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  1. RoboFox

    Union FS tifo display

    Oh, man. This thread. We have some serious FT meme potential here.
  2. RoboFox

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Don’t be mean. They don’t have the internet in Wolverhampton yet.
  3. RoboFox

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Oh dear.
  4. RoboFox

    Wolves (H) match thread

    You guys hear that? Sounded like Don Goodman’s heart breaking.
  5. RoboFox

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Your defenders certainly know where the net is. Top stuff.
  6. RoboFox

    Wolves (H) match thread

    Wes Morgan spotted on the bench slicing up a great big humble pie, so we can all have a slice.
  7. RoboFox

    Wolves (H) match thread

    We’re worryingly slow to get going.
  8. RoboFox

    City break recommendations

    Bruges is a must. Absolutely lovely city. Short hop on the Eurostar, last time we went it was about 2.5 hours door to door from St. Pancras. It won't be as busy in February as the more temperate months. Second Praha vote here. I've been more than a few times, always at Christmas. There's something wonderful about the place in the winter, lovely city, great culture and architecture, loads of fantastic food and again, if you like a drink you're spoiled for choice. I would do Bologna and Parma if you like grub. The two unrivalled gastronomic capitals of Italy, and an hour away from one another. (Most of my trips revolve around eating and drinking if you hadn't noticed)
  9. RoboFox

    Video Editting software for Windows 10

    Adobe Premiere Elements is the entry-level Adobe editing software, it'll do all of the things you ask, I'm pretty sure. It's a one-off license fee at £80 or something, rather than the subscription I pay for Premiere Pro which is pricey. Whilst I haven't used Elements, I use Pro regularly for work. Can't go wrong IMO.
  10. RoboFox

    La Liga to go Abroad

    It was to be expected. FIFA and their respective governing bodies will continue to encourage football associations into this because North America especially is adopting the global game, and it's an enormous, largely untapped market. All about moneh, innit. It's inevitable that it'll happen to the Premier League sooner or later. Anyone know any decent boozers for our home game against Burnley in Miami?
  11. RoboFox

    mahrez, in for a tough season.

    And we're discussing this after what? One league appearance for them? Sorry, but I really think there's some mileage in this "less than 500 posts and you can't start a new thread" thing.
  12. RoboFox

    Lets have a (Non Sport) Podcast thread

    Nice one, Oz. Been thinking about doing a podcast thread for a while. CaseFile True Crime Podcast is great once you get past the slightly ropey production values of the first few and the unusual Aussie host. Started listening in March and I've caught up on all 92 episodes. Some really interesting, in depth looks at some of the most famous crimes both here in the UK, the US and Australia. Well written and researched and can be pretty grim listening too. Serial is a pretty obvious one. S-Town is one of the best listening experiences I've ever had. Just absolutely loved it. Enchanting and heartbreaking. How the producers chanced upon such a crazy story with unbelievable characters whilst following a totally different lead is quite something. I've heard some criticise it as invasive considering what happens (no spoilers) but I didn't find that to be the case at all.
  13. Probably should've said "the moment they bid for all coverage" But yeah, agree. The more platforms, the more it's going to cost people.
  14. I've said it so many times: the moment one of the tech giants bids for football coverage in this country, it's over for Sky and BT. And I don't know why they haven't. People are fed up with paying for over-priced, outdated sports coverage from the traditional rights holders... People can easily stream the content for free, and the quality is only getting better. Offer them easily accessible, lower priced, great quality pay-as-you-go coverage with great extra content and people will flock to them. Sky and BT have lost their monopoly over football, and I'm all for it. And they should show EVERY game. The detracting from attendance numbers thing is an absolute fallacy.
  15. RoboFox

    What grinds my gears...

    I was listening to the Radio Leicester post-match podcast and Matt Piper's pronunciation of our players names is infuriating. The bloke is employed as a match summariser on the radio. You'd think that it would be prerequisite that he'd be able to pronounce the players' names... It's not hard. Learn them. That's your job. I cringe every time he says Shinji (chin-zy) or Iheanacho (Inny-atchu)
  16. RoboFox

    Yohan Benalouane

    He should. Then we just let Benny loose to slide tackle it and break its leg.
  17. Director: "Alright, Islam. We've got you for two minutes so we need to do this quickly... I'll just stand here with my phone and film you." Islam: "Well, what do you want me to do?" Director: "I dunno, just do something natural" Islam: *Turns to agent* "Where are my sunglasses?"
  18. Slow Monday at the Mercury.
  19. RoboFox

    Is the City of Leicester a dump?

    Beaumont Leys literally translates to "Beautiful Mountain Meadow" Oh, if they knew how wrong they were going to be.
  20. RoboFox

    Benkovic signs

    Scariest sh*t I've seen in ages. Welcome Benny... Oh, wait. Err... Benno.
  21. RoboFox

    Family stand

    Dammit, man. Saw the thread title and I was ready and primed to hit you with a right sarcastic reply, then you put it to bed straight away.
  22. RoboFox

    Compass (catering) at LCFC

  23. RoboFox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Coffee shop culture is an abomination and the scourge of UK towns and cities. Living close to central London, I know how bad it's become. You can't take ten steps in any direction and not run into one. The country is absolutely saturated with them, and I can't understand why people continue to flock to them in droves in order to pay upwards of £4 for a f**king coffee.
  24. RoboFox

    Claude puel will prove to be....

    d) A reptilian humanoid and a prominent member of the Illuminati.
  25. RoboFox

    Danny Murphy