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  1. The new Flight Simulator will be released on 18th August!
  2. But it did completely change our style of play from the start of the second half to the point we soiled ourselves.
  3. We had the game won, 1-0 up? Could probably have stomached the Nacho change 2 up, but to think the games won 1-0 up would be suicide.
  4. Bringing Praet on absolutely changed the game. They weren’t exactly coming back into it but we looked sloppy. What the **** did he say at half time?
  5. Can we possibly finish 9th? I’d prefer that right now.
  6. My taste and smell disappeared for at least 3 weeks and even when it did come back, it didn’t seem as good as before. I caught it from Cheltenham after spending weeks of being extra careful (I usually wash my hands loads anyway). Even at Cheltenham I didn’t handle cash, tried to stay away from people and again kept up the hand washing. Crazy how easy it is to catch it.
  7. Alan Smith: “I make it 2 minutes added on”
  8. Hahaha Alan Smith really did sound like he was crying then when saying “a bit like Aubameyang’s” 😂
  9. Jesus Christ. Theyve just used camera angles I’ve never seen used before to try and make it offside. Alan Smith sounds absolutely gutted.
  10. Martin Tyler: “he’s just come on, his timings not set” **** off. Inch to the right and Justin’s legs in half.
  11. It does highlight just how much of a weasel Stringer is though, which is good enough for me. Clearly knows f**k all about his mate Tom. He knew just as much on what had gone off as I did, in fact probably less
  12. Who’d have thought back in March that a thread on Chippies would one day be out pacing the coronavirus thread. If the reduction in daily cases wasn’t enough, this clearly shows the progress we’ve made.
  13. Wet Trump


    Superb, I’ll give it a go in the next week or so. Used to go to Hi Tide Fish Bar in Narborough when I lived in Leicester, never had a problem with them and they used to have Absolute Radio on n all.
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