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  1. Even that, though, is unlikely to be sufficient to appease critics of the biggest clubs, who have long-sought to find ways of preventing 'smaller' sides breaking their stranglehold on the domestic leagues - as Leicester City, did, for example, in 2016, when it won the Premier League.
  2. BLM protests, Liverpool fans celebrating winning the league, Leeds fans celebrating promotion, VE Day parties, Bournemouth beach gatherings. Incidentally did we see a sudden surge in cases from all of the above like we were told would happen?
  3. I swapped Son for Fernandes and Mitrovic for Martial
  4. 81% for a 6s is very good. Have a look if there is a software update available maybe. I know apple were found guilty a couple of years ago of slowing down older phones they then offered free battery replacements to customers. Maybe you have been unfortunate and got one that hasn’t had the battery replaced. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/circuitbreaker/2017/12/27/16822736/apple-battery-slowdown-iphone-6-6s-se-lawsuit
  5. Have you had a look at what your battery health is? Also it could be a glitch from an IOS update it’s had.
  6. The manager should be pulling the dad aside and having a word that he doesn’t want him to be getting involved in giving out instructions. Encourage the players by all means but under no circumstances get involved with instructions & tactics. I used to tell parents it’s more of a hindrance to the players especially in younger age groups.
  7. Insurance shouldn’t be a problem, I’m 32 so not exactly young
  8. I wouldn’t not have a manual if I lived the car. It’s just that I’ve had an auto for a few years and got use to being lazy.
  9. Hopefully booking an appointment to go up there on Wednesday.
  10. It’s a 2017, 420d. It’s a manual which is a shame as I want an auto ideally.
  11. Is there anything to specifically look out for that are common problems ? The last BMW I had was a 3 series with the N42 engine and it ended up needing a new engine at 38,000 miles. It turned out it was a common problem with many BMW’s with that engine.
  12. Gran Coupe. Ideally I would have a 2dr but not very practical with 2 young children.
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