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  1. Steve_Walsh5

    V9 Academy

    Local lad Ben Stephens signed for Macclesfield today. Had a great season last year at Stratford Town.
  2. Steve_Walsh5

    George Hirst

    Anyone questions it throw a hissy fit and say that you “won’t bother next time”
  3. Steve_Walsh5

    Marvin Plattenhardt

    Tweet from Fuchs suggests he could be leaving.
  4. West Ham will be sniffing around as well I imagine.
  5. Can players cancel their contracts at anytime if they don’t get a move they want? If so why didn’t Riyad do that in January to get his move to Man City.
  6. Steve_Walsh5

    Tunisia vs England - Monday 18th June 19:00

    Look at all the optimism and belief in here Can’t wait for YB29 to smash Kane and Khazri to bag the winner in injury time.
  7. Steve_Walsh5

    Premier League Years

    I remember them getting corner after corner for what felt like an age. At the final whistle I think that’s when fans really started to believe it would happen hence the spontaneous singing. What an atmosphere that was as well for half an hour after the game.
  8. Steve_Walsh5

    Premier League Years

    I didn’t enjoy any games from Arsenal away onwards apart from the Swansea home game & the games after we had won the league. Them 4 games where we won 1-0 in a row the last 10 minutes off them games was horrible & not enjoyable at all for me until the final whistle had been blew.
  9. Steve_Walsh5

    The Car thread

    Stick it on Gumtree.
  10. Steve_Walsh5

    The Car thread

    Probably best with a bank loan as the APR can be considerably less.
  11. Steve_Walsh5

    How Was Your Day?

    I’m not sure where you live Una but if he is quite local I’m sure there won’t be many Maserati’s driving around the area.
  12. Steve_Walsh5

    How Was Your Day?

    Tincy being Tincy. Obviously didn’t get enough attention about making up that his grandad died & his boss turning up at his house.
  13. Steve_Walsh5

    The Car thread

    Yeah HP you’ll make your monthly payments then at the end of the term you will own the vehicle outright. Pcp you make monthly payments then at the end you make a final one off balloon payment and own the car or you give it them back or start a new one. Pch personal contract hire, you have a brand new car and your monthly payments are determined on how long you have the agreement over and your set mileage. The lower mileage you set the cheaper the payments are but then you are restricted to how many miles you do without exceeding it and incurring charges. You will never own or have the option of buying the car though. All depends on what you want really. They all have their pros & cons. I know pcp & pch you have to give the car back in the condition that you got it and you do have to maintain servicing with genuine parts which can be quite costly seen. Personally I prefer HP as at the end of the term you own the vehicle and you aren’t restricted to having to have any work done at a main dealer.
  14. Steve_Walsh5

    The Car thread

    Depends on what you are going to go for. HP, PCP, PCH?
  15. Steve_Walsh5

    How Was Your Day?

    Geoff is like a bald Wayne Lineker living it up in Ibiza during the summer.