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  1. RIP Macclesfield Town... My old man and his family are from Macc. Moved to the East Midlands in the early 70's to find work and he'd already developed a love of Leicester due to the attractive football we played at the time. He used to take me to watch Macc one week in the old Northern Premier Vauxhall Conference and to Filbert Street the next throughout the 80's and early 90's. A sad day for football and the local community. Something's not right when you've got Gareth Bale sat on his arse on £500k a week. They won't be the last to go either.
  2. For many clubs it'll be too late. They'll be long gone before a vaccine is widely available. Sure the bigger clubs might survive with the TV money but for most i'd imagine it's a matter of weeks/months unless they get some gate receipts in, which isn't going to happen. Don't know about anyone else but I have no interest in football at all if i can't go the the match. I'd rather sack the season off and wait until I can go again, if that ever happens.
  3. There won't be anyone in grounds this side of Christmas. This Government is frightened to death of loosening the restrictions. I'll be surprised if stadiums will be reopened the season after next too. This is the end of sport as we know it i'm afraid.
  4. Let's have it right his head was turned by the Chelsea move and all the financial rewards that come with it a months ago, no doubt they started sowing the seeds long before lockdown. That's been reflected in his more recent performances pre-injury when to be frank he was absolute dogshit, probably distracted by his upcoming big move, culminating in his post match laughing with his to-be team mates after the FA cup game which didn't go down well. He's been a decent player for us, suited our style of play, albeit with a lot to learn so to get £50m plus is a great deal IMO assuming we get a decent replacement.
  5. Agree with most of your points in 4 & 5. No single reason why the season went to pot, rather a combination of factors including injury, Covid, lack of crowds, young, small, mentally fragile squad and Rodgers over-managing, trying to be too clever. It's hard to take when you have a crash in form at the end rather than part way through the season which is why most of us feel deflated. Overall in context it hasn't been bad at all, some of the stuff before Xmas was sensational. Let's hope with a few shrewd additions we can recapture it next season. I'd be very happy with a top 6/7 finish and a decent run in europe and/or the cup.
  6. Schmeichel 7 - Good shot stopping, better on crosses, kicking erratic and some daft mistakes Ricardo 8.5 - Brilliant going forward, our biggest attacking threat. Improving defensively Chilwell 7 - He's improved, but needs to work on his final ball and stop getting caught out of position Evans 7 - Brilliant before lockdown, consistent every week. Shaky in the last 10 games. Soyuncu 8 - Fantastic breakthrough season, surpassed all expectations N’Didi 7 - Again a great start to the season, i felt he was off the pace after the restart, maybe still carrying injury Tielemans 7 - Some moments of brilliance, with other moments where he looks slow and short of fitness Maddison 7 - Theme developing here, good before lockdown, largely ineffective and injured afterwards Barnes 6 - Some great moments, electric at times when we attack with pace.Needs to work on end product Perez 6.5 - Dangerous in tight situations in the box, some important goals, needs to hold onto the ball more often Vardy 9 - Converted most of the chances given to him, to score 23 at 33 speaks for itself Praet 5 - Not enough opportunity to bed in. Ran the game against Newcastle at home and then disappeared Gray 5 - As has been said before, is he any better than the day he joined us? End product questionable Iheanacho 6 - He's improved, some good moments, needs confidence. There's talent there that we should look to unlock Albrighton 5 - Never less than 100%, may lack the quality needed to play consistently at this level now
  7. How do you know it would have been 5 or 6 nil? Personally i'd rather see us have a bit of a go and get in their faces more. 'You would have been slating him' - again, opinions not facts. For the record it's easier to win games when you're in front, than from a 0-0. That's a FACT. At no point was I suggesting 'going for it' meant pouring forwards with no thought to defending. We clearly don't have the quality at the back to go gung ho with the injuries/suspensions. If you're happy with the lack of aggression, pressing, quality and general attitude in the last 10-15 games or so then we have different standards. And yes, I know we have a depleted first 11.
  8. Anyone else annoyed Rodgers spoke about 'getting to the last drinks break'? Why not go for it early doors, try to get in front and then maybe shutting up shop instead of having a strategy of throwing the kitchen sink at them in the last 20 minutes? Very strange attitude, and it's concerning he's almost grateful to be on level terms with these teams. I think it breeds an inferiority complex that we can't compete when it should be the opposite, at least give it a go and show no respect, even if you end up losing.
  9. The fact we hardly laid a glove on UTD over 90 minutes and didn't put them under any pressure whatsoever tells you all you need to know. They never believed they could win this game. Mentally we've been shot since Xmas. So many gifted goals, mistakes and lapses of concentration since the restart. Work to do in the summer.
  10. The biggest narcissists in football. Making OUR achievements all about them. The arrogance is astonishing.
  11. To be fair they didn't know he was having a heart attack at the time. Didn't stop them singing 'You're the pride of Pakistan' though on other occasions, among other racist stuff. Then hiding behind a line of old bill outside Bar Amici afterwards giving it large when things got heated. Embarrassing. As you said, scum.
  12. Made my season that has. Knowing how gutted they are after the smug arrogance and entitlement they display is a joy to behold. F******g brilliant.... Always hated em, always will.
  13. Point is they're looking far better than we are. Still beat Palace in 2nd gear.
  14. We've got a few things working against us in this game... 1.United in form and we're looking vulnerable and predictable. 2. Too many injuries to key players leaves us short on quality. 3. The ref and VAR is going to work against us in my opinion.
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