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  1. Amazing by poirer. After he realised he could take mcgregors shots at this weight he was so much looser. He slipped about 5 punches in a row before he started bombing mcgregor. Great fight.
  2. The ref was hesitant to jump in a little bit but thats because hooker started scrambling for a leg at one point. Looked like he'd just about survived and was moving before just curling up. There were a couple of moments where he started defending as the ref was about to jump in but he just kept getting tagged.
  3. Holy shit. 2 crazy endings. Did not see that.
  4. I think they would be silly to get rid of him. They must have bought him in with the idea that he was new to management and is going to get better. If they bought him in to be anything but a long term project then they are a big silly goose.
  5. Credit to David Moyes. Loads of their fans moaning how they'll have 0 points in November and theyre certain for relegation and he has them 2 points off 4th.
  6. Hopefully its a run of games that does him good. Starting with 3 vs Everton.
  7. From that list: Son is a winger really. Adams is not very good and less popular amongst saints fans than iheanacho is with ours Joelinton has scored about 4 goals total Benteke hasn't scored over 3 goals for about 4 years and Zaha is a winger. Only DCL plays upfront from the Everton list aswell. A secondary striker isn't going to get 20 goals a season because they dont play regularly. I said it in another thread but we're gonna have a large portion of our fanbase mystified that Iheanacho scores 20 goals a season to who
  8. No doubt their slump will end the game before we play them and they'll be back to their absolute best.
  9. I had a look on their forums a couple of months ago and they really don't rate him at all. I thought he'd be popular and dropping him controversial but it seemed most if not all wanted him gone a while ago.
  10. I know dortmund fans did. Everyone supported dortmund. I was in gutersloh, sort of a town in the county distance from the city 20 min drive or so I think? You'd have the odd Munich/shalke fan but generally they were all dortmund. I just found klopp unbearable whilst I lived there. I do find him highly arrogant and he puts on an extremely thin facade (imo). He also falls into the 'play the way that let's us beat you or its not football' category. I just don't like how the man carries himself. You get a good shot at the real klopp when things aren't going perfect. For what its wort
  11. Anyone with any predictions for what is a (slightly) underwhelming mcgregor card?
  12. He's always been the same. Couldn't stand him when I lived by dortmund and still can't stand him now. When he came over he was just the new media loved manager and unfortunately everyone took the bait.
  13. Whilst arsenals recent transfer record is absolutley shocking. Wasnt sanchez in a swap deal and not free?
  14. Having spent considerable time in Newcastle and then with their fans I've got to say it's not all ots cracked up to be. I know some that are super passionate but no more than any other club really. Most are casual but theres also a large portion that routinely told me they don't care why they're shit basically.
  15. I think the thing with man utd is they still seem close to disaster. I feel like I'm waiting for the first thing to go wrong and they'll spiral.
  16. To be fair to Ashley Barnes (and j hate Ashley Barnes) it's the keepers fault. Makes more contact than when their little finger makes contact with the side of the strikers boot and they usually go down and it's called stonewall. But I do think if he isnt given the penalty for the foul by Allison the blatant pull back by fabinho is enough.
  17. People moaning about the penalty. If it isn't for the keeper getting him which he did, fabinho pulls him back anyway. I also don't think anyone would have been moaning if it was say, fulham and not barnes at burnley.
  18. You can see why burnley have only scored 9 goals.
  19. I can't wait to read your answer to both questions.
  20. Dyche sorts them out in round one with a swift headbutt followed by a swig of his carling.
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