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  1. And the so called big clubs, call us a little club. Well I am glad that I support this little club.
  2. So according to Leicestershire Live after Grealish had his smash Man Utd No1 target is now Maddison again. When I was at school I got detention in English Lessons if I wrote shit like there sports reporters do.
  3. Been reported that Man Utd pay £8000 per goal and £9000 per win to Ighalo on top of his £180,000 a week wages. Football and the world have gone fcuking mad.
  4. Like I have already said. Free pin badge and a cup of tea.
  5. Free pin badge and cup of tea at the next home game.
  6. So many medical experts on here 🚑😷😷😷
  7. Here we go again usual fox’s talk panic, no ones teased positive its only mild symptoms and have not met the full criteria so could be a flu after last game.
  8. Last night was more like it, cold and wet but boy did I enjoy it. Got the formation and players spot on for this game. i don’t think that one player had a bad game, Kasper had a sound game in goal as did Evans and Soyuncu, Ndidi back to his best, but the outstanding moments of this game was the overlapping of Pereira and Albrighton on the right and Justin and Barnes on the left, for me this is what has been lacking recently. l could go on and praise every player and perhaps I should, but overall a really top class performance from everyone, now let’s carry it forward until the end of the season.
  9. Rodgers played him out of sympathy because it’s his old club, hopefully he can go back to them .
  10. For a guy that’s not played for most of the season Albrighton played quite well the other two where shite.
  11. And this ref is supposed to be the No1 ref in England what a fooking joke
  12. Making the same mistakes over and over each week, agree get rid take the 60 mil if we can get it.
  13. Agree with you 110% a waste of money.
  14. Can’t understand why he picks an attacking and pressing team like he did against Man City in which we where unlucky to loose to then revert back to the same shite that he’s been fielding for the last half a dozen games. Do we give him the Tinker Man Tag🏷
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