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  1. Can’t wait for us to be back at Wembley for the Community Shield and get one over on Man City. Another day out.
  2. TUCHEL. Just watch his after match interview, not a word of congratulations, claiming they where better team all game and should have won, goal should not have stood as it was handball. Such a bad looser hope we do them again in the week. And Man City beat them in the final.
  3. To soft needs to throw some tea cups about in the half time team talk.
  4. FIFA, EUFA, FA, PL All fcuking talk no action, let’s take a few pounds off them and teach them a lesson. Have the balls and hit them by banning them form the competitions for the next 2 years. They must be pissing themselves with laughter
  5. Offered nothing worst player on the pitch.
  6. We turn up like Friday and Chelsea will rip us to shreds.
  7. If we fail to make the top 4 it won’t be because of our last 3 games it will be because of the points we gave away earlier in the season. However Friday night was the straw that broke our backs. Where has my team gone that use to attack with speed down the flanks and put balls in to the area. I find this style of playing out from the back so boring, most teams have worked us out, yet we don’t seem to be able to break them down. The back line be it 3 or 4 hold the ball far to long playing me to you and you to me, and by the time they reach halfway we have to beat a whole team. Ru
  8. So glad I saved my money after tonight.
  9. Same old problem to slow to get the ball forward, no crossing into the box until the last 10 min of the game.
  10. Wanted him gone at start of season, but now eating humble pie, the lad is saving our season. Never judge a book by its cover. Over flowing with confidence
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