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  1. In many ways I should be against this but you could say so many teams are only interested in finishing above the dreaded dotted line they lose all ambition. At least if more money is based on finishing positions it might make some clubs more committed to winning games than boring their way to survival , but recognise it is a case of the bigger clubs probably being greedy.
  2. whetstonefox

    LCFC Internationals 2017/18

    Maguire hasn't trained for a few days according to ITV
  3. Should hate it but I don’t, it’s certainly different to the bland offerings we’ve had recently, win a few games in it and everyone will want one!
  4. whetstonefox

    Arsene Wenger

    Deserves a nice round of applause, way it’s going at the moment he can look forward to a warmer welcome than our current manager!
  5. whetstonefox

    What did we learn today?

    Fireworks in daylight are not great
  6. whetstonefox


    10 years ago this week we faced a must win home game against Colchester. We didn’t...and although it didn’t finish us off that day it felt like League One here we come. That was something to moan about, not free beer and chocolate!
  7. whetstonefox

    Championship 2017/18

    If Fulham win tomorrow they’ll only be 2 behind and with an easier run in. Don’t miss the championship but it’s a a league you just can never predict with any certainty.
  8. whetstonefox

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    Statement of intent, be very easy to keep everything the same and settle for mid table, perhaps seeing what’s happened at West Brom, Stoke and Southampton has shown that standing still is not a an option for them.
  9. whetstonefox

    Fireworks Display And Free Chocolate

    Imagine what freebies the Forest owner would hand out! Not to fussed as I’ll probably miss the beer as always leave the pub late , the Newcastle fans may take the piss until they start sing ‘you fat cockney bastard, get out of our club’ and realise how shite their own is. Im hoping for the free ticket renewal, slightly better odds than winning the lottery. lets hope he’s still here for his 65th! i will only be worried if he stopped bringing the monks over and instead did a North Korea style military parade with nukes and made us all clap under pain of death.
  10. whetstonefox

    Fans perspective

    As a club we are not used to boring league finishes in the top flight. Since my first game in 1978 it seems most seasons had something going on good and bad, I would be perfectly happy with top 10 finishes and cup runs until we inevitably appoint a dud and get relegated. Being best of the rest is realistic, as long as we don’t just accept mid table. Plus we will generally see some of the best players in the world at the KP. I orefer that that than where we was 10 years ago not being able to beat the likes of Colchester on our way to league 1!
  11. whetstonefox

    Marbella, Here We Come!

    I wonder how many ‘journalists’ and photographers the Sun and Star have suddenly been handed flight tickets to Spain?
  12. If he scores the winner in the Cup Final i’d happily let him go for free to any non premier league team. May as well enjoy him for the last whatever games we have left this season, seems to have a smile on his face again, let’s hope the Vardy & Mahrez show has a few spectacular moments to offer us before the end of May.
  13. whetstonefox

    The "do they mean us?" thread

    I hope what’s happening at West Brom, Stoke and even Southampton and what has happened to Villa and Sunderland serves as a warning to us not to rest on our laurels and just accept premier league survival as eventually you go down with nothing to really show for it. I’d like to think our owners would target to be the ‘best of the rest’ with the odd year of challenging the top 6 and take the cups seriously. in reality how many memories will Albion fans take from this latest spell in the top flight?
  14. whetstonefox

    Build up film before games.

    I think one day they should put on the last 5 minutes of the Chelsea Spurs game before kick off
  15. whetstonefox

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    I’m not worried about relegation this season, I’m more worried we’ll hit 40 points and switch off like WBA did last season and now look at them! Of course if we reach the cup final that’s different!