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  1. How many off those goals involved a Vardy assist. All were very fluid no hesitation in any of the play which maybe the key point
  2. Grealish and Wellens are responsible for every bad thing that happens in football (I let them off the rest) Maybe Madders will trip him up on some steps when they are next in Dubai
  3. There will be no refunds on season tickets lets be honest maybe some scheme for next year -for those are lucky enough to have them !!!! When yo u commit to an ticket you commit the funds.
  4. My son had to go to a and e in leeds last week and it was deserted waiting for the onrush according to staff. Perhaps after this we will stop bothering our services with minor issues. Population of 60 million we loose about 500,000 a year or 10000 a week normal circumstance .
  5. King Power not exactly thriving at present .Duty free at virtually closed airports,big share in a grounded airline and the small matter of a non playing footy team.
  6. Good game that - no help to goal difference though. Keep heads up the young folk seem to be struggling to deal with it
  7. Any contractor with a half decent team will want to finish on time but they will also have any number of reasons why there was a delay
  8. There is no cure there may be a vaccine some months down the line. If you have respiratory issues then you need to self preserve more than usual. Remember when we were kids Chicken Pox,german measles,mumps before that rickets ,polio,we have come a long way but this is a step back
  9. Who scored the final goal in the 19/20 season - answer Harvey Barnes
  10. Folks- infections only means those who have been tested and found infected probably a small proportion of those who actually have been infected. And \I doubt we can remotely rely on figures from Russia Korea China etc.
  11. so sean knows Boris now. Lottery numbers would be nice. I think same team would be fine in that he can bring Vardy on at any time instead of or as partner to Nacho .
  12. For me Sarr is the difference for Watford and to an extent Delafeu .Keep them quiet Move it quick and get stuck in we should get a couple in the bag/Liverpool were poor at them .Good work from small Nige and Craig though.
  13. Not yet read thread but that was better only Villa and they really should have scored first but so many improvement Wilf strolling about,Dennis the menace(another sick long ball)got things moving quick when he could and helped wilf Madders higher up,Albrightom did a lot of good solid work topped off by the cross for Barnes.Barnes was unplayable.Vardy looked 98% And finally would anyone like to explain why Justin should not keep his place very good and some great work down the outside. Agressive got some bookings but also a 4 nil and shows they can do it
  14. We can only wait and be sensible with our own health may be a good thing to make folk more aware long term. 8k a year die from flu related stuff another 3k from norovirus(vomiting) thousands from smoking related,drink.drug related,road deaths. No one is immune as yet but vast majority in good health can deal with it apparently.
  15. Re Chilwell he also rarely tackles ,backs away and only has a left foot .Apart from that hes allright. Has to be Nacho and vardy plus Praet with much intensity.
  16. Overreacting is good because sitting behind your own keyboard is safe as houses. Just back from Tenerife and they are asking staff to wash hands thoroughly before they start work which seems sound. I'm in the West stand by the way if you wish to avoid.row Z
  17. Our increased awareness of hand washing and hygiene may well have a good effect on general health.If we can just stop smoking.drinking overeating and take some exercise we could be on to something.Not seeing any smoking related panic even though it kills folk in bulk. I do trust the science on the crowd issue didn't make the point very well but if kids don't go to school they still mix with others or stay with grandma while mum is at work..Match on Monday I will be with my son in the car walk to the game then sit close to a handful of others then reverse.If I don't go its the pub and at least the same mix. Go to go now to get some toilet roll
  18. Heres the deal.You go to a football match and are probably close for the game to about 30 folk .No match and you go to Fosse park and the pub and get close to 200
  19. Forget Hamza sadly if Wilf or Dennis are available he is reactive not proactive. And always liable to get into trouble good lad but nowhere near yet.We should wallop these Nacho in maybe the 424
  20. Please stop saying he needs time and experience . He just needs to do a job week after week
  21. KInd of enjoyed it football wise providing it doesn't affect the end of season. Selection looked spot on Fuchs did a job on Mahrez 99% but the lad is top class/different class. My worry was Madison looked a bit over whelmed and Chilwell faded at the end but deserved a point.Praet was decent think we will be OK
  22. They didn't look very ambitious against Wet Spam but still had plenty. We could easily nick a 1 nil
  23. Remember he will be cheap as in in almost free if it happens.
  24. Big game for Dennis P for me and Fuchs for Chilwell.straight swap. Son has got us tickets good lad .Make some noise
  25. Not that high is it really. mate of mine played for city reserves under Jock Wallace who said one day in his broad Scottish 'you need to keep your high balls low son;
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