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  1. Ended well. Dont know why we couldn't have played like that sooner. But atleast we showed some desire to get back into it and didn't just accept the loss. Keleci is the man. He's ready to fill vardys shoes.
  2. Just think their heads will go and we're actually starting to try now. But we need a second basically now.
  3. 5 minutes to score another. If we get on in the next 5 I think we'll score a third.
  4. Keleci. Get a hat trick please. Can sort out everything else after. Just drag us back level
  5. I love keleci so much. He's ready to take over. I think the time for him to take over is here.
  6. Rogers gives off the vibe that he's the kind of manager that gets you ready to be taken up to that level but no quite over that line. He just sets it up nicely for the next bloke.
  7. Unfortunately prospective signings don't care if you've waited 39 years or not. They care about the champions league.
  8. To not even be able to get themselves up for a game of this magnitude is unbelievable.
  9. Then it would suggest they aren't better as we're 3rd at the same time
  10. We dont look bothered. Don't look like we even want it. Disgraceful.
  11. We're abysmal. Just chuck one of the kids on. Atleast they'll probably show desire. Don't just ****ing leave it.
  12. They haven't been good though thats the annoying thing. We've been unbelievably shit.
  13. Useless. Absolutley useless. What the **** are they doing.
  14. They'd have still more than likely scored anyway but kasper charging to the corner of the 18 yard line just ensured he had no chance. Stupid.
  15. Nothing is going to change at half time. Rogers won't change anything. We'll go out and be exactly the same.
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