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  1. Great finish by Barnes. He doesn't score that a year ago.
  2. That was an unbelievable save. Makes up for the howler definitely.
  3. Spent the game expectant, annoyed and now nervous. What a save Allison
  5. Its like we've never played football before some of these misplaced passes. Always 2 yards behind or 2 yards ahead
  6. So poor. Shit the bed against these all the time for no reason.
  7. I dont think that thoughts restricted to this season only.
  8. I know he blew for half time, but it was after the foul. Why wasn't Wijnaldum booked there for taking barnes out to stop the attack?
  9. Vardy has to do better with the 2 chances hes had but atleast we've created some.
  10. Be interested to see how we set up for this. I hope we don't go toe to toe but if we're going to sit deep like we usually do against these we have to actually break forward. At Anfield we looked petrified to leave our half. They'll no doubt suddenly find the form of their lives again.
  11. Not really. I'd remember. I dont care if someone random bloke from London does or not. They won't remeber who won the final let alone who played who. But I will. Its not for them. Portsmouth beat Man utd as you said. So that proves my point. You have to beat these teams to win it? Not sure what your point is? Now off you pop back to moan about mebdy.
  12. Yea sometimes teams get an easy run. You still end up playing more than one top team. (Apart from man city 2 years ago ) Last year Arsenal had to beat Man City and Chelsea. Chelsea themselves had to play us and Man utd to get there. 17/18 Chelsea route to the final Chelsea had to beat us away and Man utd 16/17 Arsenal had to beat man city and Chelsea. Chelsea themselves having to beat Man City and Spurs to get there. At this stage you generally have to play these games.
  13. I get what you're saying but at this point it isn't unlucky to get one of Man city/utd, Chelsea Everton or Southampton. The 'easier' ties of Bournemouth and Sheffield United aren't exactly bankers either with our record against Bournemouth at their place since we got promoted and Sheffield Uniteds unfortunate upturn in form. They never stopped fighting either. I'd rather win it knocking out man utd, then Chelsea then doing man city in the final anyway. Makes it sweeter than beating Morecombe, Luton and Barnsley
  14. You have to beat these teams to win it anyway I genuinely don't see why we cant win this? We have just as good a chance as they do. We're just as good as they are.
  15. Easily winnable. We're knocking them out. Just who we get in the semi's now.
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