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  1. Might be posted on here earlier but have amazon got Boxing Day games this year?
  2. We got Becca Becca vardy I just don’t think you understand She’ll hack your Instagram She doesn’t give damn We got Becca vardy
  3. Does this mean they are 62 x more likely to go down then us win the league at 5000/1? Do those numbers work? I don’t know but United/spurs are a great to watch at the moment
  4. Back in secondary school a mates cousin hung himself. The mate came back school the in the following days, I remember it was pissing it down outside one lunch and he was a bit down. So in an attempt to take his mind of his grieving and cheer the lad up I asked if he wanted a quick game of everyone’s favourite word game.......hang man. I won
  5. True - but when the misses is one it does get on my tits a bit
  6. Manure fans are really an embarrassment! they have turned into everything the dislike, Liverpool fans!
  7. Isn’t now more of a VR gaming place - were people go to play the games etc i only event wentto game for Football manager and that stopped 01/02
  8. Is that ALL games or all televised games? As I’m moving to Australia this would be brilliant
  9. Guys I I’ve it on good authority that this bloke has a few tickets. Give him a bell, name is Kev I think 07507382978
  10. The highlight of this season has to be Man Utd wetting themselfs about the scousers winning the league and now maybe even the CL. If they win both I think they might explode
  11. 28th Nov 1992 City 0-1 Bristol rovers Kevin Poole Colin Hill Richard Smith Simon Grayson Nicky Pltnauer......WHO? Gary Mills Lee Philpott Steve Thompson David Oldfield Bobby Davidson Ian Ormondroyd (Julian Joachim)
  12. We could just go with “sportsman” to cover ourselfs on this
  13. Who care? we sang “you’ll never sing that” to derby fans
  14. He’s a forward a Belgium forward called Youri Tielemans He’s a forward a Belgium forward called Youri Tielemans a Tielemans a Tielemans a Tielemans ahhhhhhhh-wooooooo
  15. I was thinking this the other day. Quick google says 10 appearances this season, with 0 goals and 0 assists. I for one, was keen for us to get this deal over the line and felt we missed out at the time.
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