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  1. Assistant manager to Mark Hughes throughout the majority of his career.
  2. They could have told Todd to lose a bit of weight before filming.
  3. And about 15 other Tottenham players apparently.
  4. Be careful what we wish for when wanting the previous manager out we were told.
  5. Changing of the captaincy armband is a bit strange. Henderson went off gave it to VVD, Milner comes on in the 87th minute and VVD goes over and gives him the armband. For a few minutes left you’d think they would leave it as it was.
  6. What an away end that was when Kingy put us ahead in the tie.
  7. All 3 series are Netflix. The first 2 series are now called Top Boy summerhouse you will want to watch them before the latest one. The original series there is only 4 episodes on each so it won’t take to long to get through them.
  8. The Irish bird in it is stunning.
  9. Steve_Walsh5


    Oooh interesting, who was it?
  10. Your’s isn’t a Scirocco R is it?
  11. Sounds dodgy that does. Wasn’t Junior Lewis married to Peter Taylor’s daughter?
  12. The standard of the football is awful. These would both struggle in the championship, it used to be worth watching just to see the tackles flying in but they don’t even do that anymore.
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