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  1. Unfortunately not ha ha. Great night for you
  2. Yeah I had the same. £170 within 25 minutes.
  3. The middle picture looks like @The Doctor
  4. About every 4 weeks I’ll have a clean wet shave, in between that though I’ll use a Phillips electric shaver. Quite lazy when it comes to shaving and my mrs always moans about the mess I leave in the sink. The longer I leave it I start getting ingrowing hairs which are painful.
  5. Didn’t he say in one of the interviews that there were chants calling him a black b***ard as he was getting ready to take the penalty?
  6. Not my kind of food but John’s House in Mountsorrel is supposed to be really good.
  7. We’ve just got used to it to be honest. There’s a group of 6 of us and we try and meet up at least once a month, that’s to either have a night out, go for a curry or just watch the scores come in down the pub on a Saturday afternoon. We are more shocked nowadays if he turns up than if he lets us down. He’s one of them who if you arrange something will be really up for it then when it comes to handing the money over he’ll make an excuse. And then when you don’t ask him one time he will get the hump that he hasn’t been invited.
  8. Don’t bother with restaurants if you want a nice curry try pubs that do food. Clowes Arms Paddys Marten Inn Himalya The Broadway Humberstone Pub The Woolpack Railway Working men’s club (old rifle butts chefs)
  9. Yeah it’s hard work, though over the years we’ve just got used to it. We are going West Ham on Saturday it had been arranged for weeks he’d agreed to come. When I confirmed train and ticket prices with everyone he backed out making excuses.
  10. A mate of mine is the tightest person I know. One night it was just me and him on a night out and we’d been drinking pints for most of the night. We got into Terrace and it was his round I’d had enough of Lager by now so I asked for an Amaretto & Diet Coke. He said that was dearer than the last round that I had bought and he made me pay the difference from a pint to an amaretto.
  11. If you have got Sky BBC One hd is channel 115
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