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  1. Couldn't sort online as kept saying "no event found" but rang the ticket office, no wait and I think it was Lucy who dealt with call very friendly and super- efficiently. Top 4 response! and very happy to donate across my 3 season tickets to Foxes Foundation
  2. Didn't take long! Mystic Meg powers from Super Horns there. Don't tell me your prediction for Saturday I want to watch the match first
  3. Excellent article and easy to assimilate Profitson Target - Thank you So long as we don't do a "Devon Loch" and make it to the Champions League this year then we'll be very well placed to maintain our on-field status over the ensuing 3-5 years. With the finances in good shape, a world class training complex as good as any and a prospective stadium expansion what a time we are living in as Leicester supporters!
  4. Totally agree Hollyfox. Its such a shame for us and Jamie that we have missed the last few months and with him on 99 league goals! We probably won't see him in the flesh until later this year at the earliest He'll get No 100 and we'll be consigned to watching it the telly The better news is I don't see him slackening off for at least another 3 years and who knows what he'll achieve - someone should make a film !!
  5. As per MOTD In the premier league era but probably since the invention of football in my opinion Well done Wrighty for being objective rather than Shearer nakedly voting for his mates! Can't wait to see him back on the pitch scoring his 100th premier league goal. I'll be there when the statue is unveiled and along with Vichai we have the Jamie Vardy stand - he means so much to all of us
  6. Patient "Doctor, I can't feel my legs" Doctor "Don't worry we've cut your arms off"
  7. I'm sure wherever my dad is; he's looking down on us. He's not dead, just very condescending I wasn't particularly close to my dad before he died... which was lucky, because he trod on a land mine Combine Harvesters. And you'll have a really big restaurant I went to a pub quiz in Liverpool, had a few drinks so wasn’t much use. Just for a laugh I wrote The Beatles or Steven Gerrard for every answer … came second. Kim Kardashian is saddled with a huge arse ... but enough about Kanye West ................................Some good jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe over the years
  8. Astle and Jordan Busses (Blue and Cream) Jaques Coaches which used to take us to Coalville Grammar from Glenfield and Ratby. Infamous driver called Jack who would kick kids off for no reason. Remember refusing to take a lad to school who innocently brought his cello onboard - completely outrageous (playing the cello!) Simpkin and James Cheesecakes (if not mentioned before) The Royal Hotel next door Marshall and Snelgrove - the lifts were the old caged variety Brees Records Churchgate Sports in Belvoir Street Lord John in the Haymarket Grannies,Scamps and Baileys
  9. Fancy that... He just telephone my mobile, didn't know he had my number! Wanted to check I was OK and said he was missing football
  10. Great idea to divide the players from the rest of the staff. The team is not the 11 on the pitch or the first team squad its the whole club and everyone in it I'd like to think that everyone enjoying enormous wealth in our club will help the ones who don't, but are so integral to their success With the attitude Spurs, Newcastle and Norwich (I'm looking at you Delia - where are you, lets be havin you!) all deserve to be playing in the Evostick in a few years time. I'd be ashamed to be a supporter of this set of rat bags!
  11. When Spider Kalac came on I thought we looked leggy.
  12. Want to fit in? Get the same trainers. BBC MOTD must have a job lot or its product placement. I'll stick to Samba's
  13. I thought those trainers looked so ridiculous I had to take a picture off the telly as they looked so sh*t
  14. Maguire is an intelligent and down to earth lad and was totally professional regarding his move. No tantrums, no comments, just got on with playing until it was done. He was always appreciative of the fans support, always clapping the fans pre kick-off and at the conclusion of the match. He always gave his all on the pitch. He was a top target after the world cup, and in retrospect the deal we did was to the huge benefit of the club. £80M paid immediately and allowed us to promote Cags a club legend already! As fans we have every reason to thank Maquire for what he did whilst he was here, the professional way he conducted himself on and off the pitch, and in moving on has provided the club with a great platform to develop both financially and making way for Cags is one of the reasons we are setting 3rd in the league, in a cup semi-final and progressing int he FA Cup. I for one will respect him for this, bu in contrast Mahrez could have cemented himself in club folklore if he has acted in a similar way. Many of us will always respect his ability but not the spolit- child way he conducted himself. I wish Macquire the best in his future career. I'm totally ambivalent towards Mahez tbf.
  15. Its worth Brendon playing him just so we can sing this. At least it would be something original from our fans! "Ay ya Kaputska Kaputska Japutska ya ya" On the limited times I've seen him there clearly is an intelligent player in there. You never know, stranger things have happened - Stand up one Sir James Vardy
  16. The majority of us see a potentially very special player in Barnes. He will score more regularly as he acquires the composure in front of goal, he clearly has the ability as we saw at WBA. What does slightly concern me though is the defensive side of his game, tackling and competing for the ball needs a deal of improvement, as its such an important aspect of play in the Premier League. What he needs is continued support from all of us. There were plenty on here who would have happily put Vardy in the bin and where would we be now!
  17. A player who can make this type of debut in the premier league irrespective of the opposition has a very bright future. Expect more starts for him in the second half of the season.
  18. I've been trying to get clean for years - where can you rehab a doughnut addiction? in
  19. Its all academic really but with Vardy its not just his pace, tenacity and clinical finishing, its about his back story, the unbelievable achievements, the 11 consecutive premier league goals, a premier league win. He's a role model for all the boys and girls with Vardy 9 on their shirt, a family man who represents the each of us mortals on the pitch. World Class? Nah... I'd say much higher!
  20. But that's how you win this sort of football match !!
  21. Comments on the thread were in the most part embarrassing - Many teams will go to Bramhall Lane and not get a result. Throughout the course of a season the most successful teams grind out a result. Its not champagne football every match save for Man City.
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