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  1. It is what it is, some weeks it will benefit you other weeks it won’t. But agree it’s still down to human error,I see it one way you see it another.
  2. 2 games in and already some dim wits on here want mass changes .
  3. Can we have some one who can cross the f—-ing ball instead of playing about in the corner.
  4. Sutton seems to have a hate campaign of his own going on against Rodgers not a good word about him. Has Rodgers f——-d him over in the past.
  5. OGS mopping out the toilets at the King Power after being sacked by Man Utd.
  6. . Not another 400 pages on Maguire, And how we are sorry to see him go, he’s gone let’s all move on. Onwards and upwards
  7. Man U pull out of Paulo Dhbala deal because of size of wage demands, NO Fcuking money left. Perhaps we could lend them a few mil and they can pay it back with interest.
  8. Yer they say that contracts are made to be broken, but £80 to £85 mil a 5 year deal with the option of an extra year and £200.000 a week and they say that we haven’t had there pants down. The Glazers must be thinking to themselves we need to get rid of this t—t Woodward.
  9. One of the best young players we have at the club, far better than Grey gets stuck in fearless in his tackles. Reminds me a lot of the one and only Muzzy Issit.
  10. A 5 year contract really !!!!!! At the age of 31 they will still want to sell him for more than they paid. I can see him being gone long before he turns 31 once OGS gets sacked.
  11. Money, Money, Money free packet of Walkers and a bottle beer for the rest of the season.
  12. We have 5 or 6 goal scores that will be busting a gut to turn him inside out.
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