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  1. Well, I hope you’re not watching it in the bath. If you are the floor could get very wet (Archimedes Principle)
  2. Nuts ! Maddison’s gone off the boil so we’ll have a pop at one of our best acquisitions
  3. In the real world Fabrizio Romano is Derek Spragg and posts from his bedroom at his mother’s home in Bedworth
  4. https://experthometips.com/how-long-does-pancake-batter-last
  5. Crikey ! The political coverage of the BBC really has plumbed new depths
  6. Love these Zambian twitter handles Thinking of renaming myself Mike Oxlong’s mother’s son
  7. New chart smash hit in Zambia I’m Leicester till Patson moves Leicester till Patson moves I know I am I’m sure I am I’m Leicester till Patson moves
  8. Any player whose name is an anagram of spank a toad just has to be
  9. Southgate should be awarded a CBE and I don’t mean commander
  10. How times change. On here it wasn’t all that long ago when Rudkin would have got the silver medal in a popularity contest with Fred West whereas now he’d give a peak Captain Tom a run for his money.
  11. KDB looking a little jealous at not being invited in
  12. I note that she is also in the same line of business as you - coaching, training and communication - and seeing the name of the company that she set up I wondered whether you were business partners ? https://greenandginger.com
  13. Obviously done just before the CheshamandAmersham.gov poll Geoff Mind you Labour polling only 622 votes, even in a seat as Conservative as this was is worrying for Keir
  14. Excited at the prospect of this signing but then I was excited when we signed Mark de Vries !
  15. Ten year anniversary albums
  16. Would’ve been more classy not to have fractured his eye socket in the first place
  17. Don’t mind. Having seen us win the PL and now the FA Cup I can die happy
  18. He’s been bobbins
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