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  1. It’s all pretty clear to me. United must pay the £80m or he will be a Leicester player next season. I can’t understand why United can’t get that round their heads!
  2. srbfox


    This is exactly what is happening. It’s a sellers market in the premiership, those who need have to pay. Brighton will in turn sign a CB from a top championship club who will charge an inflated price. Or a perhaps CB from europe who’s price is inflated as they know Brighton have 45m in the bank In the end it’s life...piss flows down as they say.
  3. srbfox


    In a world where a club and manager think we need a CB with EPL experience.
  4. srbfox


    I don’t think there is much in it between Dunk and Harry. We will need a CB to fit into the squad quickly who has EPL experience. Brighton know this and the price reflects that. Just like we have to in the Maguire deal, both clubs are having to pay for what they want which is a good thing.... no more bullying by the bigger club in both cases. It still beggars belief why Harry would want to go united at this point in their history. Another good season at us and a top four side surely will go in for him - but then that’s another year into his contract. Dunk had little resell value but that doesn’t bother me as long as he turns out a decent signing. But then didn’t WBA turn down 25m for Evans a couple of January’s back? Dunk might just win the Ballon’dor and Harry might end up shagging Neville’s wife.
  5. Isn’t now more of a VR gaming place - were people go to play the games etc i only event wentto game for Football manager and that stopped 01/02
  6. srbfox


    All this waiting is proving very unproductive....edit chant inspired by my tea Monacos a shit hole There’s not a lot to do Youri came to Leicester To play in royal Blue He moved to saffron lane he likes a curry to he sometimes has a naan just like me and you He likes a chicken korma, He likes a vindaloo Down on saffron lane youri wears the blue
  7. srbfox


    Do know if this is legit or now or old or new but just seen it on twitter
  8. srbfox


    Monacos a shit hole There’s not a lot to do Youri came to Leicester To play in royal Blue he scores with his left foot, he scores them with his right and when he seen banging Rachel he’s up all ****ing night
  9. srbfox

    A. Perez

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/newcastle-united-transfer-news-live-16512957.amp not sure if posted but Newcastle Chronicle claim he is in the City
  10. Is that ALL games or all televised games? As I’m moving to Australia this would be brilliant
  11. Guys I I’ve it on good authority that this bloke has a few tickets. Give him a bell, name is Kev I think 07507382978
  12. The highlight of this season has to be Man Utd wetting themselfs about the scousers winning the league and now maybe even the CL. If they win both I think they might explode
  13. 28th Nov 1992 City 0-1 Bristol rovers Kevin Poole Colin Hill Richard Smith Simon Grayson Nicky Pltnauer......WHO? Gary Mills Lee Philpott Steve Thompson David Oldfield Bobby Davidson Ian Ormondroyd (Julian Joachim)
  14. We could just go with “sportsman” to cover ourselfs on this
  15. Who care? we sang “you’ll never sing that” to derby fans
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