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  1. As good as Ndidi has been this season, he was appalling today. Not just his touch either - he looked well off the pace, almost appeared to give up at times.
  2. He's either not fit or he's finished, simple as that. I hope it's the former. Why the club hasn't brought in someone who can effectively deputise is a disgrace really. We are so light up front it's untrue.
  3. Wouldn't mind a bit of hunger and pressing, show the fans we're still trying even if we're going to lose the game. This one is on Rodgers, i'd like him to explain why in the last two game the opposition have been more hungry and first to second balls etc. The very least i expect is attitude and application, and there's been nothing in the last 180 minutes.
  4. This may be knee jerk, but with the last two performances and this run of injuries, we look like falling apart again. Take Barnes and Maddison's goals and influence away and we have nothing up front.
  5. Goal aside this has been shocking, on the back foot, no aggression, basically carried on from the Slavia Prague match. Not good enough.
  6. What I meant was I'm not expecting us to capitulate like last season, but our form could dip slightly and someone like Chelsea could win 10 in a row for example.
  7. I think we've learnt a lot from last season and are tougher mentally but also more flexible tactically. Yesterday's game a case in point where first half we pressed hard and played our football and then sat back and dug in for the result in the second half. Plus we have players like Barnes in excellent form, plus a fit Ndidi and the return of Castagne and Ricardo. If we fall out of the top 4 I believe it'll be because others put an incredible run together, not because of our own form.
  8. DEYA 'Dust My Broom' pale ale. Very nice.
  9. A brilliant day but I have to say the Cambridge play off game eclipses it in terms of atmosphere, or even the Atletico Madrid game in the UEFA Cup....certainly in my lifetime anyway
  10. After years of watching players who didn't give a shit, I'll take players like Amartey any day who can step in, be 100% committed and give everything. He's not the most talented or dynamic player on the books but always gives everything in every game.
  11. Incredible performance today, with composure and calmness added to his undoubted defensive and ball winning qualities. When he's in the team we're so much better.
  12. Just goes to show I know absolutely **** all about football. Happy days! Crack the beers open folks!
  13. Far too passive, getting bullied all over the pitch, poor passing, no movement.... A replay of last season's home game so far.
  14. He has a LOT of developing to do in my opinion. Plenty of time for him to improve. He's good, and has potential but is nowhere near ready for the first team right now at this level. If we can, i'd send him on loan next season to the championship and he may benefit in the way Harvey Barnes did.
  15. It is in isolation but is also utterly meaningless if it doesn't lead to us getting our lives back. Too much fixation on the number and not the outcome.
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