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  1. Miss out the word tickets and its probably a good question
  2. See Kante made the top group of sportperson in the Sunday Times rich list.Cant remember the number but it was lot of dosh. Obviously still not spending much money .Hes gradually catching me up!!
  3. I went on a golf trip to Algarve 25 years ago and we hired minis at Faro 4 guys ,clubs,bags it was hilarious. One morning we came out and one of the minis was upside down on the flower bed in front of the hotel - happy days
  4. My dad was called Frank smashing fella and a city fan. That s a much better picture is the indoor pitch artificial ?
  5. Very tasty best pass ive seen all season
  6. I know that mate I was being bit off beat.I worked in construction and fit out for many years anyone can move some earth and make a mess throw up some walls , its the finishing off properly snag free ready to go that's the difficult bit.We find out soon
  7. It occurred to me that the clubs will surely be much better managing their own facility than a neutral one . Shouldn't take too many police and stewards to deter any idiot who thinking abut showing up(fans not players)
  8. Looks like there a few finishing touches required ?
  9. 'Quorn' is totally veggie isn't it so you should be all right . Programme I assume they would have wanted to be ready for end of July to hit pre season next year so they may have a bit of room due to force majeure.Im sure that will be in the contracts somewhere
  10. met some Belgium lads on holiday last year in Majorca and they were all over him as a very good player.Looks solid alert no fancy stuff but wilf woud be first pick and then it depends o the opposition if you go with tilly or dennis.Good man to have
  11. Hard to be harsh On Peter he was super goalie would have been our school team keeper if he wasn't at LCFC all the time so we got brother Graham who was decent. Self confessed gambling problem flawed like many of the current crop(Walker??) but no worse/ My son has been to a number of footballers homes recently fitting gym kit (with rules)and he has said without exception they have all been very pleasant and polite so that's another side of the coin
  12. For me it can only be a void season Liverpopl win no relegation 2 promoted and extra games next year .By the way we are third !! Start again new season hopefully not to late and put it in the past
  13. No chance wind generally SW. To be fair I think its an egg production but they also produce other things from their bodies..Combination of geography landscape wind it just hangs about to the west which is 5 of the golf holes that are left in play I think. Quorn will cost you mate but nice area
  14. Miguel a man after my own heart.There are huge chicken operations south and west sort of across the valley(planning permission for agricultural buildings is simple)big set ups and the smell lingers on the west of the site its horrid. The little darlings will be in their range rovers and away rapid.
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