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  1. Yep loads of kids in city shirts around Ilfracombe and Woolacombe. Like already stated cus our kids start their hols first feels like half of Leicester is here.
  2. fox766


    Just PLEASE!!! announce this. So I can get on with the rest of my day
  3. fox766


    Or just buy east midlands airport and name it King Power Airport then it could be KPA. Then just to piss of the derby and forest fans fill the Duty free with LCFC gear
  4. fox766


    Just merge the other thread already and get it to 200 pages
  5. fox766


    So as I correctly guessed the date of our first signing. Im going for the 2nd July on this one. Note: will most probably be wrong now though.
  6. Yes bloody please I never normally win anything!!!
  7. Swap for Suarez Rather he stayed though.
  8. Competitions!!! To when we will sign someone Rudkin in Rudkin out
  9. So been meaning to ask anyone else other than me watching this on youtube via sky as was advertised on my home screen. Hope this continues . Regardless of the score a bit of a crap game and savage is moron.
  10. He was for us and yet somehow ended up signing for AC Milan. But will always be remembered for one of the best subs MON ever made in one game.
  11. Cheers . Its kind of what I thought as my daughter always seems to like the away kits and just wanted to know if they were available before my hols.
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