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  1. Looks like we need another goal as a minimum. Get the impression they are one counter attack away from scoring. All too predictable at the moment from our perspective.
  2. Cannot believe he's going with that back three again! Time will tell if it's a brave or stupid call. Bright side is that Man Utd are not playing full strength.
  3. Brendan's achilles heel strikes again against Newcastle. It appears he just pays lip service to defending properly. What brainstorm was he having putting Castagne into a back three when Evans pulled out? Why take off Wilf and put Youri in his place at defensive midfield then realise what a decision that turned out be so brings Mendy on. Either you play a defensive midfielder or you dont. If you decide that you do then leave the best player in that role on the pitch. He's done wonders at this club so we have to take the rough with the smooth but I have a nasty feeling we'll never get over the w
  4. Couldn't hit a cow's backside with a banjo up front tonight. Would have been better if they had 11 on the field all game. One of those games so just move on.
  5. Gotta smile that Chris Sutton just can't bring himselt to mention the name Brendan Rodgers. Also gotta love Nacho but that right foot of his must have been borrowed from Long John Silver. Brilliant first half.
  6. Typical semi final. Tight with few chances. Not sure if Ricardo is as effective at left back though. Must be tactical.
  7. There's playing a back three. Then there's playing Amartey, Evans and a wrong sided Fofana in a back three. Asking for trouble in my eyes.
  8. Reduced crowd confirmed for Spurs game then. Get ready for the club to be pilloried on all sides regarding ticket allocations.
  9. Brave performance so far under the cosh. Not very fruitful yet in an attacking sense but better to be brave in possession than lumping it forward and hoping. Keep te faith as they say.
  10. Pathetic. Either let the Clubs allocate tickets responsibly and let Wembley organise things or forget it. This government has proved it can't run a Covid whelk stall so doubt this gimmick will change much, pilot scheme or any other name they want to call it.
  11. Greatest ever to wear the blue shirt in my eyes. Was part of a very lucky generation to have witnessed that talent. R.I.P Frank.
  12. E-I-E-I-E-I-O, Up the Football League we go, When we get promotion, This is what we'll sing, We all love you, We all love you, O'Farrell is our king.
  13. Back three system rightly taking a lot of criticism but we just ain't at it all over the pitch. You'd think we would be busting a gut to not be a soft touch given our injury issues.
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