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  1. Fully agreed - it was a big reason for our fall-off last season and I think it could bite us again. We really could have done with a Cambiasso/Huth-type signing, a bit of an old head (especially for Europe). Carvalho might have provided that, I don’t know where that deal went wrong but would have been perfect to fill in for Ndidi now. No arguments with the signings we have made but they don’t add the know-how that we needed in the middle. We might possibly get someone in on loan, but doesn’t seem to be in Rodgers’ plans at the moment.
  2. Do you really think Brendan is the guy to do that? We just completely changed our formation and approach after two opening wins to cater for one of the top teams in the world. By Brendan’s own admission, he did something he’d never done before to mastermind a win. And now you think he’s going to forget all of that and tell the team “winner stays on”?!
  3. They can probably obtain a loan like that at better rates and have the assets to put up security for it, then lend it on to the football club.
  4. Macquarie is a very large Australian investment bank.
  5. Last season we finished ninth, our summer ambitions were to try and challenge top six (which we finished 14pts outside). A challenge for the CL positions was way outside most reasonable expectations, yet we’ve been in contention until the last half an hour of the final game. We have finished fifth in the best league in the world behind four of the highest spending clubs in the world. It’s our second highest PL position. We made the quarter-finals of one cup and the semi-finals of the other. We are in Europe for only the fifth time in our history (and straight into the group stage). There
  6. Plus FA Cup quarter finalists and League Cup semi-finalists.
  7. I need to keep reading this!
  8. Wow, that escalated quickly...
  9. The article seems to contradict itself, saying at the start that he’s moved to the left and is more comfortable there. I’d just assumed he was left footed as he was predominantly using that when I watched him pass it out yesterday. I also think he’s played left back before. But Transfermarkt lists him as “both” in terms of feet. Oh well, interesting discussion - I’m actually glad I asked!
  10. Question: we have a decent centre back pairing, arguably one of the best in the league this season. But why do we play the left-footed one on the right and the right-footed one on the left? There were a couple of occasions in the Watford game where each of them had a slightly awkward moment when receiving/releasing the ball that made me question why we do this. Is it Rodgers’ preference or the players? Does it help or hinder them to be on the “opposite” side? I know it’s become quite normal to have inverted wingers that cut inside, are we trying to do the same with the big guys at the back?
  11. Got to be Ken Jeong. I’d like to see Top go full Lesley Chow one day.
  12. Mental fragility/youth. Young players peak and trough in confidence. Needed an experienced head in January (see: Cambiasso, Huth, Wasilewski). (20)
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