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  1. Has there ever been a fan base take a loss to us this badly?
  2. I'd be unbelievably disappointed should we finish below them from here. They're not awful, but man for man we're better all over the park in my opinion.
  3. Love that Everton fans still beleive they're better than us.
  4. Hope a for a draw or have man city batter Everton?
  5. They probably should have pinched but fair play west brom. Need to work that hard in every game though.
  6. Maguire think just falling over at every opportunity is gonna save him or something?
  7. @The Bear yea just watched Dendonkers back and i think you were abit lucky bit of weird one that could easily go either way. Probably gets given more often than not
  8. Honestly don't think either should have been given. Both players arms go out as the turn their body and the header one is a gray area but he hasn't done anything to handball it bar miss a header. I'd need to watch it back because I wasn't paying attention at the time and only caught the end of a replay, but did it definitely not hit dendonkers sleeve? Obviously I'm not gonna say much on it until I see it again.
  9. I actually think they've done a much better job of not giving them this year. Can't think of too many. Obviously the one we had against you springs to mind but both are ridiculously harsh imo.
  10. That handball call was ridiculously harsh imo.
  11. But maybe it was a tactical masterclass? Its about the third game this season we've sat extremely deep putting almost nothing together until later in the half when the oppositions pushed really high. We did the same to man city and arsenal. Sat really deep and created late chances in the half when they pushed stupidly high and we could play in behind. It's no coincidence that we created chances late in both halfs yesterday. Getting 1-1 just before half time at man city was amazing because they came out all guns blazing leaving acres for us from the off. A
  12. As much as some hated him and as much as some like to make excuses, it really shows how genius Sir Alex Ferguson was. Reinventing and reinvigorated Man Utd over and over again.
  13. I dont think he'd walk mid-season. Like at dortmund I think no matter what, he'd stay until the seasons over.
  14. https://twitter.com/News_LFC_1892/status/1360687231678222340?s=20
  15. From the looks of it the rumours come from a random fans WhatsApp messages.
  16. The cycle has gone very similar to when he was Dortmund. He stayed though and saw the season out and got the send off he deserved really. I'm not his biggest fan but he deserves his last game to be infront of them.
  17. That double handball penalty game really boiled my piss was a great comeback but my god that should have been 2-0. Awful awful officiating from pawson that day.
  18. Fair point Cant rep anymore so had to quote.
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