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  1. Does he still live in Stratford on Avon ?
  2. Reduced travelling for the little darlings give me strength please. Kasper needs a session at specsavers (or barnard castle)based on recent performance and Fuchs has more air miles than me mum has green shield stamps
  3. I wouldn't ask Fin to fit my new bathroom ! be done when its done
  4. If those pics are recent there is a bit left to completion.Never mind a few signs. I hope there is a clause saying if its not finished by end of September then they have to dismantle everything and put the golf course back for myself and frank
  5. Desperate stuff .Kasper we need to be rid off too may times he says the right thing and messes up.Hamza no sorry its never going to be a premier league career and the manager what did he think they were going to let us walk through and score.Brendan settled for 5th weeks ago and it was obvious.
  6. Re Austria they ask you to do a quarantine when you enter their country so that's out.
  7. Lets see if bren goes for the 1 nil again .If he does I'm leaving Leicester to live in rochdale
  8. P45 all round.Why did he lnacho we barely had a kick after 20 attempts first half.Kasper does that very game inforgivable.Get rid of Rogers just awful decisions l
  9. air asia in serious danger of folding and I think our owners are significant shareholders
  10. Lets hope its pouring with rain seems to help. I think the 442 with Ian and Vardy is the way can always make changes with the subs rules
  11. Some good news from last night we made about 10 chances 7 on target.Nacho still has his scoring boots on and we look relatively fit .Some cutback rather than long cross. Bad news Bennett looked a bit flaky ,Wilf likewise. Vardy still hanging about the back post but he played well overall. Day off today no doubt and hang around unrtil sunday night maybe afternoon on Bournmouth beach and an ice cream for the team.
  12. I'm far more concerned about the amount of time arsenal players spent face down on the pitch in agony .Hospital must be full this morning.Some of the old school refs would have ran by gave a quick kick and said get up or you are in the book.!!
  13. I don't think mars bars are very good for your health
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