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  1. No reason not to play a full strength team now where in to the knockout stages
  2. Slowly getting back to his best, grate work for second goal.
  3. Always gives 100% never pulls out of a tackle.
  4. Still needs to sort some of his long ball kicking out
  5. Did not play that well first half ,but well taken goal which without we would have lost the game.
  6. Needs to better his team selections which at times have been shit.
  7. Should have played the second half team from the start.
  8. Dose Rodgers pick the team out of a hat, why are we always chasing the game, why do we never put out a team that gets the lead then change players later in the game. Prat,Thomas, Under having a bad game. Evens slowing the game again no over the top balls to run on to. Always playing in front of them instead of getting behind them
  9. We only have ourselves to blame, if the dumb shits in this city who don’t give a fcuk stopped gathering in groups and partying and stuck to the rules then we would not be in the mess we are presently in.
  10. Don’t get your hopes up to much, with the amount of idiots in this city that are choosing to do there own thing and ignore the government guide lines, we will be in tier 3 for sure, which means we have little hope of being allowed to watch games.
  11. Barnes yet again blasting the ball wide when it should have been in the back of the net, needs to steady himself in front of goal and pick his spot, waisting to many chances.
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