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  1. There's playing a back three. Then there's playing Amartey, Evans and a wrong sided Fofana in a back three. Asking for trouble in my eyes.
  2. Reduced crowd confirmed for Spurs game then. Get ready for the club to be pilloried on all sides regarding ticket allocations.
  3. Brave performance so far under the cosh. Not very fruitful yet in an attacking sense but better to be brave in possession than lumping it forward and hoping. Keep te faith as they say.
  4. Pathetic. Either let the Clubs allocate tickets responsibly and let Wembley organise things or forget it. This government has proved it can't run a Covid whelk stall so doubt this gimmick will change much, pilot scheme or any other name they want to call it.
  5. Greatest ever to wear the blue shirt in my eyes. Was part of a very lucky generation to have witnessed that talent. R.I.P Frank.
  6. E-I-E-I-E-I-O, Up the Football League we go, When we get promotion, This is what we'll sing, We all love you, We all love you, O'Farrell is our king.
  7. Back three system rightly taking a lot of criticism but we just ain't at it all over the pitch. You'd think we would be busting a gut to not be a soft touch given our injury issues.
  8. Sicerely hope not Deano. Just think how much we'd have in the bank to replace them with, assuming it happened.
  9. Would like Brendan to batten down the hatch by reverting to three at the back and kick, bollock and bite points out. Sod trying to play open, passing football with this patched up and ever changing squad.
  10. 11 games in 35 days is hardly the fault of the Manager.
  11. All of them and still say this is the worst. Every department of the side is not functioning.
  12. Played nine games since 24th January and it showed. Can't keep pulling rabbits out of the hat Disappointing but a game like this was always on the horizon. Worst thing is that there is no rest or Maddison before the Arsenal game.
  13. Better to have Youri in his usual role and be less effective up top than go with the same eleven second half. Would think Barnes will getthe call pretty shortly. Under, Youri and Albrighton just haven't carried a threat and Vardy is quiet yet again. 1-0 will do.
  14. Will turn the commentary off. Captain Hindsight is co-commentator.
  15. Can't see the club shelling out the reported fee for him to be honest. Plays in fits and starts and what he'd cost looks like it could be better spent elsewhere.
  16. Can't complain at the result. They pressed well but hardly tested Kasper. Hopefully we'll have at least one of our regular full backs available for the second leg. Amartey and Thomas did well but our attacking style does depend on the full backs getting forward far more than they were able to. Should have enough in the tank to complete this hurdle.
  17. Used to have a season ticket behind the Directors Box. Seem to remember that the exit into the area behind the seats took you down to a corridor that was blocked off at both ends. One end was the entrance to the Home dressing room and the other to the Players Lounge. Used to run into many of the players as well as Greavsie and Big Ron on occasions.
  18. Such a shame that we can't be in the stadium to share results and days like this.
  19. Brendan is brave. Many would have been calling for three at the back within 10 minutes.
  20. Suppose we will all sit through the charade tonight just to find out our opponents. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.
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