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  1. Quite a pleasant read this tbf. Also imo just shows how far we have come and that slowly people's thoughts about us are starting to change (apart from sky obviously and their favoured few). https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9203469/Leicester-Brendan-Rodgers-ambitious-charge-no-longer-shock.html
  2. Well I'm sure many will feel the same but..... Never I wanted Fulham to win a football match more than I do tonight however unlikely that will be. Anyway
  3. I either read or heard on the radio somewhere. That its very unlikely he would go to Chelsea as he is not liked that much by certain members of the Chelsea board and added fuel to this by calling them a small club when he signed Daniel Sturrridge when he was at Liverpool. Anyway I really hope we can progress with him, he stays and create something special.
  4. Will get shot for this. But for a possible 18 months I would take Costa. No fee just (really high) wages, experience in Europe and good rotation option for Vardy.
  5. At the minute we seem better without madders starting and to me anyway seems better as an impact sub. Whether this is due to injuries he has had and probably not as fearless as he once was, form or both only he will know this. If you asked me this 12 months ago he was a definite starter. But for me is too inconsistent at the moment.
  6. With all games we have coming up I'll take any win. To a point the outcome is more important than the performance. So for me at the moment a win is win regardless of the score or how we play. If we are to stay around the top 4 it's the results that matter.
  7. My hope with blue tinted specs fully on is: That Rodgers stays for a long time with some sort of continued progression and keeps us around the top 4 with a few cup wins. With players such as Youri wanting to stay and as they enjoy playing for him and the team. In the real world though another club that can offer silly high wages will be probably enough for him to move on and we will cash in on astronomical high price that we will demand. Here's to hoping 🙏
  8. So I finally got round and decided to watch The Blacklist and then finally got all the way the end of season 6 to find out sky have lost the rights to the show. Can someone please let me know if there is anywhere else I can continue to watch it without having to pay for it.
  9. I kind get what they were saying and not that I agree with all that was said. But we contradict most of what was said. We probably have the most injuries of any of these teams and yet we top both the Premier league and our Europa group. Yet because results aren't going their way they don't like it they can't have it all their own way they moan like spoilt little children.
  10. https://talksport.com/football/783627/ Read this from TalkSport from Simon Jordan. Not his biggest fan but fair play to him. Hope the link works
  11. I put 5th but I reckon somewhere between 5th and 7th
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