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  1. The enjoyment of meeting mates at pub before the game, nowadays with kids in tow, still get the buzz walking towards the ground, up the steps to my seat, speaking to people I only speak to 19 times a year plus cup games! And with Leicester not knowing what to expect. I don’t watch that many live games in the telly , a friend reckons those who attend live games have probably found this whole period a lot harder than what you’d call armchair fans and I think there is a lot of truth in that. Nowadays I just want us to maintain our status and not rest on our laurels and end up being
  2. Poor Everton fans, after 25 years of nothingness they look as though they have a decent team and they can’t see them live. It’d have killed me if this has happened to us in 15/16!
  3. Martin Tyler and Jamie Carragher are appalling together, without Gary Neville it’s just a rubbish combo
  4. Given how long he has been here if Top had insisted he stayed I doubt BR would have had much choice but to have kept him or at least move him somewhere within the club structure.
  5. They should have refreshed the soccer Saturday line up a couple of years ago , they were all a bit too comfortable. Getting rid of 3 in one go is a tad harsh though. Lose Stelling and it’ll lose its heartbeat.
  6. I’ll pay the £70 just to guarantee my season ticket for 21/22 season. Can’t imagine I’ll enter any ballot while it’s just 25% or whatever capacity. Would have preferred what Man City are doing. Can’t see full capacity stadiums till the spring in all honesty, pretty certain the whole season will see no away fans. Might indulge a local non league team as I’d imagine it’ll be a lot easier to attend.
  7. summer 08 - joins at our lowest ebb 2008/09 Wins league 1 2009/10 championship play off heartbreak- daft penalty 2011/12 comes back , reality of the clear out needed starts 2012/13 championship play off heartbreak- daft penalty 2013/14 walk the championship in style 2014/15 The great escape & leaving a squad that would shock the planet. summer 2015 - leaves before our greatest hour add in the all the fun interviews, oddball behaviour, the ability to rile a substantial number of our own fans, what’s not to love about his time in charge. The
  8. The last few years , say since 2015 all the talk has been of arsenal being poor and Spurs being the top dog in north London. undoubtedly Arsenal have been poor but they have still won 2 FA Cups, whilst Spurs managed 13 minutes on top of the premier league.
  9. Be interesting how we voted , if I was a betting man I’d say we’d have voted for it, I’m sure we’ve tended to vote with the big clubs on stuff.
  10. I think as it stands at the moment I’d opt out of next season as long as my season ticket is guaranteed for 2021/22. As well as the weirdness of being in a quarter full stadium it would not be a surprise if all the pubs within a certain radius of the ground (ie local hero, counting house) had to also be shut on match days. That’s part of the day for me, catch up with mates for a couple of hours then the walk down to the stadium. As we’ve seen with the postponement of relaxation measures by Boris yesterday I can see attendance at sport events being put back till the spring if they are
  11. At least ours has only been a slow motion car crash!
  12. Let’s hope we really are back in October(partial) and fully in November. That said, I’d be astonished if we bin social distancing in November that Boris suggested just as the flu season kicks in.
  13. Something positive out of today then
  14. Good old BT on the ball ‘good news for Nigel Pearson as hell tucks into his Sunday lunch’ after Southampton score!
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