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  1. I did an intensive course 30 years ago. It was supposed to be 2 drivers and one instructor, one hour driving one hour sitting in the back watching. There wasnt a second person so I did it on my own. 4 hours solid driving with a tea break in the middle. Did a week and passed on the friday. I'd recommend it. You dont spend the 1st 20 mins of each hour trying to remember what you did last time. If you are already "road savvy" (I'm a cyclist) it was quite straightforward. I knew more about the side roads off Winstanley Drive and Catherine Street than I ever wanted to.
  2. Kane will be picked even if he isnt fit. Think back, 2016. Drinkwater had the season of his life and a couple of decent performances for England. Wilshire was out for nearly all of the season with a broken leg. He played a grand total of 141 minutes in 3 games all season for Arsenal. Who went to the euros? The message was clear, a player with a broken leg from a big club will always get a game ahead of an in form player from a smaller club.
  3. I was told that this isnt going to happen because the PL dont want people live streaming and also the bookies dont want people beating their guys in the stand and betting on something that has already happened . Google court siding.
  4. Nah, top on boxing day. Big Nige gets a draw in his 1st game early doors saturday We beat Norwich and Man City. Go top on goal diff by beating scousers on Boxing Day. **Nurse, Nurse. He's out of bed again **
  5. Comment of the game for me was "He's bringing on Iheanacho, what's he gonna do?"
  6. Maldon & Tiptree Manager interviewed by Alex Scott. Sooner have seen Dion Dublin interview Wayne Brown, myself. I wonder if he would share with the nation who he intends to vote for.
  7. This is the issue I have with leavers. The '75 referendum DIDNT stop 40 years of Leave whingers banging on and on about leaving, eventually leading to Farage. That referendum wasnt accepted either by those that lost. Thatcher (despite supporting Remain) had a cabinet full of "eurosceptics". I'm still not clear what Leave means and for anyone that voted leave to try and tell me they knew what they wanted makes the argument weaker not stronger. 16.1 million voted for one thing - Remain there is only one sort of remain, what we've got. 17.4 million voted for no deal or Mays deal or Boris's deal or EEA/EFTA or closed borders or no immigration or something else (3 people I've asked that voted leave end immigration, dont want the euro and the "club" is dying, lets get out while we can). Then leavers whinge about voting again for what they actually want. Sorry, get your act together, decide what you want and if it will really make this country a better place then we'll all vote for it.
  8. I know 2 things about clocks and watches nowt and begger all but have a google of advance & retard and fast/slow. Isnt it adjustment? No idea if that helps
  9. Ok let's examine this one step at a time 70's wire broadband - nope. No broadband in the 70's Wireless is the way forward - nope. wireless has a place BUT has finite bandwidth. Technology keeps shoving more bandwidth through the same frequencies but it will NEVER get anywhere near the bandwidth down copper. Also copper will never get anywhere near the bandwidth available down fibree. big tech moving to other countries - nope. They want and need to sell into govt, councils, nhs. I work in the public sector, there is a massive fight going on between google and microsoft for the taxpayers pound. They aren't going to upsticks and move
  10. by that logic we would all still be using dial-up from freeserve. I deal with OpenReach daily. Arrogant beyond belief. Entitle monopoly that has realised that customers cant go elsewhere Get one of openreaches jobsworths (there are many, and they are all unionised dinosaurs) and you'll wait a lot longer than 6 months. It took me that long to get a phone line in a new build. No postcode no line. It's a new build there is no post code, I can give you the full address though. no postcode no line. this isnt a one off, it's everytime. They were installed when there was a worldwide shortage of copper in the 70's. BT was privatised in the 1980's and 30 odd years later they havent been replaced, thanks for making my point for me. By that logic selling them off made us all richer - nope, dont recall that happening How many privately owned legal monopolies exist in 1st world nations? what?
  11. find it hard to disagree. Im not a corbynite, not a labour party supporter but centre-left. I agree that the big tech comapnies wont roll over. I was speaking to someone in Google the other day. They want to sell all sorts of tech ChromeBooks, Alexa etc into the public sector. Thats where they see huge growth. I guess they have an incentive to pay up. This is the 1st half decent different, innovative policy any party has come up with. The criticisms seem to be unions, big companies wont pay their taxes and it will put put isps out of business. Sorry, i dont go with any of that. The productivity gains, green gains of faster links, less commuting, innovation etc make it worth a go for me combined with the lack of innovation and investment from BT for the last 30 years.
  12. Look at the way the cable companies (now mostly Virgin) have built their network. The private sector will cherry pick, and why wouldnt they? But to provide universal access needs government.
  13. Anyone remember the end of ISPs when FreeServe started? No neither do I. The end of Sky/BT/VM when FreeSat started. This isnt all things to all people but a base level of decent bandwidth
  14. Why would it unionise? You do know that OpenReach ALREADY provide connectivity to EVERY property in the country. Some use cable but EVERY property has OpenReach connectivity.
  15. The retail part of BT isnt bankrupt without OpenReach, it will have to compete (as it is supposed to do) with Sky and Virgin Media. BT have bought up most of the rest of the competiton. OpenReach will continue to provide wholesale links - it isnt just broadband that runs over their infrastructure. Why do you think you HAVE to have a phoneline and pay for phone services. There is NO technical reason, it's a massive money spinner for all broadband providers. Of course Virgin and TalkTalk (sorry BT) have value. They can always do what the private sector does best - better value, more features, faster speeds, better customer service etc. I love the way you prove my point and draw a parallel with Deutsche Telekom. OpenReach are an appalling company to deal with. I very much doubt you have ever had to deal with them, as a member of the public you cant, you aren't allowed to. If you work for a Telco you will know how bad they are. They are living in the 1970's. You get what you are given, when we say. Oh and if you try to complain, you cant. OfCom cant and your Telco cant. This country should have had a decent network years ago. Anyone running their broadband on aluminium cables? Installed during the copper shortages after the war. 21st century network my *rse.
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