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  1. Before 1937, that was when the D was added to the edge of the penalty area.
  2. Steady now. I know emotions are running high....
  3. If anyone has a couple of minutes to spare and could undertake a quick survey, a Uni student I know would be very grateful How has the COVID-19 pandemic shaped the way we interact with theatre? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd2vI-NW3N0DO1PjbXS97qTT31264rgP6BXN8U5Lh7fp63yrg/viewform
  4. Putting on my sweeping generalisation & xenophobic stereotyping hat. The screaming does seem to be an eastern european thing. The Leicester Sunday League had a team call Serbia that screamed and rolled about at every opportunity. All a bit daft on a sunday morning on vicky park.
  5. https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2021/02/21/what-will-the-path-out-of-the-pandemic-look-like-experts-say-covid-19-will-one-day-resemble-the-common-cold.html?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=SocialMedia&utm_campaign=National&utm_content=pathoutofpandemic&utm_source=twitter&source=torontostar&utm_medium=SocialMedia&utm_campaign=&utm_campaign_id=&utm_content=
  6. Just to add, the manufacturers over fill the vials. If the clinicians are good (and they are!) they can often get 6 full doses out of a 5 dose vial. These extra "free" doses cant be pre-booked because there is no certainty that they will be available. Given the shelf life of the pfizer vaccine, at the last "session" often the call will go out to NHS staff, care home staff and others that can come at very short notice - couple of hours. I've heard anecdotal reports of them "dragging folk in off the street", I'm not sure it's quite like that but I got mine by being in the right place at the
  7. And mine. Away at charlton, full members cup. Simon Morgan and his brothers lead the pleat out chants 😂 It was truly dreadful.
  8. Yep, spot on. My link was the first I found giving a figure for protection from one jab. But was to refute the statement from the preivious post that "there isnt much protection until the second jab".
  9. Or put it another way, there is a lot of protection after the 1st jab and before the second, hence the reason why the government has delayed the second Covid-19: Pfizer vaccine efficacy was 52% after first dose and 95% after second dose, paper shows https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4826#:~:text=The study%2C published in the,cases in the placebo group.
  10. I had a chat with the editor last night. He assures me he isnt on smack. On Ricardo - we all know he's outstanding either at fullback, wingback or winger. he can tackle and kick with both feet and is not shoddy in the air. Problem is if he scored highly on everything he becomes "better" than Messi. Luke Thomas according to his wiki page is 5'11" - although the editor is the same age as Luke and both grew up in Syston, they have never met so he cant personally say how tall he is. But then he hasn't met any other of the players afaik. Praet v Maddinson - actually the st
  11. Shall we all calm down and Google "heterologous prime-boost". It is a common thing going back decades. You get better protection by giving two jabs from different suppliers in some cases. The govt is going to trial this. I'm no fan of the way some of this has been handled but this ISNT a thing to get your knickers in a knot over. It is common practice except normally it isn't discussed on football forums 😄
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