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  1. Maguire’s brother acting like a cvnt on twitter has riled a fair few of our fans.
  2. Tom Cleverley came on for his debut in this game didn’t he? Always thought he was a decent player for us and was disappointed we didn’t get him on loan the following season.
  3. Have you looked at the Glenfield area, few houses reasonably priced round there nice village and good schools.
  4. Go get him. Vardy was horrible tonight.
  5. Imagine losing Sheffield United, WBA and Fulham as your away days and getting them replaced with Norwich, Swansea & Reading. If that happens hopefully we are still in lockdown.
  6. How far was the walk Col? Hopefully it wasn’t any longer than 5 miles.
  7. I hate how the government have turned this pandemic into blaming the public and getting people to turn on each other. They have totally diverted all attention away from how badly they have handled the whole thing.
  8. Are we in lockdown until mid February or end of March?
  9. Yesterday’s pre match build up to our game was ridiculous. Program started on sky at 13.30 the first mention of Newcastle & Leicester was around 14.00, they then must have had at least 2 ad breaks before our game kicked off.
  10. My sister lives in Dubai and when they had their lockdown they were only permitted one designated person to go out and do their shop. It was really strict and anyone caught with out a permit was fined or prosecuted.
  11. Tbf once the title was confirmed he played the final 2 games as Huth was suspended. Hopefully he would have been given a medal even if it wasn’t an official one.
  12. They are locked down but they can still work. Just like people in factories did, just like supermarket workers did, just like people who work in petrol stations did.
  13. Why would anyone want football to be stopped? It’s the only thing currently to look forward to come the weekend. A bit of normality, something else to talk about instead of hearing about fvcking covid every hour of the day. @Harrydc I’m sure if football stopped again for 4 weeks you’d then start moaning about how footballers don’t have to play matches but supermarket staff still have to go into work.
  14. The only way you might get these footballers from breaking the rules are if the clubs they play for receive point deductions. Hitting players with a weeks fine and making them apologise isn’t much of a deterrent to them. If it impacted the club directly they might make sure their players are following the rules strictly. Manchester City should not be allowed to postpone another game this season.
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