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  1. Was one of my favorite players of that era. Proper down to earth guy. I remember City playing Watford away, he was injured and he sat with the fans to watch the game. He sang all the songs, took the piss out of the other players and didn't mind other City fans who wanted to speak to him. Can't imagine any player doing that now. And yes like many others I can still remember that goal against Swindon, what a rollercoster of a day that was.
  2. Nailed on for this to happen now..... It's the Leicester way
  3. And Sky Sports would still just talk about Man utd and how great they should be.
  4. Yes I had thought of that. But we all know he is the type of player that Rodgers wants in his team. It was just a hypothetical thought.
  5. I'm not nornally one for living in the past much but I know what you mean. I was thinking the same thing the other day. He's exactly the kind of player that Rodgers is after. Bloody frustrating isn't it.
  6. I remember many many moons ago we beat them 2-1 in a mid-week game. The only other thing I remember is Matty Elliott scored one of the goals. Only reason I remember this is I got 250-1 on that and put a fiver on it and it came off. And its about the only time i've won any decent money out of city. Quietly optimistic for this weekends game. I think we could nick this one
  7. For me I would like to see Madders and Praet given a go and dare I say Youri dropped!!! Dont get me wrong Youri has been good for us but also we have 3 very good footballers trying for 2 positions. I feel Youri can be a bit slower when we are trying to counter at times which means the opposition have time to get back and then just end up passing it back to defence. It also would be good to see how well that combo can work together.
  8. As much as I liked Maguire when he was here. He is now the enemy and really want us to tear him new one, show him up and exploit his weeknesses. Just to let scumbag yanited know we got the better deal. Going for 1-3 City. All aboard the optimism bus!!!
  9. Agree. Can't stand either of them tbh but Neville is the lesser of the 2 evils.
  10. You heard it here first..... MUST WIN!!!
  11. Yep loads of kids in city shirts around Ilfracombe and Woolacombe. Like already stated cus our kids start their hols first feels like half of Leicester is here.
  12. So been meaning to ask anyone else other than me watching this on youtube via sky as was advertised on my home screen. Hope this continues . Regardless of the score a bit of a crap game and savage is moron.
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