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  1. You may have a point. I'm encouraged by the likes of Danny Ings who snapped his ACL in training at Liverpool 2018. It took him quite a while to regain his form but whenever I've seen him at the KP and on telly he now looks razor sharp.
  2. I wasn't sure about our chances until a few moments ago...... At work, had just come off a call with a Forest fan, got a coffee from the machine, walked back to my desk and "lo behold it has been foretold in my cup, the cup is ours" Don't tell me this is anything other than divine intervention!
  3. Thats the team I would have picked I though Luke Thomas was very assured last time out
  4. I'm just wondering how thick you need to be to contemplate breaking the rules in this way I'm a high profile footballer, I court publicity in all forms of media There is no way I don't understand what the rules are 30 people there - it was inevitable word would get out Arguably the biggest game of the season next up The more I think about it, the more dumbfounded I am!! This won't be forgotten for a long time
  5. I'm a lifelong supporter and I can honestly say that I've never seen a player like him since if I had to describe him to anyone, I'd say picture a centre forward with the ball control of Mahrez, that silky smooth touch, superb balance and the ball glued to his foot. He could do anything he wanted on a football pitch. He should have played far more for England, he was a once in a generation talent, a genius footballer and entertainer on and off the pitch. I'll always remember him. RIP Frank Worthington
  6. Arsenal pull off unexpected transfer!!!!
  7. If so we can look forward to moments like this https://www.sportbible.com/football/news-paulo-otavio-gets-straight-red-card-for-the-biggest-shthousery-moment-20210306
  8. For those of us who have been supporting this club since the 60's/70's the level of success we have achieved over the last 10 years is astonishing 15/16 was the greatest story in football history and I guess most of us never expected it could be repeated What Brendon is doing is enabling us to compete at an elite level regularly, that has never happened in the history of the club. He is the real deal, Enjoy it while you can
  9. Genuinely funny I thought Screaming is one thing but rolling around on the studio floor was an acting tour de force! Fair play Gary, Dion and Ian.
  10. Where does that leave the Eurovision song contest?
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