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  1. Why do we have pitch side monitors, because I have only ever seen one ref use it. The game as we know it is slowly going down the pan.
  2. Ever since Maguire went to Man U he as been getting away with all sorts of things. Just watch how many times he has his arms around a player when a free kick or corner is taken. And the holding onto players arms when they beat him for pace. Never got away with it at Leicester so why are refs turning a blind eye now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Stop crying Wolves offside is offside would you be complaining about AVR had it been the other way round. Don’t think so. We have had it go against us, some you win some you loose and VAR got it right again and life goes on.
  4. Perez needs to be dropped, offered nothing in this game not good enough for this league, and Rodgers needs to change this tip-tap style of play and start to attack teams with fast flowing football like we did at the start of the season.
  5. Somebody slap Chilwell, Perez and Tielemans get Iheanacho on .
  6. Get Perez off he’s done fcuk all, the whole team need to wake the fcuk up.
  7. No pace when on the ball, Chilwell shite , Perez gone missing again.
  8. Alli posted a joke on his snap chat site about coronavirus and appeared to mock an Asian man, he as since took the post down. Will the FA fine him as they did Choudhury
  9. Grealish falls over more times than a baby learning to walk, cheating bastard.
  10. Like I said some time ago we need a song or chant for him, he and the other officials where a disgrace they got it wrong and they know they did.
  11. We need a song for Lee Mason who was the VAR Ref at Villa and as been given the match v Chelsea.
  12. Yes we need to let him know how we feel about his shit VAR ruling over the pen.
  13. Maddison and now Rodgers have both made it public that they can’t see how the handball was missed by the Ref and VAR and would like an explanation. You can bet your bottom dollar that the FA will come up with some cock and bull excuse and then slap a fine on them both for speaking out about the incident .
  14. That’s why it’s called a Forum, every one can voice how they feel, what gives you the right to censor what people think, if you can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen as they say.
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