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  1. Probably the angle but the bottom one looks closer to the toe, so as he hits it and the top one closer to the heel so just after?
  2. He was watching it on the screen in the dugout
  3. Yea, I agree. The praet injury made our midfield options alot less... thrilling. Despite the faults some like to find in him. He's a good player and would have helped out immensely right now. I don't suppose he's due back any time soon either?
  4. Fair enough. Was just in a response to a post about my post. My bad.
  5. No lack of empathy at all, if you go back to the original quote and see the whole paragraph I acknowledge they're tired that wasn't the point of the post mate.
  6. I know they're tired, my only point was it's not like we're playing fringe players. I dont think you could begin to contest that, as a squad we're threadbare. Hopefully we can safely navigate ourselves through the next two games and start to take advantage of actually having a week's break between games.
  7. He's overall been sensational since he came here. Don't think that can be denied. Trust him to keep us steady and take us to European fixtures on Tuesdays and Wednesday.
  8. It's a really long post so if I forget to reply to a point I'm really sorry and feel free to call me out on it after. Today we started with players that most would have said was our strongest 11 even after the season had started. Except for Thomas, who I think people would have placed one of albrighton/perez in instead of and pushed Ricardo back of course. It wasn't a really weak side. Tired? Yea more than likely, but that's why you can't have us just sit on our 18 yard line chasing shadows, it's a game plan we've seen deployed a few times to alot of success this season but we wer
  9. Is it not because greenwood uses his arm to push CHO towards the ball? (Not sure if it was that or if he was intending to control it himself tbf)
  10. Wait was it checked for CHO handball? Because yea it was deffo greenwood. Came in during the check
  11. I hope man utd vs Chelsea is a really crap 0-0
  12. There was a point at I think 1-1 where we played it around the midfield and the back line a fair bit, might have been before iheacho went for the 30 yarder. As soon as they had the goal kick we jist went straight back onto the 18 yard line. They pressed us high around our own penalty area but we allowed them to be that high with aimless hoofs back to them
  13. Thats also a good point I just wish as arsenal started to really go at us we'd taken the sting out of the game abit. I just can't work out what the idea was today thats all. As a side we must be one of the shortest?
  14. Yea. Its moronic to discuss the tactics of a football game on a football forum how silly of me. You can talk about injuries and tiredness all you like it still doesn't change the fact the approach to the game was terrible and that there were better ways to go about it. Everyone was saying the same mid week. I guess they were morons too... until rogers come out and admitted he got it wrong though yea?
  15. But allowing them to have all the ball doesn't help the tiredness? We should have got one the ball and played a really slow game. That way we can dictate the pace of the game without allowing them to just throw wave after wave of attack. Plus their defence is so leaky chances would have come.
  16. Yes. Dont sit so deep. Control the ball. We could have played a super slow tempo, wouldn't have even minded. Their defence is so shakey chances would come. But we just let them do whatever they wanted.
  17. Absolutely diabolical gameplan from Rogers. Hideous football. They're so shakey off the ball we had to take control of the game and get on the front foot. Hope the injuries aren't too serious. Barnes doesn't look good. Awful day really. Because arsenal are terrible.
  18. Rolled over for a really bad team. So frustrating.
  19. I'd give anything to have us leave atleast one player up.
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