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  1. He was for us and yet somehow ended up signing for AC Milan. But will always be remembered for one of the best subs MON ever made in one game.
  2. Cheers . Its kind of what I thought as my daughter always seems to like the away kits and just wanted to know if they were available before my hols.
  3. Does anyone know when they plan to release the away kits? As can't seem to find a release date for them. I know they want fans to buy the home kit first. But thought they might have thrown a date out there considering we pretty much know what they look like already. I suppose they will try give us teasers nearer the time but think they really messed up on the PR this year and its not like they hardly kept it a secret! with the pics of the kids on vikky park and Vardy having a selfie in the new top before it was released. Anyway just wondered if any you guys and girls might know or heard anything.
  4. fox766


    The problem is with that, is you have used common sense. This is not the Leicester City way. We all know we dont do the simple things, we do it the hard way. Which is so bloody frustrating!!! Still I live in hope to be proven wrong
  5. Remember going to Roker park (sunderland for all the millennials) might be wrong but think it was 1-1 Graham Fenton scoring for us and being absolutely bloody freezing. Also Tranmere away once, cant remember the score. Got very wet though on the open terrace.
  6. Being reported in the daily mail (on my phone so cant copy link) that they want Maguire and would take 90M! to buy him. Probably just made up paper talk and is the daily mail after all. And if he did do we think he would actually play or end up like Mahrez. For 90M you would expect so. Probably won't happen but thoughts anyway please folks.
  7. I know it could be a gamble and probably already been mentioned but can't be arsed to look back through. But like the like look of Chukwueze from Villerreal. Fits the remit of being young and can play on the wing or through the middle. Might need a little time to adjust and Imo the guy clearly has talent and can be developed further.
  8. I know its all if's, but's and maybe's. But IF just bloody IF we had got a result last night. How well placed we could of been (I know we are still 7th) but could of just had that gap. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!
  9. Iborra just scored!!! To go 3-2 up
  10. Seen this online another crap link to a player with guess who else linked??? So stopped reading after seeing the usual contenders for the same player. It's really boring now. Just get Youri
  11. I don't want Harry or chillers to go and think/hope that they give it at least another season. Hopefully they will see progression (providing that actually happens) and want to stay. Looking at what the club want to achieve. Thats what I think they will be hoping for. Just need Rodgers to do what we all know needs doing. Keep the best, get rid of the crap, and add more quality. Here's to hoping that happens
  12. Lennon confimed as celtic intrim manager. Surely city should confirm Rodgers now
  13. Kris Commons on SSN doesn't sound at all bitter
  14. According to "The Mirror" Rodgers not being announced till Thursday!!! But it is The Mirror reporting it so I also got 7/10
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