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  1. Steve_Walsh5

    Questions Thread

    That’s good to here. I also received an E-Mail two days ago with a bit of good news. I am due a £528.29 refund for my tv licence all I have to do is give my debit card details and they will refund me.
  2. Steve_Walsh5

    Non League Football 2018 - 19

    Barwell have signed Sylvan Ebanks-Blake Should be a good signing at that level considering he’s only 32.
  3. Steve_Walsh5

    Mobile Phone Thread

    If you haven’t done it already you could download the Three app onto your daughters phone. From there you can check minutes, text and data allowance usage.
  4. Took Aubemyang out for Kane this week
  5. Good well worked goal.
  6. Steve_Walsh5

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Neymar with an inch perfect free kick for his hat-trick.
  7. Steve_Walsh5

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Good finish from Silva.
  8. Steve_Walsh5

    Balls. A quiz about them

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 102 seconds  
  9. Steve_Walsh5

    Let's have a films thread.

    Hold the dark... 1/10 Absolute rubbish do not waste any time watching it.
  10. Steve_Walsh5

    Championship 2018-2019

    What a goal by Reach.
  11. Steve_Walsh5

    Current LCFC Players Quiz - Part 2

    I answered Gainsborough and it came up as Chesterfield being the correct answer.
  12. Steve_Walsh5

    What grinds my gears...

    Tourist Tax. I’ve not been to Majorca since May 2015 when did they bring in this extra money maker on the island? “Welcome to the hotel, here’s your room key and oh you owe us £60 please how would you like to pay it”?
  13. Steve_Walsh5

    Current LCFC Players Quiz - Part 2

    Laurence Maguire plays for Chesterfield not Joe. Joe Maguire plays for Gainsborough Trinity.
  14. Steve_Walsh5

    Current LCFC Players Quiz - Part 2

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 161 seconds