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  1. That place used to do incredible food. Unfortunately it has been knocked down and turned into flats.
  2. The only game on sky main event and it’s a boring 0-0
  3. Hopefully there won’t be any lasting damage to the young lad. I’ve known someone to die a few days later after having a blow to the head and it wasn’t even as forceful as the one in the video. SYP have always been cvnts this will be just brushed under the carpet and forgotten about. Thugs in uniform, don’t have any respect for police officers and never will.
  4. 4 weeks after the Euros finish. Surely the Premier league could start 1 or 2 weeks later into August.
  5. Yeah Premier manager 98 was the best game I ever had when I was a kid. I spent hours & hours on that game. I remember getting the one the following year and it wasn’t as good. I think you could manage an Italian in that one.
  6. Someone on the Blue moon forum made a good point in saying they are up against Liverpool & Man United who have had 40+ years of success so have built up worldwide fan bases. Whereas Man City have only had a real sustained period of success in the last 10 years. Pep pretty much goes full tilt in every competition he enters, not everybody can afford to go to every match. They have got Real Madrid away in a couple of weeks people would have prioritised that over forking out for a Fa Cup ticket.
  7. I can’t blame fans for not turning up. It’s easier for a multi millionaire to stand there and say it wasn’t full. But people haven’t got bottomless pits of money to go and watch their team every game. I think 39,000 fans for a 4th round fa cup game live on the BBC is quite a good attendance.
  8. How fvcking miserable is Klopp “I’m playing the kids and I won’t even be there myself” if he was so bothered about not wanting a replay why not start a few more regulars get a few goals then take them off.
  9. Hamza Choudhry isn’t very good and people only like him because he runs around a lot flying into tackles.
  10. I took out Dele Alli for Martial today. I have persisted with Daniel James for too long also. So he should start picking up plenty of points once I transfer him out.
  11. Book your test for a early morning or for the afternoon preferably during the school. You will end up spending half the test time stuck in traffic.
  12. I doubt he is bothered to be honest, especially with his wife having another baby recently also. He knows he’ll always be behind Kane regardless of whether Kane is in bad form or not. Southgate favours the big club players so he’d also be behind Rashford & Abraham.
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