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  1. air asia in serious danger of folding and I think our owners are significant shareholders
  2. Lets hope its pouring with rain seems to help. I think the 442 with Ian and Vardy is the way can always make changes with the subs rules
  3. Some good news from last night we made about 10 chances 7 on target.Nacho still has his scoring boots on and we look relatively fit .Some cutback rather than long cross. Bad news Bennett looked a bit flaky ,Wilf likewise. Vardy still hanging about the back post but he played well overall. Day off today no doubt and hang around unrtil sunday night maybe afternoon on Bournmouth beach and an ice cream for the team.
  4. I'm far more concerned about the amount of time arsenal players spent face down on the pitch in agony .Hospital must be full this morning.Some of the old school refs would have ran by gave a quick kick and said get up or you are in the book.!!
  5. I don't think mars bars are very good for your health
  6. Just imagine we do a job without England legends chilwell and Madison how strange . Madders has looked a bit in and out last few games maybe not the new messiah.We need players to really engage the opposition ad hurt them man for man Looking forward to it hour in pub and big mtch after
  7. and no chilwell .I look at Fuchs and think yes please
  8. Shout for Perez and Nacho please we do miss Ricardo but that looked much better at 4 4 kin 2
  9. Madders did look very tender lets say Ive had the hip steroid injection and it doesn't fix it just stops it hurting so much
  10. Just checked and apparently we are 3rd !!! No excuses must win by any means possible cold water in the dressing room lock the doors alter the clocks anything
  11. Be honest chiwell gets a lot of ball but teams let him nothing comes of t he couldn't cross the road. Credit to Nacho who showed for the ball and that's about it very poor.
  12. Rodger will be lucky to stay in the job if this goes on .
  13. I like the idea of Nacho in front and Vardy hitting the sides but we need dennis the menace getting up close and hitting the forward balls .Something different Brendan seems to a Margaret Thatcher at present extremely conservative.We need to win this Man U goal difference is getting better game by game .
  14. Mr Monsall has a very good point in my opinion as well. Labour local authourities never going to get unpopular with their base though. I worked highfields area for a couple of years in housing and it is dense streets very social lifestyles corner shops places of worship large extended families could easily be a very large factor.Out here in the suburbs I can go all day and not come within 5 metres of anyone else not likely on st peters road though. May need some real solid effort from all round to tighten up in these areas plus the factories.Other areas with high rates are Bradford Barnsley and rochdale which follows the pattern.
  15. Google Eyam in the plague. Any views on end of ramadam -festival of eid some big gatherings I know of one around 40 folk in a back garden food all age groups. City authourites have to be brave forget politics and really get stuck in to advise people and enforce in the badly affected areas.
  16. He only gets a few brief minutes to change a game generally.Big call but maybe we have to try a change of style .Nacho would need someone close to him but perhaps that's the way
  17. Mate you are better than most on here we speak Lesta
  18. I think we all know where the conclusions are going to be when this is accurately reported.Highfeilds and North Evington densely populated realtivley elderly ethnic population multi generation households and naturally very sociable groups ,eid probably significant .We are speculating to an extent but last time I checked 2 and 2 made 4
  19. Praet was our best payer first half very often the closest to vardy getting forward and landing a few biting tackles .he didn't look happy to get pulled rightly so. Slight glimmer of hope we did look pretty sharp and made some chances firsy half.
  20. Good bench oak well built need to use it tonight.Perez,Tilly,Dennis,Fuchs get em on
  21. Puts the price up I guess.Id take 50 mil and Ricardo fit thanks
  22. Nacho on 82 mins no give the lad some time he looks right on it whenever he gets his few minutes.Not a starter but 30 mins would have been interesting.Only realised Barnes was on when he went off ?
  23. This Is now a very big game win and we are 10 points clear of Utd in 5th with 8 games left.10 points plus big goal difference. Utd Spurs and Arsenal have all looked pretty average in their games.Attack and bag a couple early please
  24. I always imagine these type of injury to be like taking the plastic ring off a pack of beer and stretching it doesn't break but it seperates horrible
  25. I think I'm correct in that he didn't come off injured in the game he got his injury which is weird so surely couldn't have been a really serious damage .Still bad enough though.
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