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  1. Yep, spot on. My link was the first I found giving a figure for protection from one jab. But was to refute the statement from the preivious post that "there isnt much protection until the second jab".
  2. Or put it another way, there is a lot of protection after the 1st jab and before the second, hence the reason why the government has delayed the second Covid-19: Pfizer vaccine efficacy was 52% after first dose and 95% after second dose, paper shows https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4826#:~:text=The study%2C published in the,cases in the placebo group.
  3. I had a chat with the editor last night. He assures me he isnt on smack. On Ricardo - we all know he's outstanding either at fullback, wingback or winger. he can tackle and kick with both feet and is not shoddy in the air. Problem is if he scored highly on everything he becomes "better" than Messi. Luke Thomas according to his wiki page is 5'11" - although the editor is the same age as Luke and both grew up in Syston, they have never met so he cant personally say how tall he is. But then he hasn't met any other of the players afaik. Praet v Maddinson - actually the st
  4. Shall we all calm down and Google "heterologous prime-boost". It is a common thing going back decades. You get better protection by giving two jabs from different suppliers in some cases. The govt is going to trial this. I'm no fan of the way some of this has been handled but this ISNT a thing to get your knickers in a knot over. It is common practice except normally it isn't discussed on football forums 😄
  5. That doesnt help. It isnt a shortage of beds, it's a shortage of staff. If you moved all the non-covid patients out of hospitals you'd have hospitals with no staff. You cant conjure up nursing staff from nowhere. The original point was that army medics were "being trained up" for Nightingales. They would provide the bottom end care provided by health care assistants. They still need skilled and trained nurses. They tried looking at recently retired staff, it worked a bit, but ran out of non-covid wards for them to work on, putting nurses that are over 55 on covid wards wasnt the bright
  6. Problem is that "medics" - are not clinicians. There is a whole legal, litigation issue here. You get the clinical decision wrong and you could kill a perfectly healthy person. An army medic offering specialist battlefield 1st aid to someone that is already dying is very different. "Harming" a healthy human is manslaughter, "harming" someone that is bleeding to death is doing your best. That is why the plan for nightingales was for nhs staff to supervise armed forces "health care assistants". "The RCN supports HCAs to administer specific vaccines to adults and the
  7. They already are. The local vaccination centres have already been setup with the help of both RAF and Army.
  8. You cant train an ICU nurse is a week or two. Sorry, the nightingales were a bit of a publicity stunt.
  9. The problem is that there arent 1000's in the forces - full time. The last figures I could find are that there are approx 1500 nurses (the largest group). But most of these will already be busy. yes they can (and have) provide some support to the NHS but there arent massive numbers.
  10. I am still waiting for a list (ok, just one) of those looney eurocrat rules that will now be repealed, that farage etc have been banging on about for 30 odd years. Just one... Oh and on the Tampon Tax. This says more about our feckless and spineless politicians that it does about EU law. What would happen if a country refused to charge VAT on tampons? Would they be thrown out? I'm not sure if folk are aware but just over 50% of the population of EVERY EU member state are female!
  11. Hate to say this but I think this one predates the admiral one
  12. Much the same (12 miles), my advice is don't got for a mountain bike, unless your commute is over fields. most serious crash I've had was as a result of knobbly tyres on a wet road. I turned, bike didnt. if You are going for road tyres then stick with your hybrid, lighter and better all round imho. I Wouldn't go back.
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