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  1. The way the commentators spuffed over him in the 09/10 season when he played against us you'd think he was the next Messi.
  2. At least he is willing to go down to the lower leagues and learn his trade. He's also been coaching Watfords under 18's apparently. Better than the likes of Dwight Yorke who just expects to walk into a Premiership job because they played most of their career in the top flight.
  3. Get him in ASAP.
  4. Poor from Shakespeare not bringing on Wasyl. The bloke deserved a good send off.
  5. Didn't Benitez get rid of him to try and get Gareth Barry in
  6. Was that Riaz Khan doing the security walking out with Walsh?
  7. Dubois wins by KO within 40 seconds of the first round.
  8. We'll see. Watford ain't got a Vardy, Mahrez, Kante, Schmeichel.
  9. If he's given the whole season there then that's 1 less relegation spot to be worried about.
  10. Why wasn't Jordan Rhodes stepping up and taking a penalty?
  11. I'm awful myself but I've got a whole house that needs renovating. So I'm trying to do as much as I can to get it ready so the professionals can come in and just get started. Definitely an age thing, as my dad & father in-law are really good at DIY and can do most things.
  12. Cheers I'll try that. I've only got one room the downstairs toilet that has been decorated in woodchip previously so luckily not the biggest of rooms. Soneone mentioned that steamers can sometimes pull the plaster away.
  13. @Webbo Do you reccomend wallpaper steamers to remove wallpaper or just good old fashioned hard graft & a scraper?