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  1. l444ry

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    Only saying what many suspect anyway. Probably other players have the same opinion as 75% of the fans as well. Lose top class players or a second rate manager. Not that hard a decision to make when it's finally made.
  2. l444ry

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Woah there! We've had enough of experts on this forum.
  3. l444ry

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Not surprised by anything anymore where Spreadsheet Puel is concerned.
  4. l444ry

    first city game

    22/4/67 v Sheffield Utd although supported Leicester since 1961. The local boys side in Bicester that I played for as a kid had their end of season trip for this game. Got shown round Filbert Street and sat in the old Double Decker. My parents couldn't really afford for me to go but I sneaked onto the coach with the help of some mates. Sill got some pictures taken with my old Kodak Brownie!
  5. l444ry

    So how do we solve a problem like the first 10 minutes?

    You've made giant strides from the original point of conceding early goals and turned it into *hoofing* or passing a a team strategy. Comparing us with Guardiola's Man City is also strange as they do it with speed whereas we are ponderous. Whichever way you look at it Puel has to take responsibility for what is happening. .
  6. l444ry

    So how do we solve a problem like the first 10 minutes?

    If Ricardo had just clipped the ball up the line there would have been no goal. Furthermore, Vardy would have loved that. Therein lies our problem in a nutshell. Puel prefers us to pass from the first minute to the last with all the risks that entails.
  7. l444ry

    So how do we solve a problem like the first 10 minutes?

    This is why we are conceding early. Perhaps they should be turning the opposition and playing the game in their half until the game settles down. Even Step 4-semi-pro sides know this basic tactical fact.
  8. l444ry

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    Bit disappointing to only win one game in seven after the brilliant performances against Chelsea and Man City.
  9. l444ry


    Don't like the players getting caught in any crossfire. Fans should have the guts to just chant Puel out if that's that they want.
  10. l444ry

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    Keeper made a couple of decent saves but Manchester Utd didn't really have to get out of second gear.
  11. l444ry

    Best guitar solos of all time

    If you like Comfortably Numb then you'd probably like the Steve Hackett solo on Firth of Fifth from Selling England by the Pound (Genesis 1973)
  12. l444ry

    How do you feel about the transfer window?

    The season is probably dead now. The squad has been bloated with overpaid and average players. Just have to bite the bullet and get back to a sensible and balanced squad. Need to get through this season and reassess where we are .
  13. l444ry

    Manchester United (H).. Up next.

    We are talking about Puel. Ghezzal and Diabate getting call ups were curved ball and out of the blue. Hamza getting left out of the squad altogether a couple of weeks ago when on fire is another example.
  14. Don't know much about this fella or even seen him play to be honest. But wondering why Monaco are prepared to loan him out if he's that good. At least we can see if he fits in first rather than take jump in with both feet and land another potential dud.
  15. l444ry

    Liverpool 1-1 Leicester - Post Match Thread

    You must be reading a different forum to me then!