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  1. Me too. Just trying to keep the positivity in check
  2. He's an odd bloke really. I tend to find its better to pay him no attention no matter who, or what, he's on about
  3. Just top 4 would be fantastic. Anything else is just a bonus.
  4. His foot isn't side on, his toes are under the green.
  5. The thing is. Owen has praised Kane for doing the same thing on multiple occasions and pointing to that being a reason that Kane IS a natural finisher.
  6. A classic jose shithouse display nicking it at the death would be magical.
  7. Same tactics we employed vs man city. Sat in, soaked the pressure as they tire in the half and come higher and higher up the pitch we capitalise on the space they leave in behind. Its no coincidence we had a few great chances on the break at the end of the first then again at the end of the second.
  8. "15 v 11 again. What's even the point. I'd love it if Klopp just said it like it was and pulled them team off, said "**** your league" and then instigated going to a European Super-League. I was always against it, but it's clear Liverpool have to leave the Premier League."
  9. Did he? If there was even contact its like the slightest brushing of a toe with a toe. Needs booking for that.
  10. Apparently late to the party...
  11. Exactly. If thats a stonewall penalty then the games gone non contact and we should of had 45.
  12. The excuses and victim mentality coming out of Liverpool right now is Glorius. Salah should of had a 'stonewall' penalty first half. The ref cheated giving Barnes the foul. VAR cheated for giving the goal. There is a global conspiracy by fifa and the referees to rob Liverpool of glory.
  13. Seen some outrage that salah wasn't given a penalty in the first half. Should count himself lucky he wasn't booked.
  14. Thats sad, obviously. But I'm not sure what that has to do with commenting on a VAR call?
  15. Hahaha VAR wrong for the first time in a Liverpool game is it kloppy
  16. Absolutely brilliant turn around. Their goal seemed to spark some belief in us. Kasper made a save if the season candidate but credit to Alisson his save against vardy probably is save of the season. Wilf was an absolute monster. He's the best player in his position in world football for me and has been for a while. I wouldn't swap him for anyone. Motm for me. Soyuncu a close second. Colossal. A year ago barnes doesn't put that a way he drags it wide but beautiful little finish. Vardy doing what Vardy does and I think big Dans stole it from maddison so we'll see who e
  17. Wilf probably MOTM for me. But what a last 15 by them all.
  18. Great finish by Barnes. He doesn't score that a year ago.
  19. That was an unbelievable save. Makes up for the howler definitely.
  20. Spent the game expectant, annoyed and now nervous. What a save Allison
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