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  1. Southampton looked good TBF. Definitely justified our league place tonight
  2. Watford love a counter goal against us. At least it wasn't that scamp deeeeeennnneeeeeyyyyyyyyy.
  3. I'd buy that man a beer. He can get them in after that.
  4. Damn, I've been out-wooshed
  5. Please don't despair. The post was in reply to a good point about the risks of death due to driving. Feel free to find it and try to understand the context. The post was about 'risk management' and how I think that people make lifestyle choices knowing the risk of death involved. Whilst getting Covid19 is not a lifestyle choice there will be actions that people in future will be taking that will increase their chance of contracting the virus. Society will not let that risk get in their way of going to a concert or festival and enjoying themselves.
  6. Same here, dry cough & headache for over 2 weeks end of Jan into first two weeks of Feb. Every evening and night coughing to no avail, living on 2 hrs sleep max for that time. Went out for a meal on my birthday early Feb & I remember not enjoying it because I couldn't taste it. I put the tiredness down to lack of sleep. I'm sure there's millions of people who can say the same. I think I'm looking forward to knowing if I have had it or not.
  7. It was a while ago so I may need correcting but, I read the darker the skin, the more sunlight is needed to keep vitamin d levels stable. Mid century immigration showed a lot of symptoms of schizophrenia in patients originally from the Caribbean. This was claimed to be due to vitamin d deficiency due to the obvious change in climate and sunlight exposure. If this is true it would also stand correct that immune systems could also be comprised due to lack of sunlight required to keep the vitamin d levels up.
  8. And sexist and ageist. It really is a bad'un
  9. It's a similar situation with the risks associated with smoking , alcohol and obesity. The global death rate from smoking this year so far is 1.8m The global death rate from alcohol this year so far is 870k Obesity is a tricky one to put down as a cause as it covers so many other illnesses. These numbers won't stop people drinking 10 pints, chuffing 10 fags and tucking into a kebab any time soon.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52543692 Nice to see a refreshing and balanced view.
  11. Ok, no death, but still a positive case. Surely not just the only case in France at that time.
  12. I think it's fair to suggest all 3 million weren't tested for covid19. Really makes me wonder how long this virus has been with us. The French are saying it caused a death in December there, push that back two weeks to infection. It's very conceivable that was picked up early December. How many deaths due to covid19 prior to the 'first Chinese case' is really a concern that should be looked at. The amount of deaths that could have been put down to seasonal influenza or just pneumonia before anyone was looking for a new virus could be huge.
  13. Would be good for their economy, having 400+ minted premier League players milling around on non match days. Also revenue for the hotels etc.
  14. I'd rather they all had a MASS debate.
  15. Yes, I agree. I do think this new coronavirus is already mutating into an amount of new strains as per the difference in reactions to the hosts. I feel antibody testing will give us a true reflection of how contagious this is compared to fatality rates. Whether it's a case of finding if there's a more fatal strain or whether some people are more vulnerable than others I'm not sure, only time will tell. Maybe viral loading is the key to severity of symptoms ? A lot of questions will be answered in the months ahead. I do hope we do find a vaccine of some sort, however if
  16. My understanding of this coronavirus is this. My authority on this subject is web based research and two biochemical doctors in the family who have been happy to correct me. We as humans have over evolution encountered 3 or 4 different events of coronavirus. The amount of events is open to debate. Through evolution we have eventually developed in our genetics the antibodies to fight off the virus known as the common cold. That is essentially what a coronavirus is. No one really knows when these events happened, all we know is we have the antibodies in our DNA fo
  17. As a child I was told it was Ingoldsmells.
  18. Very fair comparisons. Whilst avoiding the lockdown debate. Cultural differences certainly a major player, Seoul is in my opinion a cleaner city than London, but that's just my view of one day in the city. I'm guessing South Korea didn't have thousands of returning skiers coming back from Italy during February either.
  19. It was the bit where you got Great Britain and the United Kingdom mixed up that confused me. Apologies.
  20. I think there are a lot of different factors that have had a bearing on the spread in this country and population density is certainly one. Also I think how well our transport system is connected has also been a major factor.
  21. That's because it was counting and comparing countries. Not island nations.
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