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  1. That's what happens. The watch is stopped and started.If a substitution is going to take as long as a "normal" corner or throw-in the the ref wont stop it. Every game has added time, so clearly refs do make use of it.
  2. I'm not really sure how you think it works then. Refs use a stopwatch (well I did). You stop it when the time taken becomes "excessive". That's where the debate starts. We get this pundit "30 seconds for each substitution" nonsense. Some take 10 seconds, some take minutes.. Stop the watch and restart when play does. BUT it isnt basketball. The watch doesnt stop everytime the ball goes out.
  3. Yeah but he could cross a ball. And who can forget the winner v Swindon!
  4. Bypassed. See the comment from Bovril.
  5. Still makes me chuckle "GTF got stuck in the transfer window"
  6. We have in Okazaki, the next best thing. Emile also specialised in falling over for no reason.
  7. Yep Piper did say that. Immediately after they played the interview with Puel where he said that we couldnt compete financially with the top six sides and wolves and everton. We cant buy the finished article like they can but we can compete with them if we buy and develop young players. And to prove my point here is what the mercury reported... “The question is how can we perform at this club? Do we have the same possibilities and money as Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, or Everton, West Ham or Wolves? Do we have same possibilities? No,” said Puel. “How can we compete against these teams? We can’t buy the same players, experienced and consistent with a fantastic level. “We can perform if we can take some talented players, younger and develop them.
  8. My lad gets fed up with me. No idea why. Perhaps it's because I keep coming up with new and innovative ways to make him tell me which one is Shaqiri and then I say "she's let herself go". I'm funny's cousin, me.
  9. In an attempt to get the thread back to the banal and inane. From memory from WSC "The bloke behind me" Cardiff at home some years ago. 2 Coppers chatting as Cardiff warmed up. Plod 1 "Is that George Wood, you know, ex Arsenal in goal for Cardiff?" Plod 2 "No idea" Plod 1 " It is, I'm sure of it" Plod 2 "well why dont you ask someone with a programme" Plod 1 "Good idea", bellows "can someone tell me who the Cardiff keeper is, please" Bloke behind me " yes mate, he's the fat tw*t in the green shirt"
  10. I may have posted this before but it makes me smile, the finest put down line I've ever heard Bloke behind me, sitting with his mates (a few years ago, just after the KP opened) took umbridge at the ref He leapt to his feet flailing arms wildly "You are the biggest w****** ever to wear black" RANT RANT "You cheatin', f*****n' T***. " MORE AND MORE RANT "You dozy f***tard. " A full 3 minute no pause for breath tirade of abuse vented forth He sits down His mate "Said a spokesman"
  11. Jump Salami - every week. Ok he was rubbish but he wasnt helping. Are we including Radio lestoh? Piper - Inni Acho
  12. Sorry to go off topic and be massively pedantic but what does "one in the same" mean? I assume you mean "one AND the same"
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