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  1. Wow, kids today are boring. Also, I was putting in at least 5 hours of gaming in by about 1993. Way ahead of the curve.
  2. The Sun is dying a slow death. Couldn't be happening to a nicer publication.
  3. Fvcking hell, I’ve read some nonsense on this forum over the years, but this truly excels in its ignorance.
  4. Yeah, that was a minger again. But, Wolves are a good side and a point away is not to be sniffed at. Brendan needs to address these sub-par performances, though. Where has the pre-Christmas City gone? We can’t blame fatigue anymore, something has gone a bit awry. Still, Man City next up, eh?
  5. And we wonder why he’s getting a reputation for being a bit of a thug.
  6. Only caught the game since half time. Has the whole game been this dog mess?
  7. I wonder why you're banned?
  8. Man, I don't know why I come into this thread sometimes. Fvcking bleak.
  9. So relatable. So brave. Such a sacrifice.
  10. That's the longest article I've ever read and come away with absolutely nothing. What a load of dog mess.
  11. The argument against the BBC is that the license fee is seen as a tax. As others have said, it isn't. You can opt-out. Many of our tax pounds are spent on services that most of us will never use in our lives, and rightly so. The Beeb is a service 99.9% of us use most weeks if not days, and it's genuinely the envy of the world. Even though there are commercial subsidiaries (BBC Studios being one), largely because of the way it's funded it is absolved from that KPI which is the be-all and end-all of nearly every other major broadcaster: ratings. People cannot moan about the dumbing down of our national culture and at the same time chastise the BBC's output. Yes, it's largely staffed by liberals and Blairite asylum seekers, but it's the media industry. I've worked in broadcast for years, and have many friends who have worked, or still work at the BBC - it's just the way it is. The uprising against the BBC seems to come from the small-government, free-markets, cut-welfare, civil-liberties kind right-wing folk, as a monolithic and unwarranted state intervention in the UK's broadcasting market. Yet as universal funding models go, the flat-rate licence fee is a pretty right-wing solution: the rich are not subsidising the poor.
  12. Went with a Manchester City-supporting friend and sat amongst the home support. I was soaked through with a banging hangover from the night before, but I didn't care. I thoroughly expected us to lose that day, and I struggled to contain myself as the goals went in. We went to a local pub after the game and stood at the bar absolutely surrounded by people in sky blue who were very welcoming and complimentary. Some even wanted us to go on and win the league.
  13. Absolutely desperate to play this. I'll get it when it comes to consoles or Mac, whichever first. Started playing Papers, Please on my iPad whilst on holiday. Surprisingly immersive for a desk job sim based in an immigration office. Relentless pacing, it requires your full attention at all times, and packs in loads of moral choices. The AAA development scene is so devoid of ideas, just reeling out clones and sequels full of loot box, micro-transaction bollocks. It's refreshing to see people supporting independent devs who can actually think creatively.
  14. Kasper ain’t saving that. Fabulous header and insipid marking.
  15. Perez off, Tielemans off. Both hopelessly innefectual.
  16. Our final balls are absolutely minging most of the time. Vardy feeding off scraps. Chilwell still hasn’t recovered from his run of stinkers. For me Fuchs is a better option at the moment. Worrying how much Tielemans goes AWOL in matches. Not a bad match so far IMO.
  17. Said it before and I’ll say it again. I feel sorry for Coventry. They’ve seen a long, sorry decline over many years because the club is run by litigious, intransigent crooks masquerading as a hedge fund. They currently haven’t got a home, barely anyone goes to watch them anymore and the relationship between owners, fans and the city has become completely toxic. Rival or not, it’s sad to see a once proud institution just fvcked into the ground. Had things gone differently for us, we could’ve ended up in a similar situation. Forest and Derby? Don’t care. They’ve got each other for company.
  18. First post since the final whistle, purposefully so. I was way too salty and sulky last night. It wasn't really being "gutted" per se, more a general anger at the injustice of it all. We were much the better team, and unfortunately you've just got to chalk it down to "one of those nights". Things just didn't go our way. I can forgive and forget, because we're still destined to do something special this season. One thing that hasn't changed though. My distain for Villa. The pitch invasion at the end compounded it. They're just... Grotty and a bit nasty. Like the guy who comes up to you at a party and kinda looks the part, and is friendly enough, yet everyone is avoiding him and you're unsure why, then as soon as he starts speaking his breath fvcking stinks and you can't look at him anymore and try desperately to get away, y'know?
  19. Things were getting pretty tasty on here, that's for sure.
  20. Alright I’m starting to turtle head. Please Leicester don’t fvck this.
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