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  1. The sort of performance that shows how far this team has come. Never firing on all cylinders but still won and three points is everything.
  2. Worst game I've seen for a while. Need to show some desire if they're gonna get the win today. Albrighton is ineffective, Teilemans can't get started and Maddison non-existent. Can't see us being that bad again second half but would take a1-0 win on that first half showing.
  3. Don't get misled by the possession stats and perceived first half dominance. The only shot on target I can recall was Nacho's backpass, I mean penalty.
  4. Dodged a bullet today. Poor starting eleven that turned out to be virtually playing with ten men as putting Nacho as a No 9 is like flogging a dead horse. Should have won the game but the team was unbalanced and carried no threat for long spells. Don't let anyone hide behind the *consistency* excuse for this game, it was the lack of consistent team selection that has cost us two points against an awful side.
  5. Brendan has more confidence in that line up than me. Had the same feeling at West Ham this time last season. Hope to be proved wrong for a second time.
  6. You don't get to vote for a policy and then blame someone else for the damage that it does. Johnson doesn't need Labour votes to get this shit show through anyway. It's Miliband MkII and the Scottish Referendum. He stood with Cameron and Labour paid the price, Scotland lost to the SNP and Corbyn as new Leader. Bad move.
  7. Disappointed that Starmer isn't giving Labour MP's a free vote. When Brexit reality dawns this has to be a 100% owned by the Tories. Could be some resignations from the shadow Front Bench.
  8. Shame he didn't play in midfield against Everton. He just makes everything tick.
  9. Not the original but enough emotion in it.
  10. The "X Factor" and "The Voice" generation will never "get" this.
  11. Hope Brendan springs a tactical surprise for this one. Can see Mourinho getting Tottenham to sit back as usual forcing us play predictable tippy tappy football. We get out of position, lose possession and bang, bang, bang. Would like to see us outsmart Mourinho and not blink first. 0-0 as a target would be fine.
  12. Seems to me that you have two options when you lose a key centre half. One is to just put in who you consider to be the best option and carry on regardless. The other is to pick a proper centre half , warts and all, and maybe tactically protect him and the back four better. Brendan went with the first option and who are we to argue? However, the six players ahead of the back four were so lightweight and anonymous when we were out of possession that there was never any chance of us getting anything out of that game. Bar the inevitable odd scare here and there, Everton won that without getting o
  13. Under and Barnes might look good on paper but unless you dominate midfield they are ineffective. Defensively non existent as well. Mendy is so negative and Youri and Maaddison just don't seem to perform in a threee man midfield. Needs a drastic system change or we could lose this heavily.
  14. Just not the same in midfield without Wilf in it. Wasted at centre half.
  15. Very nervy with that team selection, especially the back four if it's 4-3-3. Trust Brendan 100% so will just sit back with the wine flowing.
  16. Very tricky tie. Slavia are top pf their league with 9 wins 2 draws 0 losses and 33-3 goal difference.
  17. Only switched the wing backs hasn't he? Doesn't look like a formation change but the fluidity is good it's difficult to tell.
  18. Looks like a 3-5-2 (1-1). As long as it isn't 3-4-3 then I'll be happy for what it's worth.
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