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  1. Oooooohhh American friends
  2. According to talksport including his bonuses & wages he's on £175,000.
  3. See this is what worries about sending my lad school. He's not even 1 yet but I think about what it will be like to be sending him to school. I myself never had any problems at school, I could look after myself, captain of the school football team at both schools I went to & generally had a lot of mates. I've told my girlfriend when he's old enough I would like to take him boxing and see if he enjoys it. I'm not condoning violence & ideally I would not like him to ever use it but I would hate for him to be worried and scared everyday about going to school.
  4. sounds like something him or Jellyfish would do. I remember Jellyfish on the karaoke singing Two Little Boys by Rolf Harris naked in the Old Inn on Christmas Eve whilst Lomas danced around.
  5. John Lomas?
  6. Ruined it.
  7. You said you last came 10 years ago when we were bottom of the league under Sousa. Sousa was here in 2010, 7 years ago.
  8. Message me closer to the time and I'll sort you out tickets for Southampton & possibly Liverpool.
  9. Bloody ridiculous pricing for a pre season friendly.
  10. Expect Slimani to be here for the foreseeable future then.
  11. He's got a strange fighting style he seems to throw his jab from the outside. Eddie would have been disappointed with that performance last night.
  12. Portohampton Wanderers as @The Bear wants them to be called from now on.
  13. "One of the Nigerian mob"
  14. Would have been cheaper to get Nigel Pearson.