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  1. Stephen Dawson was on Talksport earlier arguing with his chairman about unpaid wages.
  2. Jon Moss is the VAR official for our game on Sunday.
  3. I would love to see clips of Schlupp’s funniest moments. I have at least 3 that I remember clearly. 1. Running the ball out of play at Stoke away for a goal kick. 2. Playing West Ham at home the subs board with number 15 goes up and Schlupp starts walking off he gets to the centre circle and one of our players has to tell him it’s a West Ham sub. 3. West Brom away in the great escape he’s got the ball with acres of space in front of him and he just stands still not knowing what to do. The whole way end starts gesturing waving their arms shouting at him to run down the wing.
  4. How much of your salary do you donate to people every month?
  5. No blame whatsoever with King. He won’t have any respect for Puel so won’t hold any punches when speaking about him. @MarriedaLeicesterGirl said that he doesn’t say much about Ranieri sacking. I think that’s because of the respect for him that he won’t say a bad word.
  6. He won’t have any respect for Puel, he’ll respect Claudio for what he did here so won’t say a bad word about him even though it was obvious he was taking us down.
  7. I watched the one last night, I am Kirsty. Very difficult to watch knowing that what it must be like for single parents living on the breadline.
  8. 1. Thailand 2. South Africa/ Cape Town 3. Singapore 4. Cyprus 5. USA/ Utah
  9. My girlfriend gave birth today to our second child at 06.30 this morning. A beautiful baby girl, incidentally it was also my girlfriends 30th birthday today.
  10. A few Man United twitter news accounts saying that they will be offering cash + Phil Jones.
  11. Linked up well, Perez played in Vardy who was just offside.
  12. Leshabela looking promising, Caglar looks comfortable on the ball.
  13. You won’t be listening to my suggestions again.
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