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  1. Your having laugh, what’s with the leg flick, needs to sort himself out or fcuk off to Chelsea.
  2. Reported by the SUN get over it, what the fcuk its got to do with anyone what he dose in is own time. Even Southgate said as much. It’s almost as if some players can’t step out of the front door of the house without someone digging up shit about them. Hope he won more than England did.
  3. Did nothing but grab hold of attackers all night, lucky not to have pens given against him. At fault for the second goal, him and Pickford having ago at each other after the goal. And Kane gets yet another pen, it seems to be the only way he can score for club and country.
  4. VAR was introduced to make the game fair for all, but all it’s done is protect refs from all the backlash for shit decisions, how many refs do you see going to the touch line screen to view a replay, how many times have the VAR panel over ruled the refs decision. VAR panels are as bad as the ref, the whole system needs a review and officials need to be held to account for shit decisions that are costing teams points and clubs money.
  5. Agree 100% shit ref.
  6. Missed the Man U and Spurs games due to being in New York, while I was out and about I visited the Legends Sports Bar on 33rd street which for those who don’t know is almost next to the Empire State Building. This place is worth a visit if your ever in New York and by the looks of if it other Leicester City fans have already made it through the door.
  7. I remember not so long ago the spuds fans having ago at Vardy for the amount of goals he scored from pens, it seems of late that it’s the only way Kane can get on the score sheet. I would also like to know what’s keeping him at Spurs !!!!!!!!!! Been there all these years and won fcuk all.
  8. Can remember years ago in the kop at Filbert Street we use to sing each players name as they came onto the pitch before the start of the game with each player applauding us back.
  9. Agree with everything said about Gray, not good enough he needs to move on. But having said that Chilwell also needs a kick up the backside, to many backward and sideways balls not enough attacking runs down the wing and takes an age to take a throw in. Makes me wonder if it’s something that Southgate as brought into his game.
  10. Southgate said in his statement that Maddison as all the skills, but he and his staff need to work out where best to us him. What a load of crap, would you pick a player if you have not worked out where to play him.
  11. Who are they trying to fool, two of there so called top players suddenly withdrawn from international duty because of injuries, and now saying they could be fit to play against us, even playing through the pain of the injury. What a load of crap, any one can see that it’s been done to save them from injury in the international games. Are they desperate for a win or what.
  12. I just want to see a win for us in witch our forward line runs there back line ragged, and one guy in particular gets turned inside out.
  13. Who gives a💩 I love this seasons kits and that’s all that counts.
  14. Bruce going over the top about Hamza, yes it was a solid tackle but with no intent to hurt the guy. He did not go over the top as Bruce said he got the ball Ritchie ran on for a good 10 yards then fell and rolled over at least two times. Was he stretched off ! No he walked. Bruce poor looser, will be out of a job by the end of the season.
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