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  1. Ah i see, thanks. Zombie-apocalypse.com Thought so. Govt make outrageous statements via "leaks" so that the eventual restrictions wont seem too bad. As I've said before, the rumour in feb was for 250,000 deaths down graded to 100,000 in 1st wave. Now looking at less than 50,000. This isnt a rip roaring success by these clowns but it is better than the predictions. For the next 9-12 months there will be flareups and local lockdowns and testing like you wouldnt believe. The local restrictions will get better organised. Personally I've had a cotton bud up my nose 4 times so far (fifth on tuesday). It's a hobby I suppose.
  2. Where has this come from? Is there a source?
  3. Your season ticket already takes your relationship into account. have a look at your online account. I suspect that seats will be allocated taking into account family groups that dont need to socially distance, and so capacities could well be above the 30% talked about, but not by much. In simple terms to socially distance you'd need to leave a gap, so 1 seat in 3 would seem reasonable but a family group of say 4, all in the same household, wouldnt need 12 seats. They could probably be appropriately distanced with 8 seats. So I would expect that somewhere between 30% and 50% would be reasonable.
  4. This... If we'd qualified for CL we'd have been pot 4. The group from hell - Bayern, Barca and Ajax or some such. We'd have been lucky to finish 3rd and ended up in the europa league after xmas. You do know this is the uefa cup as was dont you?
  5. Sorry, that's total and utter nonsense. There isnt an "NHS database". Every Gp surgery has a system separate from all others. There is a single system for community hospitals in Leicestershire but UHL (LRI,GGH,LGH) doesnt have a single central patient record system. You couldn't do this in Leicester never mind the whole of the nhs.
  6. To paraphrase the old joke watching on ceefax as is better than stringer😁,
  7. You do have the internet though.
  8. They aren't "informed guesses" believe me. It's funny how similar they are to wage structure in popular football based console games.
  9. This always makes me smile. I know where these figures are from and I know who made them up! And I know how much "inside knowledge" he has.
  10. pleatout

    Corona Virus

    The worried well are all at home worrying about getting covid-19 from hospital. The nhs is working well below capacity at the moment. Maybe it'll change the way we use the nhs, I doubt it though.
  11. pleatout

    Corona Virus

    Just been to asda, all very civilised and socially distanced. Grandma. Mum and kid all wearing gloves. Mum scoffing a sausage roll. Just a couple of questions Do you have superpowers that mean that the virus's that you dont want on your hands are fine on a sausage roll you are about to eat? How hungry are you that you can't wait until you get home? Relax the lockdown and let cretins like this loose.
  12. pleatout

    Corona Virus

    Whoa, the peak we could have achieved with zero measures would have been quite spectacular. I'm aware of the details of a lot of NHS discussions locally, without the public co-operation that has happened over the last few weeks the numbers would have been on a different scale. The numbers have never been anywhere what was expected/feared. And believe me there was genuine fear and there still is.
  13. pleatout

    Corona Virus

    Except Alzheimers isnt contagious and doesnt have the ability to leap from 69,000 a year to 250,000 a year at the drop of a hat. Cant help feeling wave 2 here we come. Watching Japan closely now.
  14. Tooth paste/polish. The powder sort
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