the negativity about a figure of £4 million quid.
  9. You'd change your mind on this comment if you'd ever stood in a *technical area*. Passions run high even at lower level football.
  10. Be surprised of Leeds can keep that pace up for 90 minutes. Half time Klopp will probably find the solution and Liverpool go on to get 5 or 6 goals. Hope not but the Premier League is more than just hard work.
  11. Whatever political party anyone follows, you'd have to have your blue scarf tied so tight around your neck that it's stopping oxygen getting to the brain to contest that Johnson has been anything other than a Covid disaster. It's only the right wing press that are keeping the lightweight's head above water. He'd have been thrown out of office in any other era.
  12. Some of the criticism on here of Rodgers is way over the top. He took us to 5th place and Europa League as well as two good cup runs. Many would have taken that last August. Was a disappointing end but you can only judge a season in its entirety. Wait and see how things develop this coming season first, see if some concerns about the big matches have been addressed and perhaps whinge then if it all goes pear shaped. But last season has to be judged as decent progress in any sane person's book.
  13. Can't believe you've left Jon Rudkin out.
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