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  1. If the big 6 want to weaken us then they'll have to do more than take Harry. You can easily include Ricardo, Chilwell, Ndidi, Maddison, Vardy. On my casio calculator this adds up to over £300M Harry will go - this is just a game of chicken. As someone said earlier in the thread Jim White will be all over it on transfer deadline day and "now lets go to Carrington where we have some major news. The toilet light is on and we believe Harry Mcquire is having a piss"
  2. If anyone goes down to The Marriott this evening they might well get a glimpse of our prospective new signing
  3. What I meant to say is how about a massive well done to Jon Rudkin - credit where it is due after the hammering has taken on this forum over the years.
  4. I was in the Marriott lounge yesterday when all the players came in around lunchtime after training, including Ayoze Perez. A couple of hours later as he was leaving he walked directly past where I was sitting so on behalf of all Foxes I welcomed him to Leicester to which he said thank you and smiled. seemed a nice chap Incidentally I think he will be valuable signing because of his versatility and if he can score another 12 goals from wide and/or behind Vardy then no one can complain:.... Oh wait.. this is Foxestalk
  5. This kid appreciates playing football, he is still very young but clearly has a mature head on him, He knows he will be one of the first on the team sheet here into the future, We've got excellent management and owners, an unusually young group of talented players.to develop with, particularly in midfield with Madison (excellent today) and Ndidi (Immense in his natural role) The supporters already love him. He's in the most competitive and lucrative league in the world and he'll realise his profile will only get bigger and better I think we'll keep him because playing regular football seems the most important thing for him provided the wages are competitive and we have that extra incentive for Monaco to do a deal with Silva to trade. Youri you''re in !!!
  6. THERE IS NO ARGUMENT - THERE NEVER CAN BE VARDY IS LEGENDARY ( No 1 in the history of the Foxes) His story is incredible, he achieved a lifetime's dream with us and made our dreams come true in the process Most of us can identify with him He has that necessary controlled aggression Works his socks off A much better all round footballer than people (outside the club) give him credit for He has stayed loyal and I'm sure part of this is due to Pearson who believed in him when things were difficult after his first year His 11 consecutive PL goals That strike against Liverpool in the Championship season For all the electric spine tingling moments he has given u I go back 55 years supporting the club, Vardy is so so special for a variety of reasons, Enjoy the next few seasons as he's irreplaceable
  7. I've often thought that TrentFox. Clearly he loves playing Imagine the scene 30 years time in the Mahrez houehold Q "Grandpa Riyad did you really win all those medals at Manchester City in 2019"? A "Of course Grandson" Q "Grandpa Riyad can we watch all your highlights on TV starting with The Premier League?" A " Err,,, I'm not really in that much" Q "The Carabao Cup Final?" A "Err,,, I didn't play in that one" Q "The FA Cup?" A "Err,,,, I didn't play in that one" Q "The Champions League Final?" A "Err,,, I didn't play in that one" Riyad "Tell you what let's play the DVD of he 2020 season when I won the league for the second time with Leicester City"
  8. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOAH - You've loaded the wrong Press Conference in this thread - this is the correct one https://dms.licdn.com/playback/C4D05AQHwGp9CZ2oa_Q/e8a8843ff39d43d2a61f6482c7596102/feedshare-mp4_3300-captions-thumbnails/1507940147251-drlcss?e=1551549600&v=beta&t=oKOANnMEUNRYrIclNUJAb9ADOCndt2KCrFGsgjzeAKA
  9. I haven't seen any evidence that our players were not putting in the effort. In fact they carried out Puel's tactics to the letter! Fair play to Vardy as well, the number of times he has made a run where in the past a ball into space would have caused havoc but it was passed sideways to end up in a cross 5 mins later when 6' 3 defenders were set and it sailed over Vardys head. It must have been terribly frustrating for him and what he has said in the media didn't undermine Puel as he could have. When there is so much money in the game and a finite number of players who can cut it in the premier league like it or not the power is in the hands of players however to their credit I see no lack of effort.
  10. Yes it was revealing from the very first thing he said "Personally I found him very hard work" then went on to say how Puel was not energetic and could not get players up for games.and left it to Appleton and others. Basically Puel is a technocrat but there is far more to motivating people than technically knowing what you are doing, However alien to your personality its a major part of a football managers job to motivate your players...he simply does not have to tools. I went to Brussels 5 years ago to see our MEP having been stitched up on some EU funding and had the unfortunate experience of meeting a number of faceless bureaucrats. Claude would have felt right at home in the European Commission! That was a chastening and morale sapping experience.I also met Claude at The Marriott a few weeks after he had started and results were good and honestly it was like talking to a cardboard cut out.. Management includes managing people - unfortunately he is totally unequipped to do it and I think his emphasis on younger players was because they represented less of a challenge. He needed to earn the respect from the senior players and he could not do it. Look at Pep, Klop, and Ranieri in the title winning season..
  11. I'd be in favour of Appleton as caretaker and see how we go. Can you imagine Redknap FFS!
  12. Hang on a minute - I think that should be 90 degrees - Ive just replaced the family stand with the Kop there!!!
  13. One thing Claude could have done to save his job is rotate the pitch 180 degrees - all that side ways passing then becomes incisive forward play!
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