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  1. fox766

    Media Coverage

    Was at the ground earlier and seen the team come out right in front of me. My only niggle is some of tv crews were quite disrespectful one barged a young woman out the way and another popped a balloon just becsuse it kept getting in his shot.
  2. fox766

    Helicopter crash

    I have been following this all night whilst also at work. Just praying for some good news. Absolute massive thank you to all the other club fans for your quite beautiful words of support. It means alot to us all.
  3. Puel apperently going for an experienced side for this one and I know its only friendly but unfortunately this means big old wes will be starting. Thoughts please everyone. Going for a 2-1 win for city though
  4. France to win. Hopefully France v England final. Its coming home!!! Or I win my works sweepstake. Win Win for me hopefully
  5. I want france to win!!! But only because I have them in my sweepstake at work
  6. fox766

    James Maddison

    50 pages down, 50 pages to go
  7. fox766

    Brendan Rodgers

    Imo and especially as it came from the Sun newspaper its all absolute shite. As i'm sure city have just hired his assistant, for whom he was Puel's assistant at southampton. So to fire him would be a bit of a strange thing to do. For all those who want Puel out, to me it looks very likely he is going nowhere. But saying that stranger things have happend at this club of ours.
  8. fox766

    Russia 2018 - The World Cup thread

    Hoping Benny will do us a favour with one of his wild rash tackles. Takes out captain spud face. Then Vardy can lead us to glory.
  9. fox766

    Arsenal (H) Match Thread

    Hoping that he is giving some of them one last home game before they are gone in the summer.... Yes really hoping that is the case
  10. fox766

    2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    I agree, I would like to see him in the first team a couple run outs even as a sub just to see how he gets on. Hope he gets the opportunity I think he deserves.
  11. fox766


    I still think we should go for Chris Smalling. Josè clearly does'nt want him yet plays him every week. Him and Harry I think could be a good pairing. My only doubt is and am I right in thinking they both play the left side of cb (im sure some of you will correct me). If not then imo sign him up. And if Puel wants to build around Harry then give him the captaincy.
  12. fox766

    Winter (Break) Is Coming

    I agree and thought the same thing. The problem you have is that you applied common sense. Everyone knows these people have very little of it and are just out to line their own pockets. Thus the reason of them staggering the PL teams breaks.
  13. fox766

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Just read this about WBA makes me feel how gratefull we should all be of our owners (most of us are already). Lets just hope this never happens to us. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43543439
  14. fox766

    BBC radio leicester

    Ive tried loads of different ways to do this and always the answer is no. But hopefully someone will tell me i'm wrong and you can listen somehow.
  15. fox766

    Chelsea FA Cup 1997

    Cheers. Makes this cup even more of must win game listening to that again. Im sure he went on even further about it if I remember correctly. But after todays showing, us winning at the moment is probably not very likely. Thanks again