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  1. Please stop saying he needs time and experience . He just needs to do a job week after week
  2. KInd of enjoyed it football wise providing it doesn't affect the end of season. Selection looked spot on Fuchs did a job on Mahrez 99% but the lad is top class/different class. My worry was Madison looked a bit over whelmed and Chilwell faded at the end but deserved a point.Praet was decent think we will be OK
  3. They didn't look very ambitious against Wet Spam but still had plenty. We could easily nick a 1 nil
  4. Remember he will be cheap as in in almost free if it happens.
  5. Big game for Dennis P for me and Fuchs for Chilwell.straight swap. Son has got us tickets good lad .Make some noise
  6. Not that high is it really. mate of mine played for city reserves under Jock Wallace who said one day in his broad Scottish 'you need to keep your high balls low son;
  7. I didn't realise there were two conflicting sites in Enderby.Big new one under way on the A5 near Hinckey. The sites at Mkt Harborough have had some serious offences recently and Costalot at Bagworth are another very undesirable bunch and the law doesn't go anywhere near it. They just love a fight .I did a job for a big wedding venue in Luton and they are terrified of letting in a travellers wedding.Owner told me his staff went to clear the bottle and glasses from the tables and the customers said no leave em well need em later !
  8. I'm tempted by the golf course job but they will probably go for a wet behind the ears wannabe golf pro. Be nice to tell Brendan 'if your not a member you aint getting on here son'
  9. We need a good win with everyone right on it and very soon please.
  10. Doubt it .I think the view is they only fight amongst themselves. My son got an almighty beating about 8 years back in Hinckley -hes no angel and shouldn't have been anywhere near them- girl issue -but put him seriously in hospital as to be unrecognisable smashed up his car no charges he wouldn't press charges and told me don't do anything dad they know our address that the way it works.
  11. And I thought this would be one of DGs insightfull articles into a football penalty shoot out in 1975 at Enderby town in the southern league . There was a shooting here few months back .Scum of the earth I don't mind saying and theres lots of em around Leicester.I only make judgments on experiences and a Charles Bronson style reply would be fine .Police tend to leave them to it to sort things amonst themselves.They don't travel much
  12. Nacho has to take part and for me drop Chilwell for Fuchs he can handle Mahrez and has shown it before gets tight/close and reduces the space .Look at Chilly on Friday backing away from Traore because he wasn't tight enough in the first place.Its difficult.Man city will attack and we will get chances but we have to limit them
  13. He can have my spare room. Love to watch him play in any shirt.
  14. May not be good enough for this level I'm afraid.Goes off his feet in the tackle which refs don't allow,very lateral.little bit slow in possession.takes too long to make decision,and drifts along in games. Decent but I'm not seeing a top team prem player sadly .Wish him well needs a couple of really top games which will not be anytime wilf is fit
  15. Not surprised wolves have soo many draws on that showing but we needed to be much more imaginative led by Brendan.He seemed to have settled for the draw. Ricky and the two centre backs were very good . Kasper l was his usual dodgy self.Chilwell running down blind alleys again and then slipping the ball to Barnes with no room to work.Not forcing a single corner shows our lack of desire .Hamza always liable to dive in and it happened We need wilf back ,and give a chance to praet and nacho .On current form this season could get very disappointing before it ends.
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