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  1. Roberto Mancini...not forgotten but more why...?
  2. Can’t we just rob the Man City Kolo/Yaya chant. Wesley, Wesley, Wesley Wesley, Wesley Fofana Wesley, Wesley, Wesley Wesley, Wesley Morgan
  3. Hold up, when did American Adventure Shut?
  4. Don’t they all wear that in Watford?
  5. Nice bit of distancing by AJ here
  6. 1. Peter Ndlovu 2. Peter Ndlovu 3. Peter Ndlovu 4. Peter Ndlovu 5. Peter Ndlovu
  7. Now is not the time?
  8. USA kebabs I think but may be wrong. I had a mate (well part of our drinking group) that was on the wrong end of a roundhouse kick to the face. Badly injured but very funny.
  9. What’s the numbers today? Just read above! If it’s not been realised what are they waiting for. Bad news to come out overnight...
  10. Where are you based? I highly recommend speaking to the midwife about going to birthing centre. Obvs the only patents at birthing centres are women in labor and their partners etc (which I expect will be restricted).
  11. Or you can go shopping on quieter times 🧐
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