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    No. 67 Leicester City

    This. For those of you not ITK, he’s not actually out with a ligament injury, he’s currently undergoing age regression therapy. Eventually, we’ll get to the stage where we no longer have to buy players. We just regress the ones we already have and re-train them.
  2. RoboFox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    They were both cool back in 2010.
  3. RoboFox

    Maguire future

    The club know if we don't meet his ambitions (i.e. win something and/or get into Europe) within the next couple of seasons, he'll be handing in a transfer request. However, this is why it was such a shrewd move by the club (yes, Rudkin) in the long term to get him tied down to that five-year deal. A big club will come calling, undoubtedly. But we're comfortably in the driving seat and can dictate the terms of the deal.
  4. RoboFox

    The "Random Thoughts" Thread

    Why do our brains refer to themselves in the third person? I mean, we ARE our brains. And now you're probably thinking about your brain, which is just your brain thinking about itself in 3rd person.
  5. RoboFox


    George Ezra’s “riding shotgun underneath the hot sun feeling like someone” Sounds like he might be: “hanging in the passenger’s side of his best friend’s ride” I think Ezra may be a scrub.
  6. RoboFox

    What grinds my gears...

    Me: *accidentally types wrong url once* Chrome navigation bar: [every day for a year] "Oh, you want to go to FoxesTall today? Hmm? You want to see some nice pictures of elongated vulpines again, do you? Is that where you wanna go, you f**king illiterate pleb?"
  7. RoboFox

    Football Manager 2019

    ****ing hell, man. You have a lot of games.
  8. RoboFox

    Football Manager 2019

    *slaps self around the face* “No, you don’t need it... You’re still trying to get your kids back after that marathon Parma save on FM2017!”
  9. RoboFox

    Linked Players

    Danny Simpson has been pretty heavily inked.
  10. RoboFox

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Those dash cam videos are absolutely terrifying.
  11. RoboFox

    Any other refugees from Bentley's Roof on here?

    Ah, man. FORUM WAR.
  12. RoboFox

    Red Dead 3

    Dan Houser has clarified what he meant by this, in that it was just the senior writing team who were working these long hours. But I've a feeling he made a boo-boo and let it slip, as R* have history of making employees do these kind of grinds to meet release dates (L.A. Noire is one example) There's a reason he, nor his brother give interviews. The Houser brothers, and their inner circle of Rockstar management have a reputation as notoriously awful c**ts to work for. A lot of this stuff came out during Leslie Benzies lawsuit (although I'd take some of that with a pinch of salt)
  13. RoboFox

    Football Manager 2019

    I've owned both CM and FM pretty much year in, year out since Championship Manager 2. Can't recall how many editions I've missed, but not many. I think this year is the year I'm going to TRY and knock it on the head in favour of more productive endeavours. It's going to be a hard cycle to break. Wish me luck, people.
  14. RoboFox

    Leicester City Quiz - Season 2002/03

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 117 seconds  
  15. RoboFox

    Any other refugees from Bentley's Roof on here?

    This reminded me it exists, so I popped over to have a look. I wish I hadn't. First thread I read was some neanderthal complaining about the right for gay people to get married. Some of the replies are deeply unpleasant. Glad that kind of bigoted nonsense isn't tolerated here. Bentley's Roof is a dreadful website populated by many, many morons that needs to be consigned to the trash receptacle, pronto.
  16. No way I'm getting up before 12:30 on New Year's day. That game's a write-off.
  17. RoboFox

    The Crinkly Solar System Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 81 seconds  
  18. RoboFox

    How Was Your Day?

    Back from a lovely week away in a luxurious resort, south of Turkey. I'm walking up the street to my house, suitcase in hand, to find a lady pressed up against a street-level XOYO billboard, passionately making out with it. Lower face covered in black London traffic tar and everything. Great to see that romance in the city hasn't died whilst I was away.
  19. RoboFox

    Idiot Fan Comments Thread

    His name’s Ian Stringer, mate.
  20. RoboFox

    Most ridiculous media feature on us

    Laughable content aside, whoever wrote that needs to give up writing altogether. Embarrassing stuff.
  21. RoboFox

    What grinds my gears...

    Happened to look at Walshy on Alchetron: U WOT M8?
  22. RoboFox

    What grinds my gears...

    Dude, I’ve seen it far too much throughout my entire life. Pub bogs, usually. Although train and service stations tend to especially smeary places. Seen it in one of the crappers at the office, too. This time I walked into my own WC and the other half had been at it. I was livid. (I jest, of course... It was the bedroom)
  23. RoboFox

    What grinds my gears...

    Why do people feel the need to smear sh*t on the walls of toilet cubicles? ”Oh, my finger poked through the bog roll and near-penetrated my crappy arsehole and now my finger’s covered in excrement... Instead of wiping it off and then washing it, I think I’ll smear said sh*t on a nearby surface so that generations to come can marvel at my poopy masterpiece” Nah, in the bin. Disgusting, that.