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  1. If the Mendy exit rumours have any weight then I would expect that once we start the season this kid'll probably take up a role similar to Hamza when he first came back from Burton, regularly bench appearances, league cup games, the odd sub appearance, training with the first team, mostly playing with the U23 for fitness. Hamza then steps up to play Mendy's role, regularly substitute, first choice to come on and replace one of Tielemans or Ndidi depending how a game is going.
  2. Leicester City (@LCFC) Tweeted: The second half of #ScuLei is underway with the Foxes making a total of 9️⃣ changes ? Watch live for free ?
  3. ****ing hell Jeff you record that on a Speak & Spell?
  4. If we finished 20 points higher last season we'd have finished 3rd / 4th depending on goal difference. That's with Chelsea having Eden Hazard.
  5. Like I said, I expect us to compete in a league of essentially six (seven if West ham can actually sort their shit out) teams for 4th, 5th and 6th definitely. Look, we need to learn to break teams down that are stubbornly parking the bus, we need to start getting goals from the flanks, we need to cut out the idle mistakes at the back. We're far from the finished product and we could well finish 8th or 9th again. But I think we've got a better set of weapons currently than the rest of that chasing pack, I'd say only ourselves and Wolves currently actually are starting to play like more than the sum of our parts and I definitely think that this season represents the best opportunity the Prem has had since 15/16 to see an outsider qualify for the CL.
  6. I'm genuinely at a loss to understand how people can actually watch football and not appreciate the value of a players mental strength. Drinkwater, Simpson, Fuchs and Okazaki are Premier League winners and Milner, Wijnaldum and Henderson are Champions League winners for the same reason. It's not about fairytale a and flukes or magic, it's just that there's more to football than technical ability. Klopp and Guardiola wouldn't touch Pogba with a barge pole regardless of how good he's capable of being on the odd special occasion he steps up. United are rotten to the core because they've had a policy of signing people like Pogba, Sanchez and Martial entirely on technical ability with zero consideration for how their personalities fit in to the equation. It's why they're languishing way off the Premier League pace.
  7. As stated above, we were managed by Puel for most of last year and only got Tielemans up and running for a few months. Rodgers, Tielemans and to a lesser extent Barnes and Perez make us a significantly different team to the one that finished last year not to mention Ricardo, Chilwell, Evans and Maddison are now all settled in to the side. Meanwhile every one of those three clubs have gone backwards.
  8. We were managed by Claude Puel for most of the year and signed our best midfielder on loan in January. Meanwhile Chelsea have lost Hazard, none of them have signed anyone significant and look at our form vs theirs post Brendan.
  9. Regardless of whether or not Pogba is better individually than Tielemans (I'm actually not entirely convinced he is as a play making number 8 ) - our team would be collectively worse with Pogba instead of YT. You cannot, cannot, cannot under estimate the impact of having the right personalities in your team. Look at the amount of quality at PSG and how absolutely ****ing terrible they were in Europe this year. There is far more to a footballer than their technical ability.
  10. I'd start Barnes over Martial but Rashford over Perez, personally. Attitude and application is everything, I don't understand why this still escapes people. There's a reason we're Champions of England more recently than Manchester United, its because they've absolutely forgotten that. Fergie would never have had a team that half arsed week in week out. There's a reason he got Pogba the **** out of the club. I wouldn't select him over Tielemans in a month of Sundays. I don't care how many fifa skill moves a player can do or if he can smash it top bins from eighty yards once every six months. What good is Pogba being able to absolutely DOMINATE a game of football (which he no doubt can) if he only does it once every ten games?
  11. I'll bet you a £20 donation to Foxestalk that our three score more combined than their three this year. It won't even be close tbqh. Calling Vardy a "bit better" than Haller is frankly hilarious.
  12. @MattP @henrik_62 Strength in depth is nice but it's not really worth a lot to have a bench stronger than ours if your starting eleven is pump. I wrote a pretty massive post about those three clubs the other day and I can't be arsed repeating all from scratch but the general jist was: Chelsea - solid defence, best defensive mid in the world, zero creativity, zero goal threat. Willian, Pedro and Giroud aren't getting anyone in to the Champions League and they can't buy new. Arsenal - two superb strikers. A mid table midfield (being generous) and a relegation fodder back four. Honestly the worst defence in the top half, there hasn't been an Arsenal defence that bad in my lifetime. They have no money. Man Utd - a flat track bully striker that's hugely over weight and looks like he's leaving, a lazy prima Donna midfielder who probably also leaves. DDG and Rashford the only two that get in our starting lineup. They need considerable rebuild at full back, centre back, centre mid, on the wing and up front. They have the worst record of spending in the top half.
  13. Under normal circumstances I'd agree but for me, a big part of thinking we'll be pushing for 4th to 7th isn't purely based on our own strength but also the decline of the teams above us. There's not a big six this season, there's not even a top four. There's a two, a one and then a six. Man City and Liverpool will be first and second again, Spurs will be third, but after that there's a six team mini league that could go any way. We've got a stronger squad than United, Chelsea and Arsenal currently - none of whom really have a complete 11 let alone depth. Everton are a quality striker away from being a very, very good team that are going about their business nicely under the radar and Wolves only really need to consolidate. We're by no means guaranteed to finish top six but I don't think it's getting carried away to say we're right in the mix IMO.
  14. Tbf you could do ABBAABBAABBAA to speed things up and the odds of the score being the same after two has got to be remote anyway. Regardless, it's over now and however you settle a match that's essentially a draw to win a tournament, someone's always going to feel hard done to.
  15. I think there's something quite gentlemanly and noble about it, it's within the spirit of rugby certainly. Kick the piss out of each other on the pitch but make up in time for a pint after.
  16. Doesn't matter, West Ham could sign Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar and they'd turn to inconsistent shit the second they pull on a Hammers shirt.
  17. Milan are a ****ing omnishambles tbf.
  18. Or just ignore the attention starved little twat like a normal person.
  19. For me, the difference between Chilwell and Gray is that when given a season to really make the shirt his own he stepped up and showed considerable improvement. I still think he's a tiny bit overrated, I think defensively he's got some major work to do, but he's shown the capacity to improve. Gray is exactly the same player that arrived, maybe minus a tiny bit of confidence.
  20. Well. I mean. You're in the right thread.
  21. Did make me laugh, people on here saying it would have been glorious to beat the Aussie that way. Thing is, if you read social media you'd swear you had. The Aussie reaction has been an amazing outpouring of salt. They've taken it less graciously than the Kiwis
  22. Newcastle sign Almiron and finally look like Ashley's turned a corner. Six months later, manager out, two best players out, nobody signed, Steve Bruce in. Spare a ****ing thought. Jesus.
  23. I personally don't know that he even "has the makings" he can literally just dribble quickly. I genuinely can't think of a single quality beyond that that he has that I'd consider to be even at championship standard. He's like Lloyd Dyer without the work rate and desire.
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