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  1. Still gutted about last night. The only thing which could cheer me up today is if the Sheep get relegated.
  2. ****ed in the arse by Newcastle. ****ing Newcastle
  3. Rubbish. Look like we're falling off the cliff again. Maddison not good enough and defensively all over the place.
  4. The team look a bag of nerves. And it's showing in the performance. Erratic and full of errors
  5. They are but I still think It'll be a close game with both teams having a chance of winning. I'd say it's about Chelsea 55/45 to us.
  6. Haywood_6

    Ivan Toney

    30 goals in the championship so far this season. Joint top record with Glen Murray in 12/13.
  7. We are lucky to have such brilliant owners who do a great job, but the same can't be said for a lot of other clubs. The 51% rule for all UK football teams should be introduced. Take back control and have meaningful fan ownership of football clubs in the UK. You don't need any more evidence than the European Super League proposals. Russel Brand said this in his Vlog the other day which I thought summarised it perfectly "A return to democratic ownership of football teams by the communities that hold them in their heart, with their fanaticism, with their love".
  8. It's an utter disgrace and it will not work. Punish them now. And when they realise that it was a terrible idea and come crawling back. They should be made to start at the bottom of League 2.
  9. I don't like three CB's. Our fullbacks aren't even getting forward so what's the point
  10. Djenepo Diallo! Same person right?
  11. Bloody hell Perez. Falling over his own feet. Must still be drunk from that party
  12. Stick 50million where the sun don't shine pal.
  13. Well done G Neville. No one could of said it any better. It's an absolute disgrace. Shame on those greedy ****ing clubs trying to ruin the game.
  14. It's been coming. You no longer qualify on merit, just on how big of a club you're perceived to be. Football will soon be an absolute joke of a sport. Money money money. I might just go support the Tigers/Leicester Riders once this happens.
  15. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago! Fuch's hasn't got the legs anymore. Mahrez would have him on toast
  16. We're incredibly lucky. Great manager, great group of players, some of them are 'elite' players. However, I wouldn't say they are world class. It's a term that gets used too loosely Being world class to me essentially means being able to perform and excel in the Champions League and Internationally. Someone who has won trophies. Until they've proven over several years they have done that on a consistent basis and there is an acceptance around the world about just how fcking good they are. I don't think you should consider them to be 'world class'.
  17. We were too good for them. And our team spirit feels like it's never been stronger (apart from the title winning season). FA Cup Semi Final!
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