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  1. whetstonefox

    Barnes coming back

    Reminds me a little of Chilwell last season, he was very inconsistent but with obvious potential and has moved on big time this season. Barnes could be the same, he’s going to make mistakes but he can iron those out and improve so come next season he’ll show what the fuss is about, potential is clearly there.
  2. whetstonefox

    first city game

    Sept 1978 league division 2 Leicester City 4 Brighton 1 think Weller scored at least 1. before that I'd been to a few Wigston Fields games in the Leicestershire senior league. Apparently was very close to being a Man Utd fan, I vaguely remember my primary school being split between who people wanted to win the 1977 Cup Final man united or Liverpool. 40 years!
  3. whetstonefox

    Are we short sighted?

    Because most of us only tend to see the home matches, which by and large have been dull, he’s always going to be under pressure until we consistently beat the teams below and around us. If we’d beaten Cardiff and Southampton but lost to Chelsea and Man City he’d be under a lot less pressure. Ultimately it depends on the stuff we don’t get to see (but the ownership does) that will determine his longevity. Hope he succeeds as he’s given a chance to the to the younger players.
  4. whetstonefox

    The Managers: Brian Little, 1991-1994

    That 1991/92 season is one of my favourite years following City, some great away days , Swindon, Southend, Notts County in the ZDF or whatever it was called, Blackburn. The Cambridge play off semi 5-0 up with 30 minutes to go knowing you're going to Wembley (for the first time in my lifetime) even queuing all night overnight for the Wembley tickets on a Saturday night was fun!
  5. whetstonefox

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Passing was terrible today, crosses into the box a complete waste of time, never looked threatening enough to feel confident we’d get 2 goals , bored bored bored, not sure with Puel in or out but he’s making it very difficult for himself.
  6. whetstonefox

    Worst FA Cup Defeat?

    We’ll only know how this one ranks on what happens over the next 5 months.
  7. whetstonefox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    He seems to be a manager who when on the verge of the sack pulls a result out the hat but also just when you think we are on a roll we'll lose a game we think we should be winning. It is a young team, we are 7th, will it be enough to keep him in a job? Don't really know, guess it really does depend on what goes on behind the scenes. It would be no shock if he left the day after the season ends but would also not be a shock if he ended up with a new contract!
  8. whetstonefox


    Whether he has a good game or bad game you always know he gives 100% which is all you can ask for.
  9. whetstonefox

    Time for Puel to go

    At the moment we are sleepwalking towards a relegation battle, if not this season definitely next if we are not careful. Although we should be ok as we probably need 15 more points you can see the enjoyment has completely evaporated. That could be for a variety of reasons, the manager, the disaster that hit the club, a general loss of form. It's a difficult situation,just feel we need a big personality to come in and give the whole football club a lift and new lease of life, although he can be annoying, someone like a klopp. For whatever reason the understated way puel goes about stuff is not working and may only get worse. I'd always hoped that puel would let his talking be on the football pitch as his interviews are not very interesting. Unfortunately the football on the pitch now matches his interview persona.
  10. whetstonefox

    Post match thread Leicester 0-0 Burnley

    Was surprised how poor Burnley were, they will stay up as there are some really poor teams but might be close.
  11. whetstonefox

    Helicopter crash

  12. Half time analysis from the sky team ‘absorbing’ the viewer ‘a bit crap’
  13. whetstonefox

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Looking forward to all the players tweeting their apologies later on🙁
  14. whetstonefox

    Ben Chilwell: A possible star in the making

    Just proves you need to play games at his age not constantly sit on the bench ‘learning’ probably still too early for Maddison but if he does well over autumn/spring he may get a look in when the first set of internationals take place next year
  15. whetstonefox

    Liverpool ( H ) Pre Match

    Like always as long as they give it their all I’ll be satisfied . If Liverpool play well obviously we’ll lose but this is what being in the PL is all about.