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  1. Leicester, the first city in the UK to be put in local lockdown, will not get extra financial support from the government.
  2. Always get this on the A46. Takes them ages to pass because they are both going at the same speed. All for the sake of getting 1 ahead.
  3. Hermes. Ordered something from Asos yesterday got an E-Mail from Hermes today saying it’s been delivered and signed for. My girlfriend never signed for it, asked the neighbours if they had took delivery of which they hadn’t. Went back on the E-mail to check and further down it says they aren’t collecting signatures?!? Asos normally use DPD for premier delivery which is great as they give you time frames, and actually knock and wait for you to answer the door.
  4. Memphis Depay, being linked with Arsenal for £20 million we should be all over that.
  5. Holiday abroad this year was cancelled, so last month we booked a week in a house in Morfa Nefyn. The in-laws are now looking at coming with us and the prices have almost trebled.
  6. Why would anyone want anything other than a Aston Villa win.
  7. Have you got the MySky app. That will give you a breakdown of everything you are being charged for and future bills.
  8. Did you buy the car outright or was it a lease or PCP?
  9. I got rid of Facebook around 6 years ago. I didn’t use it that much but got fed up of people tagging, sharing and liking absolute drivel. Also now whenever people say “have you seen so & so on Facebook” when you tell them you haven’t got it it just kills the conversation dead which is good.
  10. You have been watching CGB then I take it. He comes across as a right pleb doesn’t he. Joe Swash just as bad as well, though I don’t actually thinks he likes his partner that much.
  11. Sol Campbell is weirdo, you ever heard the way he speaks. The bloke is a fruit loop.
  12. Chernobyl was a good watch.
  13. Just had a look at this. 30gb a month, unlimited texts & calls for a tenner a month on smarty mobile. Is there a catch to this or some small print which says you get a price increase. The offer just seems a bit to good to be true.
  14. Managed to watch 1 episode of it then deleted the whole thing from my sky planner. Didn't find one single bit of it funny.
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