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  1. No it wasn’t where called Leicester not Man Utd.
  2. Watch Rodgers make himself look good in the post match interview, by telling everyone we controlled the game.
  3. Utter utter rubbish we haven’t got a clue how to press a game Rodgers as turned us into the a laughing stock. No running off the ball, no crosses. We just play around at the back.
  4. What a dick this guy is, I bet he almost cried when alone after the game, they get away with a lot more than others .
  5. We have about 15 top class players and with so many being injured or coming back from injury the back up players are just not good enough. We need to spend big and correct this issue.
  6. We gifted them all 3 goals, Thomas started the rot and when they got the pen we fell apart.
  7. Piss poor all round have gifted a poor team 3 goals and made them look good.
  8. Thomas is the problem dives in all the time lucky not to be off already, if he is not changed at half time we will be down to 10 men very soon.
  9. Gifted goals yet again we never fail to shoot ourselves in the foot.
  10. I fear last night’s selections and tactics will be repeated when we play Man Utd in the FA Cup. Rodgers idea of having 3 or 4 regular players on the bench and then bringing them on after 60mins when we are struggling or have gone behind doesn’t work in important games. I can hear some of you cry that players need to be rested, fine if that’s the case then why are they even on the bench, surely if they are that worn out they should not be in the squad. Loads of people also pointed out that we where to slow in getting forward, this can be seen in most of our games we play well for 15 to 20
  11. Another Rodgers brain fart over the selection of this team, he never fails we are always playing catch-up in games like this.
  12. No matter what team they play, when they are struggling they play for a penalty every time, nothing but a bunch of diving cheating scum bags.
  13. Klopp’s mind probably not on the game with the death of his mum this week
  14. Barnes plays to deep, he needs to play in line with there back line and we need to put balls over the top for him to run onto,
  15. Rodgers must see something in him that the rest of Leicestershire don’t.
  16. Another clean sheet, well played lads sweet revenge
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