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  1. Re vestergard red hope vardy is Ok for next match .So is it Ok to break a players leg providing you have touched the ball first.The entire tackle is the responsibilty of the player .Im thinking back to Pickford on van Dyck early on - it has to judged on the total incident
  2. True we wouldnt have a problem with the right wide position .He still doesnt get into the tackle but nicks a few balls back and keeps team shape. Friday getting closer
  3. Bit off topic but european agent Mahrez was right on it last night ,Very unusual to see him in the tunnel at half time giving the players some words and then running out first .Even got well upset with a PSG player near the end after a shirt pulling captain had to calm him down. Over to agent Kante
  4. I am told by my local manager that they cannot show football at present ,All that shouting and jumping about is no good
  5. Does this mean we should leave out a Fray Bentos pie on Xmas eve. I had a mate whos dad worked at Fray Bentos somewhere in kent and boot of his car was always full of pies with dented tins so I always went away with a dozen pies never want to see one again.
  6. Perez had very good top corner effort saved by the keeper.We had 25 shots and 10 corners and only managed 1 goal due to some excellent keeping and a few misses.You always think Perez should be doing more though
  7. It would have been nice to get our job done before the Cup final and a Man U win would have helped.
  8. I dont think anyone has made the point that we really wanted to see the result of this fixture in the light of our remaining games Now its likely to be the cup final weekend before we know the numbers.
  9. Not fully up to speed but what is to be gained by this ? Seems like an afternoon out for a bunch of idiots.No point the owners will not be interested and they have been there for 13/14 years is it
  10. Heard today that Van Anholt is away on a free transfer end of season.Although we would hope to have JJ back when we would probably be full strength
  11. can only agree we need to get something going up the left and everyone 4/5 yards further up pitch.This is on a plate if we are brave and get on it
  12. If Sean is who I think and believe he is Im having words next time I see him . I remember the lad who always said ' Hello is that you Ian its ---- im just getting on bus to Rushey Mead I thought the lads played well Ian etc etc ' He was on every week and never spoke a word of sense.
  13. Poor Sean I am genuinely concerned for his welfare and would like to extend a heartfelt and humble apology on behalf of all persons here present . What is twitter anyway ?
  14. If he carried on like this for the remaining games its inevitable someone will find the cash for a huge bid and then we will have a decision
  15. I dont mind anyone having a religion as long as they dont push it my way but the fasting seems a bit ridiculous.However a work rfrend of mine very much described it as being about giving and charity as well as self discipline.Hey ho.I think there are exceptions for illness and pregnancy for instance
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