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  1. Nottinghamshire reduces infections by about 70% and ends up in a higher tier despite being locked down. Makes perfect sense. I'm by no means a conspiracy theorist but some of the decisions and changes of direction appear to be mind boggling and totally irrational. When you see the doubling down on strategies that don't appear to work particularly well, changing goalposts on what metrics to use to suit agendas, and refusing to listen to broader scientific advice then you have to start wondering if there's something more sinister going on, or whether they're so far down t
  2. I used to work for them and my missus still does. They're making 100's of redundancies and selling many of their offices off. I believe the Leicester one is included. No idea on timescales though.
  3. Not just me then... Mine was in broad daylight, about 75 yards away but 100% a big cat. The fact both of us saw it and watched it walk across for 20-30 seconds removes any doubt. It was one of those 'are you seeing what I'm seeing?' moments...we both couldn't believe it.
  4. Interesting... Now you may think i'm nuts but during lockdown 1.0 me and my other half were out walking, not 5 mins from our house (we live in a village called Oxton in Notts) and she suddenly piped up 'what the hell is that over there?'. We both peer over a fence that backs onto the local pub and across the field walking along in a line of trees was what looked like a massive black cat. Far too big to be a domestic cat, you could see its tail distinctively and it was moving low to the ground in that stalking posture that cats have. We got the phones out and she manage
  5. Sorry to be a pessimist but I don't believe a word of it. There's no chance of fans allowed in anywhere this season and probably part or all of next season. Which means between 1/4 and 1/3 of clubs below the championship going bust I reckon.
  6. Ipanema is pretty safe as is Leblon next door. Having said that i'd still avoid taking valuables anywhere and don't leave your watch/mobile phone on show etc. Copacabana is a bit more rough around the edges in my experience and i'd urge a bit more caution there. In terms of what to do, despite your reservations i'd do an organised favela tour. they're fascinating and completely safe. Rocinha was one that I did, unfortunately I also did Vidigal but that was on my own! Other than that, sugar loaf mountain, Copacabana beach, Christ the Redeeemer and Tijuca Jungle tours are
  7. Mapperleyfox


    Nothwithstanding all the redneck fruitcake abduction stories and it's hard to argue that there's not some things going on that we cannot explain. Read about places like Skinwalker Ranch in Utah or watch the recently released US Navy footage amongst other evidence and it's obvious there are weird things that we just don't understand. Whether these are aliens, other dimensions, parallel universes etc is up for debate. One thing i'm personally convinced about is that 1000s of people aren't making this stuff up. *Puts tin hat on.
  8. Fantastic bucket list trip that is, i'll have to wait until i'm retired for that amount of travel. I did Buenos Aires and Rio last year. South America is without a doubt the most vibrant, chaotic, intoxicating place you could ever imagine. Just don't go into a favela in Rio on your own like I did. Not the best idea i;ve ever had.
  9. I would say 4-5 days would be enough to do all the things you need in Vanvcouver.
  10. I've got the white bukta, not 10/10 condition though, a bit faded and a few bobbles. Also got the blue and white fox leisure in perfect nick. Plus a scoreline effort from around 87-88 but the Walkers Crisps sponsor has peeled off...
  11. Vancouver itself is fantastic - one of the world's best cities in my opinion in terms of where it;s situated. I'd recommend getting a sea plane to Vancouver Island, exploring Gastown and Granville Island Market. Also go to Grouse Mountain and ride a bike around the Stanley Park Sea Wall, you won't regret it.
  12. Did Japan in February this year just as the virus was breaking. I'd recommend it, fascinating and takes you out of your comfort zone. It can be a bit weird. Try to get on the shinkansen train out of Tokyo and do Osaka and Kyoto, both are at least as good. Tokyo is endless though...several huge cities within a city. Never ending. We stayed in Shinjuku which was great. if you want any advice etc drop me a note - happy to help.
  13. Not a chance. Half the clubs outside the Premier League will be gone by next summer anyway. The government has chosen their strategy and society must suffer the consequences. Notwithstanding those who have sadly died from the virus...
  14. Sounds good. Yeah thanks - I've already done the PLF etc. I was crossing fingers that Corfu escaped the quarantine list and thankfully it has, for now. Won't be able to fully relax until i'm sat with a cold pint of Mythos though!
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