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  1. Hotel Mumbai, a very harrowing film knowing it was a true story. I didn't know anything about it as I can’t remember it happening in 2008. Awful that the attack lasted as long as it did.
  2. I don’t think they did. After Man United offered cash & Phil Jones for Diop, West Ham counter offered wanting £60 million & Martial.
  3. A46 is full of cvntish lorry drivers who try and overtake fellow lorries whilst both going at the same speed.
  4. Woodstock being outclassed here.
  5. Fosse Park car park. Whoever came up with that design needs sacking. There’s more no entry signs in that car park than there is spaces.
  6. Robert Huth. We would have gone down in 2014/15 without him.
  7. Schmeichel Simpson Huth Morgan Fuchs Mahrez Drinkwater Kante Albrighton Okazaki Vardy
  8. He was a solid defender for us, think he rattled the crossbar with a free kick also in his short time down here. I remember MON wanted to sign him when he was at Wimbledon.
  9. 21/23 had about 4 minutes left trying to get the Tranmere & WBA players. Wouldn't have got either of them though tbh.
  10. EFL has made it a policy football league clubs must interview at least one black, Asian and minority candidate. Utterly ridiculous, imagine being the black man only being interviewed because he has to be. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/48555148
  11. Is your daughter Vicky Pollard?
  12. There’s a video circulating of AJ’s dad having a go at Eddie Hearn in the ring afterwards and AJ can be heard saying “dad it’s on me, it’s on me”
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