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  1. Poll - Stadium expansion after 3 seasons in top flight

    Most of our home games have made general sale. I know Spurs have also. The problem is it will be the odd single seat scattered all over the stadium.
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Gary Lineker is a cvnt. Leicester legend or not he is a total bell end.
  3. League 1 & League 2 thread 2017/2018

    I think he was banned permantley after trying to take the piss out of Rincewind. I’m sure @Webbo said he tried to get back on again but they decided on a permanent ban.
  4. Championship 2017/18

    Birmingham, West Brom and Forest, all have cracking away ends. Very good awayday also. Villa & wolves crap away ends, Derby just the same as our lego stadium with black seats.
  5. Questions Thread

    A ghost.
  6. Man city ticket available

    And this.
  7. Indoor 5 a side venues?

    Brockington College.
  8. What grinds my gears...

    Parents who let their children scan and pack items of their shopping thinking it’s a game. I’ve got 20 minutes left of my lunch break and I’m wasting 10 minutes of it stood in a fvcking queue waiting for little Jonny to scan some fvcking washing tablets.
  9. Newcastle away - Sat 9 December 5.30pm

    Good luck to everyone having to climb them stairs after being on the lash 5/6 hours prior to kick off.
  10. Boxing

    Looks like Fury is going back after David Price again
  11. Boxing

    I must have read it wrong. I read it as Fury saying he would bet anyone £5000 that Parker will knock AJ out. Parker 8/1 to beat AJ.
  12. Boxing

    You would get better odds at a bookies.
  13. King Power To Unite Fans Of Leicester City & OH Leuven

    Did any of you get to meet Sir Nige?
  14. Kasper Schmeichel

    Yes. ROI need 3 goals without reply to go through.