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  1. I've been trying to get clean for years - where can you rehab a doughnut addiction? in
  2. Its all academic really but with Vardy its not just his pace, tenacity and clinical finishing, its about his back story, the unbelievable achievements, the 11 consecutive premier league goals, a premier league win. He's a role model for all the boys and girls with Vardy 9 on their shirt, a family man who represents the each of us mortals on the pitch. World Class? Nah... I'd say much higher!
  3. Vardy continues to bring home the bacon!
  4. But that's how you win this sort of football match !!
  5. Comments on the thread were in the most part embarrassing - Many teams will go to Bramhall Lane and not get a result. Throughout the course of a season the most successful teams grind out a result. Its not champagne football every match save for Man City.
  6. Catching an intermittent stream at 37,000 ft above Siberia. The only joined up minute of connectivity was when Perez won the ball, Madison put Vardy through and you know the rest. What an absolute legend. How can we replace this guy. Currently stuck at 57mins. Relying on Foexstalk!
  7. Sh*t - spoke to soon. Back to Foxestalk obscurity
  8. History made - 400 pages. I'm having that on my tombstone
  9. This thread exhibiting classic collective schizophrenia. When he's not going then plenty want him to be sold and take the money, when it does look like he's going then it appears the exact same people want him to stay. This is football, its a money go round, once a few big transfers get going then you have the knock on effect filtering down through to Harry's situation. Its unrealistic to expect to get all your business done early in the window. The fact the window closes is the catalyst that makes selling and buying clubs go to the wire. Generally speaking the desperate end up paying above the odds just before the closure of the window. Its FOMO. Its now a game of poker for both sides. Yes you might get them up a bit more but is the collateral damage worth it? - personally I think not. Realistically £80M is a good deal for the club. If he wants to go then honour served all round and other clubs will take note we cannot be bullied. I'm sure if there is a replacement needed the club know exactly who this is and what the cost is. I really like Harry, he's a great lad, thorough professional and a credit to the club and himself but there comes a time in any negotiation when you know that the offer is reasonable in the circumstances and in my opinion it is. You just make unnecessary enemies for the future in squeezing the pips. It is very likely that one day we might want to buy one of their players when they get relegated
  10. If the big 6 want to weaken us then they'll have to do more than take Harry. You can easily include Ricardo, Chilwell, Ndidi, Maddison, Vardy. On my casio calculator this adds up to over £300M Harry will go - this is just a game of chicken. As someone said earlier in the thread Jim White will be all over it on transfer deadline day and "now lets go to Carrington where we have some major news. The toilet light is on and we believe Harry Mcquire is having a piss"
  11. If anyone goes down to The Marriott this evening they might well get a glimpse of our prospective new signing
  12. What I meant to say is how about a massive well done to Jon Rudkin - credit where it is due after the hammering has taken on this forum over the years.
  13. I was in the Marriott lounge yesterday when all the players came in around lunchtime after training, including Ayoze Perez. A couple of hours later as he was leaving he walked directly past where I was sitting so on behalf of all Foxes I welcomed him to Leicester to which he said thank you and smiled. seemed a nice chap Incidentally I think he will be valuable signing because of his versatility and if he can score another 12 goals from wide and/or behind Vardy then no one can complain:.... Oh wait.. this is Foxestalk
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