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  1. LibertyFox

    Bournemouth Post Match 0-0

    Only caught the last 10 mins, from the sounds of it I was lucky. A lot of emotion on here tonight. The narrow defeats to Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool means Shakey deserves a decent run of games following a difficult set of early fixtures. Keep the faith.
  2. LibertyFox

    Stoke (H) Pre Match Thread

    Nice little write up on the influence of Ndidi in our recent revival from the Guardian newspaper here. Spot on. 8) Ndidi crucial to Leicester revival Craig Shakespeare has taken much of the credit for Leicester’s revival, Jamie Vardy and Kasper Schmeichel likewise, and rightly so; they are its principal architects. Shakespeare restored confidence by keeping things simple, Vardy rediscovered the rabidity which so discomfits defenders, and Schmeichel simply continued being brilliant. But another player who has been hugely influential – and to whom Stoke must pay close attention on Saturday – is Wilfred Ndidi, whose power, technique and intelligence has given the team midfield stability. And Ndidi has also been a key cog in Leicester’s improved attacking, his positive passing providing Vardy and Riyad Mahrez with the service that has been denied them for the majority of this season. At 20 years old, Ndidi is already a good player; if he continues improving, he might just become a special player. DH
  3. LibertyFox

    Champions League tifos - Union FS

    Great work from Union FS again, amazing stuff. Here's a video I took from under the tifo and as it dropped to reveal the stadium.
  4. LibertyFox

    Shakespeare offered managers job

    I've just bought a new jacket on the back of my 18/1 bet on Shakey day after Ranieri left.... Announcement please!😂
  5. With you all the way until you said bring back Pearson. Not for me, he burned his bridges well and truly with the owners with his clownish touchline, media and 'family loyalty' antics. Great manager but a very flawed character.
  6. LibertyFox

    Sevilla 2-1 Leicester Post Match

    Great last third of the game - hope that really raises the players now for the remainder of the season
  7. LibertyFox

    Sevilla (A) Match Thread

    Well after the first half, that feels like a victory!
  8. LibertyFox

    Sevilla (A) Match Thread

    Wow that goal has lifted the players so so much
  9. LibertyFox

    Sevilla (A) Match Thread

    Was NOT expecting that!
  10. LibertyFox

    Sevilla (A) Match Thread

    Remove the - and you're bang on.
  11. LibertyFox

    Sevilla (A) Match Thread

    "Against Liverpool I want to see my players fight..."
  12. LibertyFox

    Sevilla (A) Match Thread

    Quality defensive throw back to the keeper from Fuchs there
  13. LibertyFox

    Sevilla (A) Match Thread

    A shot on target!
  14. LibertyFox

    Sevilla (A) Match Thread

    Not a single shot on target first half and only one shot of any description from Fuchs. At leadt we've remained consistent going forward...