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  1. Well into the 80's. The "N" word was a regular feature in pen 2/3 chants
  2. pleatout


    You clearly didnt watch during the Pleat decades. I know it was only years but it seemed like decades.
  3. Correct https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/for-the-public/Your-rights/Status-of-a-bet-as-a-contract.aspx
  4. pleatout


    I've managed that one a few times but i could do with oxygen at the top. It's a weird one, not the longest or the steepest, but a brute all the same. Greengate Lane, Birstall is another one that hurts!
  5. Rubbish today. Clearly he's moody. Big teams need to look elsewhere. Maybe we could take a dodgy punt on him.
  6. Sorry cant help, my 1st solicitor is currently a guest at one of Her Majesty's hotels.
  7. That's what happens. The watch is stopped and started.If a substitution is going to take as long as a "normal" corner or throw-in the the ref wont stop it. Every game has added time, so clearly refs do make use of it.
  8. I'm not really sure how you think it works then. Refs use a stopwatch (well I did). You stop it when the time taken becomes "excessive". That's where the debate starts. We get this pundit "30 seconds for each substitution" nonsense. Some take 10 seconds, some take minutes.. Stop the watch and restart when play does. BUT it isnt basketball. The watch doesnt stop everytime the ball goes out.
  9. Yeah but he could cross a ball. And who can forget the winner v Swindon!
  10. Bypassed. See the comment from Bovril.
  11. Still makes me chuckle "GTF got stuck in the transfer window"
  12. We have in Okazaki, the next best thing. Emile also specialised in falling over for no reason.
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