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  1. There's controlling a game and there's dominating a game. We have the majority of possession most games. If you really expect us to dominate sides like Man Utd away in the way you seem to indicate then that's fantasy given the short time Rodgers has been with us.
  2. Soyuncu seemed a bit reckless to me. Did he need to make a challenge?
  3. Agree. We were the better side from the 20th minute onwards. Were a little lightweight going forward but if we’d just slung crosses in to Vardy as some sat next to me were ranting about, people would moan about that as well.
  4. Not sure if comparing Rodgers away at Old Trafford is the same as the countless Puel performances at the KP against bottom six sides.
  5. Strange he got the nod over Perez, Albrighton and Harvey. Won’t get the nod next week.
  6. See the armchair FIFA managers are out in force tonight.
  7. Bobby Robson, Don Howe and if you look hard enough there's a clip of Jock Wallace.
  8. https://www.itv.com/news/central/2019-09-09/hs2-new-proposals-for-hs2-route-between-east-and-west-midlands-revealed/
  9. Thanks. Had to download Chrome first but then it worked a treat.
  10. The decade when Social Media and mobile phones turned millions into automatons.
  11. Can see us selling this out quite easily. And unless the stewards corral people into areas as they arrive like cars parking it will be interesting for the last few hundred searching for where the hell they're gonna sit?
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