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  1. I think as it stands at the moment I’d opt out of next season as long as my season ticket is guaranteed for 2021/22. As well as the weirdness of being in a quarter full stadium it would not be a surprise if all the pubs within a certain radius of the ground (ie local hero, counting house) had to also be shut on match days. That’s part of the day for me, catch up with mates for a couple of hours then the walk down to the stadium. As we’ve seen with the postponement of relaxation measures by Boris yesterday I can see attendance at sport events being put back till the spring if they are concerned the number of infections is increasing. Although watching the PL games wasn’t that bad(excluding our own misfortune) I imagine everyone involved in football is dreading months of no supporters in the ground. And god knows what it would mean for leagues below the championship. Then again they may start reattendance starting with non league and work upwards. Hopefully one of these vaccines will work , even if it means people just get less sick rather than a full cure.
  2. At least ours has only been a slow motion car crash!
  3. Let’s hope we really are back in October(partial) and fully in November. That said, I’d be astonished if we bin social distancing in November that Boris suggested just as the flu season kicks in.
  4. Something positive out of today then
  5. Good old BT on the ball ‘good news for Nigel Pearson as hell tucks into his Sunday lunch’ after Southampton score!
  6. They decide after game 37, assume Sky get first pick. All depends which games have something riding on it. I’d imagine our game will be first pick.
  7. Although a bit worried about the strength of our defence , if our mentality is right we may spring a surprise. The Sheff Utd game will hopefully be seen as a springboard to move us forward rather than just a one off decent performance. I’m going for a spirited 2-1 away win.
  8. Can’t imagine they’ll be away fans for the entirety next season. I’m not that comfortable going back to KP before the winter but would prefer to wait till the spring by which time any second wave should hopefully have passed plus also we’ll have a lot better understanding than now about this virus. The club may have to ask all 23000 of us season ticket holders if we want to return a) ASAP b) 2021 or c) skip the entire season but still keep season ticket for 2021/22 season. Nightmare to deal with.
  9. Hull City 5 Leicester City 2 1989 I think , On a Friday night in the Pleat years, away fans cheering their goals and Saint and Greavsie taking the piss the next day.
  10. I just hope there is a reaction of some kind in Thursday, if Madders and Chilwell are still out plus possibly no Albrighton it could be a tough night. The very least we’ll have to match United’s effort which we know will be full on.
  11. Is it a bit of a con? Of course, but the reality is we should not have been relying on a judgement like this given where we were a few weeks ago. In fact if we were still a clear 3rd with CL guaranteed I imagine a few on here would have been laughing as it would mean either Chelsea or Man Utd missing out. The performance last night was so bad last night it merited us being dumped in the Checkatrade cup , or whatever it’s called now, rather than the champions league.
  12. What we all think is irrelevant, Kuhn Top will know what is going on, his big challenge is does he trust Rodgers with a big transfer budget in the summer window. Wasn’t a question a few weeks ago, and still might not be in Tops mind but we’ll see, still has enough credit in the bank albeit depleting
  13. Unless Nacho is injured BR really needs to explain his thinking, ridiculous
  14. Just shows you how well we did to win at Bramall Lane, I recall a lot on here seemed disappointed to only win 2-1 & with the general performance that day against a newly promoted side. Should never underestimate an away win in the premier league
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