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  1. Just a few I recieved over the weekend
  2. Ah interesting to see a certain mr Charles Aranguiz. Considering how it all panned out.
  3. Anyone know whats going on as sky has cut the darts coverage Ah ha power cut, brilliant!!!
  4. Weirdly quite optimistic about these two fixtures. Its just how are, and so many Leicester teams before this one. We play not so good against teams we should win against. And then play well and get a result against the so called better teams. If we get any kind of results against these two it could be by the finest of margins. Fingers crossed i'm right and would happily take a draw against both.
  5. Without sounding really cringe and cliche and I know it's still very early in is reign. But do we think Rodgers could be our Fergie type manager. The way he talks reminds me of what Fergie did for Man Utd in the early 90's.
  6. So was just listening to 5live on the way home from work. And they mentioned everyone but us. Even when naming the rest of the midweek games, every game but ours. I know it shouldn't bother me so much but it getting really bloody annoying now, That we seem to be constantly ignored. Unless that is if they want our manager or players to sign for someone else.
  7. Yes I thought this might happen. Yes he was expensive. But they could do with a good number of new players. Rather thinking that one big money signing will solve their problems.
  8. In the nicest possible way I hope it all goes tits up for Arsenal. They charge their fan's a fortune to watch them with no real investment in the team for the last few seasons.
  9. Yes and me too. Still vaguely remember the rant that Danny Baker went on after for it on 5live and think i'm sure he got sacked for it.
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