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  1. Did he actually do a lot wrong? Imagine Vardy playing in the SPL he would be getting booked every week for his celebrations.
  2. My decision making has been poor this season. I took Van Dijk a couple of weeks ago when they played Brighton at home.
  3. I transferred De Bruyne out this weekend for Pulisic
  4. Arsenal really shouldn’t try and play out from the back.
  5. Tbf you do always seem to be having a dig at The Bear pretty much every time he posts on here. Maybe best you put him on ignore if he bothers you that much.
  6. Rashford is so greedy it’s unreal. He had a chance to play simple ball to Shaw who was free and instead decides to shoot from about 25 yards out.
  7. I’m not surprised this moron hasn’t been on the site since 8th March. Bloody clueless.
  8. Got him likes & retweet’s on his twitter didn’t it.
  9. AJ looks so much better now he’s came in lighter. Looks quicker on his feet.
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