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  1. Nice one, man. I think competitions are a great way to stimulate creativity and encourage people to actually put their stuff out there, rather than just sit on it. A group of friends and I do the 48hr Sci-Fi challenge. A couple of years ago we got to the final 10, but lost out at the final showcase. If you're a quick, creative scriptwriter, then it's great to get involved in - you need to be able to work with a basic brief but it's fun. For a team to write, shoot and edit a film in 48 hours is quite the task.
  2. Just what writers need, another thread and reason to procrastinate! A big part of my job is to copywrite. I write scripts and treatments pretty much every day. I've also made short films in the past, although more in a production or directorial capacity. As much as I'd like to, I don't think I'd ever get around to penning a screenplay. I'm spread too thinly across my various half-arsed hobbies to commit wholly to it. Ever had any interest in your work?
  3. People are liars. Always have been, always will be. The problem with the internet is that it's given morons the perfect platform to lie to more morons than ever before. I'm equal parts annoyed and sympathetic towards dipsticks like Julia Price and her ilk. Just so insecure that she's willing to lie over and over again, spinning these elaborate #FeelGood stories in a desperate attempt to get strangers to notice she exists. And yet, we just keep scrolling...
  4. RoboFox


    I think you'd be alright getting a spot at Stanmore on a Sunday. It'll be free from commuters. It's probably the best station if you insist getting the tube in from the North. Depending on how old your kids are, the Natural History Museum is great and would occupy a day's visit in itself. It's a short walk from Harrods if the cash is burning a hole in your pocket.
  5. With the impending doom of the week approaching on Sunday night, I decided to compound it by watching two horrors. Overlord was a daft, yet surprisingly well constructed, genre-blending splatter-fest. Reminded me of the video nasties from the 80s. Not groundbreaking, full of clichés but I thought it was really fun. The Ritual seems to have got pretty middling reviews. Maybe from Americans who find the super laddy British dialogue grating. I thought it was pretty good. Loads of reference points in Blair Witch, Wicker Man etc. Quite liked it, and they made a good decision not to reveal the evil thing until right at the end. Something modern horrors never seem to do.
  6. Christ. I haven't been near the Abbey St. car park in years. It genuinely looks like something out of post-apocalyptic fiction. It's unfortunately symptomatic of most of the area north of the city centre - Abbey St, Belgrave Gate and the industrial area on the other side of the flyover. Dilapidated, and in desperate need of investment. The Sky Plaza Hotel would be wicked for a bit of UrbEx though.
  7. Lincolnshire's big contribution is... Nicola Roberts? Assuming that's as part of Girls Aloud too. She's pretty much flopped as a solo artist.
  8. 13 is relatively new, compared to my old banger! An 02 plate, and still going strong. I've had it for 10 years, but it's spent most of that time sat on the road outside my flat. 'Tis the problem with cars in London, you barely drive them. Taking the plunge next month though... I'm in my 30s, no family commitments and my partner and I have decent jobs, and we drive more than we did. Figure it's time to get something fun.
  9. Puel is not to blame for the fact our players cannot seem to be able to put the football in the goal.
  10. Wonder what our XG vs goals ratio is? Again feels like we’re going to rue these chances come 90 mins.
  11. Alright you lot? Here's something I've been working on over the last couple of weeks. Owner of the local hipster hairdresser I use has a bunch of piano / vocal ballads he's written (it ain't me singing), he gave me one project and gave me carte blanche to do whatever I wanted with it. 70bpm ballad just screamed melodic dubstep at me, and *WUB*, just like that... It was 2012 again. Needs a bit of work on the mix, I banged the bounce through some mastering plugs (maybe over cooked the high ends a bit!) but I cannae be arsed to re-upload.
  12. RoboFox


    Yeah man, it was versatile. The soap bar humbuckers has a great output, but they were too noisy. Also had an old fashioned fixed bridge, and the action was a little too high. Still liked it though.
  13. RoboFox


    I also have one. I use it as my main acoustic, too. Sounds lovely. Apart from that, I only have a Gibson SG left. At one time I owned a 50th Anniversary American Strat, cost me a fortune but I had to sell it to fund an internship when I first moved to London along with an Epiphone 1961 reissue Les Paul. I barely play anymore which is a shame. The muscle memory is still there, but I've forgotten pretty much everything else - also it hurts, because all the calluses have disappeared on my now lovely moisturised hands. I'm still active making electronic music and it was part of my New Years resolution to buy a new guitar to motivate me to play again, maybe get some lessons... Needless to say, that's gone t*ts up.
  14. Remember being sat in my old man's Ford Escort at the crossroads in Wigston, hearing on the radio that he'd left for Wolves... WOLVES. Didn't he also take Iwan the Welshman with him? That f**ked me off. Ah well, his managerial record since speaks for itself. And his leaving paved the way for Sir Martin of Neill, so that turned out alright.
  15. This is one for the "Absolute Cvnts" thread, Wymsey. Also, I've just been aware of the word "Begpackers"? "Westerners who travel to poorer Asian countries begging for money and other support to sustain their trip"... Really? I f**king hate people sometimes.
  16. This bin-worthy entry into the seemingly never ending stream of vapid, ambiguous scent commercials. I've been thinking this through... I mean how do the agency creatives even come up with this? Well, look no further. I've come to a solution. 5 boxes containing hundreds of cards. One card is drawn from each. 1. A celebrity 2. A verb 3. A noun 4. A preposition 5. A location (noun) In this case the outcome was: Johnny Depp buries jewellery in desert. I just ran each through a random generator and came out with: Eddie Murphy examines restaurant near volcano I think it works.
  17. Another cynical cash-in. Flogging loot boxes to kids. Originality in the games industry is being slowly throttled.
  18. Sublimely made but it didn't really have anything new to say about him. The cynical cutting of the quite obviously different audio recordings from different interviews with him to suit the programmes narrative was grating. As was the amount he was referred to as "charming" and "handsome", as if they were trying to force the juxtaposition between how the doc wants you to perceive him and what he did. The tapes themselves didn't really reveal all that much. Just the pseudo-intellectual ramblings of a narcissist who couldn't wait to tell "his story". But I love a true crime doc, so I enjoyed it. Strange to think that his ex-wife and daughter are out there somewhere amongst all of this renewed interest in him.
  19. I had to double check the numbers there. Somehow looks like there's about 15 players in that side.
  20. We don’t play to Vardy’s strengths, that’s part of the problem.
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