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  1. Brucie bonus gained an away point on the season ticket!
  2. It then just kicked me out so gods knows what was going on
  3. Just joined the queue there are 8500 people in front of me🙁
  4. What a season , Martin Allen, Gary Megson and Ian Holloway. i looked at the league table for that season the other day, we only conceded 45 goals, but scored only 42, which considering we had 3 games where we scored 12 goals( 2 x 4-1 and a 4-0) is remarkably inept.
  5. EE are offering a chance to win 4 tickets, just have to download their app and submit your name and number
  6. Just enjoy him however long he is here. The more he plays the more you get the sense it’ll have to be one of the really big boys of Europe who’ll take him eventually, especially if we stay amongst the top few clubs in England.If he plays a starring role for Belgium in the summer we may have a few clubs trying to get him.
  7. Rodgers loves coaching players, he won’t be sent on loan, he’ll just improve him and will be stretched to show his worth given the squad we have.
  8. Out of interest are you a season ticket holder/go to a lot of games?. Would you still attend? I was listening to the radio this morning a discussion between a Spurs and a Chelsea fan. As much as they hate the idea of a super league,going to games and supporting their respective teams has played such an important part of their lives they’d find it hard to give up or find a new team. One did say he’d probably just stop going.
  9. If this goes ahead it will be pointless having the greedy 6 in the PL, their priorities would be elsewhere (if they are doing well in their other league you can guarantee they would play a weakened team for the PL game) so may need to bite the bullet and boot them out. In 10/15 years time , if it is a success commercially based on Asian and American subscriptions a lot of these games will end up being played there. ‘Legacy’ fans of these clubs will be shafted as they are not needed in the eyes of the owners. Manchester United and Liverpool may end up being successful but will grow detached fro
  10. And so you screw over the Scottish teams left behind
  11. You can’t claim to be anti super league and then say you would invite Rangers and Celtic to the PL.
  12. With what’s going on the F.A. Cup is definitely the bigger prize now, then finishing top 4, if it wasn’t already.
  13. If these teams are allowed to stay in the premier league how are they going to juggle 18-23 European games. If they have a bad start to the PL there will be no incentive to improve as they are guaranteed super league football and the big bucks. This in turn destroys the integrity of the PL as a competition. And of course if any of the teams do well in the super league they’ll not care about the PL either as has no real cost. Bad news whatever happens.
  14. Be embarrassing if the fans who are there start leaving with 20 minutes to go if it stays this exciting
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