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  1. So we are the test for Newcastle’s new ‘we are taking the cups seriously’
  2. If we were looking at just surviving you’d keep him, but as we are looking to be a bit more ambitious I’d cash in, might prove to be a great signing for Sheffield Utd but his career here has been stop/start so a move should really suit both parties.
  3. Surely one of the best responses to a question by a footballer interviewer ‘what would you have been if you hadn’t been a footballer?’ Crouch ‘a virgin’ funny guy, I’d imagine a media career awaits which he’s already started with his podcasts
  4. Typical Leicester that our lowest ever league finish in the football pyramid was 1st!
  5. On song that team was great to watch, so inconsistent, sure we lost 5-0 at Sheffield Wednesday one week then the following week best Aston Villa 5-0!
  6. When tannoy man gives out the attendance and says 'thank you for your incredible support' most times it's not a fitting description though I don't suppose he can go all Delia and shout 'where are you, let's be avin you'!
  7. I just hope we are in with a chance of the points with 10 mins to go, it'll be nervy as hell for them if we are playing well.
  8. Lineker Shearer and Wright are definitely MOTDs a team, the rest feel the need to make snide comments to raise their profile so they get more slots on a Saturday night.
  9. The 4-0 loss was the opening game of the 83/84 season at Filbert Street we actually lost the first 7 games that season but stayed up! The Zenith cup game was the 91/92 season, think Notts County were in the top flight, this was Brian littles first season, a very enjoyable season after years of shit!
  10. Iain Hume leaving us for Barnsley as they were in a higher division.
  11. We may actually need Spurs to beat Everton next week if 7th is still a possibility!
  12. Quite fitting that Hazards last game in the premier league is probably going to be at the king power! Perhaps a little ovation... as long as we’re winning obviously!
  13. I think if Rafa stays at Newcastle (which means he would have been given some money to spend) they could have a very good season. I watched both Sheffield Utd and Norwich yesterday, both played entertaining football be interesting to see how they get on. Norwich definitely need a stronger defence but will score a few.
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