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  1. srbfox

    Our start so far?

    We need to be beating those teams around us, and we have done that. A season is judged on results and so far the return has been good. I I think optimistic but not excited would sum it up for me.
  2. its very odd, they backed the manager in January and gave him a contract extension but in the summer they didn't back him. I'm not too sure if his contact extension was automatic or offered. Very odd goings on at Old Trafford. I'm enjoying it though
  3. srbfox

    Southampton (A) pre match

    Lawro has us down to lose this on 2-1, easy win for the lads then 👍🏻
  4. srbfox

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    I leave early as the mobile data coverage is rubbish!
  5. srbfox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Is it a season loan or can we recall him? Personally I think a promotion year in the championship for WBA and then into our team next season is the the obvious goal for both club and player
  6. srbfox


    So do we think Mendy is going to be first choice every week (I haven't had the chance to follow the pre season as much as I had hoped so not too sure about him yet). Didnt make ale it to the game today either. , so if anyone can answer my questions about this player that would be great. Is he our best option alongside N'Didi? Will he perform constantly? Can he pass? Not just side to side, but quality chance creating passes. Does he have potential and ability to move to a "big six" side, or is he at his level? Cheers guys, I would do my homework a bit more on this lad but life just gets in the way
  7. srbfox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    He let shaw get round the back of him way too easy for there second. Going forward he did OK considering it was United away first came of season. I doubt he is the magician we need to unlock defences if we are having all this possession. That leads to the question....what purpose does he have in the team/squad?
  8. srbfox

    What grinds my gears...

    People rushing around the city centres with their heads up their Arsenal having no consideration for others. They are either too important to give a feck or just simple! This wouldn't normally annoy me as I would just plough right into them but when I have a two year old with me....I mean come on people, SHE IS A PERSON have some manners!
  9. srbfox

    What grinds my gears...

    The Misses!!!!!!!!!
  10. This is the World Cup semi final? Feels like a group decider with the two teams already through and playing for 1st or 2nd
  11. srbfox

    Change of career

    Come on here tonight for any last minute job interview tips as I have an interview for a career changing job tomorrow. Done my homework, spoke to company insiders, feeling ready. My my main concern is I have done too much research, this meaning I won't be asking the killer questions as I know the answers. Anyway sleepless night lies ahead
  12. srbfox


    Been laid off today. Not the best day, going to be a tricky few weeks but HAVE to stay motivated
  13. srbfox

    New chants and songs

    Our love is for James Maddison James Maddison is what I need, whoaaaaa Shake it up just like James Maddison He's the forward that can score with ease Whoaaaaa Our love is for James Maddison James Maddison is what I need, whoaaaaa Shake it up just like James Maddison He's the forward that can score with ease Repeat till bored
  14. srbfox

    New chants and songs

    Feel free mate
  15. srbfox

    New chants and songs

    Your love is like james Maddison, James Madison is what I need, whoa Shake it up just like James Madison james Maddison is what I need