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  1. I don't want Harry or chillers to go and think/hope that they give it at least another season. Hopefully they will see progression (providing that actually happens) and want to stay. Looking at what the club want to achieve. Thats what I think they will be hoping for. Just need Rodgers to do what we all know needs doing. Keep the best, get rid of the crap, and add more quality. Here's to hoping that happens
  2. Lennon confimed as celtic intrim manager. Surely city should confirm Rodgers now
  3. Kris Commons on SSN doesn't sound at all bitter
  4. According to "The Mirror" Rodgers not being announced till Thursday!!! But it is The Mirror reporting it so I also got 7/10
  5. And Jonny Evans started that game too, went off injured I think (for utd obviously)
  6. Was at the ground earlier and seen the team come out right in front of me. My only niggle is some of tv crews were quite disrespectful one barged a young woman out the way and another popped a balloon just becsuse it kept getting in his shot.
  7. I have been following this all night whilst also at work. Just praying for some good news. Absolute massive thank you to all the other club fans for your quite beautiful words of support. It means alot to us all.
  8. Puel apperently going for an experienced side for this one and I know its only friendly but unfortunately this means big old wes will be starting. Thoughts please everyone. Going for a 2-1 win for city though
  9. France to win. Hopefully France v England final. Its coming home!!! Or I win my works sweepstake. Win Win for me hopefully
  10. I want france to win!!! But only because I have them in my sweepstake at work
  11. Imo and especially as it came from the Sun newspaper its all absolute shite. As i'm sure city have just hired his assistant, for whom he was Puel's assistant at southampton. So to fire him would be a bit of a strange thing to do. For all those who want Puel out, to me it looks very likely he is going nowhere. But saying that stranger things have happend at this club of ours.
  12. Hoping Benny will do us a favour with one of his wild rash tackles. Takes out captain spud face. Then Vardy can lead us to glory.
  13. Hoping that he is giving some of them one last home game before they are gone in the summer.... Yes really hoping that is the case
  14. I agree, I would like to see him in the first team a couple run outs even as a sub just to see how he gets on. Hope he gets the opportunity I think he deserves.
  15. I agree and thought the same thing. The problem you have is that you applied common sense. Everyone knows these people have very little of it and are just out to line their own pockets. Thus the reason of them staggering the PL teams breaks.
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