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  1. Thought the fans really lifted the players yesterday, seemed to give them an extra push. i was lucky to have witnessed history. Still knackered now and can hardly speak. Celebrations when the goal went in were absolute mayhem, bodies everywhere! What a day...
  2. Anyone had the link to the ERP consent form sent to them yet? Still waiting for mine. Sorted now - missed the link!
  3. Got one with 306 points. Happy....
  4. Notts County basically sold Dean Yates and Craig Short which paid for almost all the redevelopment. Bargain.
  5. My old man's all time favourite. Pure talent, and what a character. Broke the mould - RIP Frankie Wortho.
  6. Other results yesterday and the fixtures today mean that 3 points is absolutely vital to put a bit of daylight between us and West Ha, Everton, Spurs etc.
  7. Massive win. Performance improved in the 2nd half, more forward passes, more aggressive. Not vintage by any means but Brighton offered very little apart from Lallana's chance after Ndidi's bad touch.
  8. Our 3 centre backs only have Maupay to mark between them and he's got the freedom of Brighton, all of them daydreaming. Brighton are very ordinary but our performance so far has been appalling. How many second balls have we won?
  9. No tips but i'm planning Texas, Louisiana and New Orleans about the same time, but haven't booked yet because of the uncertainty. I can't be doing with changing travel goalposts every 5 minutes like last year.
  10. Decent point with a team decimated by injuries against a team that can be strong at home and are notoriously stubborn, physical and direct, the type of style we often struggle against. Games against Burnley are never pretty, their MO is to spoil the game, keep the ball in the air and win 2nd balls. Hopefully look back on it as a vital point come the end of the season.
  11. As good as Ndidi has been this season, he was appalling today. Not just his touch either - he looked well off the pace, almost appeared to give up at times.
  12. He's either not fit or he's finished, simple as that. I hope it's the former. Why the club hasn't brought in someone who can effectively deputise is a disgrace really. We are so light up front it's untrue.
  13. Wouldn't mind a bit of hunger and pressing, show the fans we're still trying even if we're going to lose the game. This one is on Rodgers, i'd like him to explain why in the last two game the opposition have been more hungry and first to second balls etc. The very least i expect is attitude and application, and there's been nothing in the last 180 minutes.
  14. This may be knee jerk, but with the last two performances and this run of injuries, we look like falling apart again. Take Barnes and Maddison's goals and influence away and we have nothing up front.
  15. Goal aside this has been shocking, on the back foot, no aggression, basically carried on from the Slavia Prague match. Not good enough.
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