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  1. Good win, up to second! We went abit OTT defensive towards the end and game them the freedom to come at us which made it a nervous end to the game for me. Don't think we needed to drop that deep. We were relentless for 20 minutes in the first half though. Barnes class. Tielemans as always class. Super important win though. Over to arsenal and Newcastle. Come on, do football a favour.
  2. Looked like big dan in the background getting ready then.
  3. Hopefully wakes us back up that yippee or whatever it is chant is ****ing woeful. Why would you play it on the recording.
  4. He's since said he thought one of the Birmingham players had lost their head so went down, the punch didn't really connect and if he knew it was a fan he'd have moved away rather than go to the floor. Scored the winner in that game aswell didn't he? Must have been super satisfying. Can only imagine the level of trolling vardy would dish out in the same scenario.
  5. I dont think Everton is much to worry about. I Think they'll be below all of Chelsea West ham and Liverpool come the end so if we end up below them we've really ballsed up somewhere.
  6. Draw would be great but whoever loses this will probably go into full meltdown so that will be funny.
  7. Yea, they should have took bayerns money and ran.
  8. What happened to Hudson-Odoi? Injury or just played badly?
  9. Crap game, not helped by a crap ref and alot of blatant diving all over the place. Nobody was injured so thats a win. Just got to put our foot down in the return fixture now. Go out and show them we're better instead of just expecting it to happen.
  10. You know after this rant they lost right?
  11. Crap game. Crap ref and awful blatant dives all over the park. Just all round terrible. But atleast we didn't get anyone injured
  12. We could play this game until next week and not score. Aint happening im afraid. Just got to keep them quiet at our place. (Which we can) but they'll be defending alot deeper.
  13. Most blatant foul of the game on under and nothing
  14. Been really poor today. Hopefully its our really poor performance out the way for a while.
  15. That was awful from the prague player jesus. Lads just go down and hold your faces.
  16. Would have vardy abit longer but faiths in Iheanacho. (Don't get sent off fella lol)
  17. Changes please. Need someone to come grab the game and take it to em.
  18. So far this season Southampton west ham and Everton all have better first 11's so shows what an amazing job rogers is doing.
  19. We get credit for the way we play and operate to be fair. Obviously we get over looked in the "Man city move 8 points clear of Liverpool" when they're moving say 2 clear of ourselves. But I'm ok with that. I like the idea of being the establishments unwanted problem. Its fun. Seeing comments like from the spurs fans outraged at the thought of us daring to muck up the narrative they themselves worked hard to be part of. The more people we wind up by being the 'and leicester' at the end of the big 6 the better.
  20. Because, in all honesty, some of it is quite funny. Much like its funny to watch the arsenal meltdowns at any moment they aren't demolishing teams.
  21. Yea their team went into meltdown after the west brom draw but in fairness to their fan base they didn't go this nuclear from what I remeber? They're accusing us of mocking their managers mothers death because he appears for half a second in a video we score in. They've said there is a global conspiracy against them. They should remove themselves from the league immediately and push the start of the European super league, they've never had a VAR decision go their way ( ) its been unbelievable.
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