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  1. Why’s he so angry in this interview.
  2. Out of the four probably Soyuncu. He’s the one I think we could replace the most as we have a decent track record of signing defenders.
  3. You can always tell by the reaction of the defenders if they think it’s offside. Not at any stage did Fulham players protest or put their arms up for the offside.
  4. Yeah I was trying to work out what it was offside for.
  5. Ben Thatcher was a good signing that season. I vaguely remember him thundering a free kick against the crossbar one game. We were entertaining to watch that season as we couldn’t defend but we could score goals.
  6. 1. Bert 2. TiffToff88 3. EastAnglianFox 4. goose2010 5. AKCJ 6. Thefox81 7. Mike Oxlong 8. Izzy 9. purpleronnie 10. Nalis 11. goody2028 12. EastAglianFox 13. HEGGSY 14. Matt 15. Steve_Walsh5
  7. Didn’t he sign a new contract with us in the summer of 2016?
  8. For anyone who has got amazon prime have a look on there for ‘QPR the four year plan’ it’s only 90 minutes long but it’s very good. It’s worth watching just to see how much Flavio Briatore gets wound up.
  9. I understand they have to follow government guidelines and they can’t have saunas & steam rooms open. But it’s a shame they haven’t offered to knock 25% off to reflect the lack of facilities that can be used.
  10. It’s the Livingwell gym at the Hilton Hotel. That’s fair enough if they want to limit each session but to still charge the full £50 a month for 50 minute sessions, no pool, no sauna, no steam room doesn’t seem right to me.
  11. The gym I use still only allowing 50 minute gym sessions. Strange as I know other gyms in the area aren’t putting time limits on people. Time to look for a new gym I think.
  12. What the fvck is going on with this referee.
  13. Did that yellow card get overturned or what?
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