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  1. Steve_Walsh5

    The Last Thing You Bought Today

    Fuel. £68 to fill up.
  2. Steve_Walsh5

    What grinds my gears...

    No anything we’ve tried to change regarding sick just gets rejected by the union. We tried enforcing it but were threatened with strike action. The annoying thing is it encourages people to take longer off than necessary. Why have a Monday off if hungover when you can have the week off and it will still be treated the same.
  3. Steve_Walsh5

    What grinds my gears...

    Every company is different but at my place it’s 3 occasions. 1 day off is the same as having 1 month off as it goes on occasions. I had 2 days off last December when I got that Norovirus. There’s a bloke who I work with who today started his 11th week on the sick. Me having 2 days will still be treated the same as him having 11 weeks.
  4. Steve_Walsh5

    What grinds my gears...

    Shag her though wouldn’t you.
  5. Steve_Walsh5

    What grinds my gears...

    People who expect free stuff because they have few thousand followers on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook. My girlfriend makes and sells cakes as a little hobby. She doesn’t advertise it’s all purely through recommendations and her Instagram page when she uploads pictures. A few times now people have asked for discount and they will tag her in on their page so there followers see it. Then yesterday she had some blogger message her asking for a cake and cupcakes for free and she’d upload it on her blog. Is this the norm nowadays? Is this how social media works, people with a few thousand followers think they can ask people/ businesses for free products.
  6. Steve_Walsh5

    Strange neutral venues

    Wasn’t the super cup always just played in Monaco? It’s only the past few years they’ve been moving it around I think.
  7. Why would they want a refund? Surely they want to watch their team wherever they are playing. This will be their home for the next 100 years waiting a few more games surely wouldn’t hurt.
  8. Steve_Walsh5

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    It’s been brilliant hasn’t it.
  9. Steve_Walsh5

    Musa Departs - Confirmed

    Good goal that is.
  10. Steve_Walsh5

    Leo Says Farewell

  11. Has Benjamin Mendy ever been any good?
  12. Steve_Walsh5

    BT Sport or Sky Sports (live football etc)?

    Probably Eleven sports.
  13. Steve_Walsh5

    Championship 2018-2019

    “In the 73rd minute the audience erupted into the catchphrase To Me To You”
  14. That neutral “away” end at Fulham can get in the bin.
  15. Cheers for that.