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  1. srbfox

    Corona Virus

    What’s the numbers today? Just read above! If it’s not been realised what are they waiting for. Bad news to come out overnight...
  2. srbfox

    Corona Virus

    In before the lock
  3. Simple - play it out on FIFA.
  4. srbfox

    Corona Virus

    Where are you based? I highly recommend speaking to the midwife about going to birthing centre. Obvs the only patents at birthing centres are women in labor and their partners etc (which I expect will be restricted).
  5. Or you can go shopping on quieter times 🧐
  6. Thats that idea down the swan then
  7. They brought a crocked Torres, I would say they have form for it
  8. Theres plenty of scousers about, we could pouch some of them
  9. Can’t I just sit/stand where I want and do what I want in supportive manner?
  10. I’ll ask about for you mate and PM you if anyone has any spare
  11. I read this earlier and just laughed! Lawro doesn’t have the football knowledge to class him as a professional pundit - the whole protection league done by the Beeb might as well be done by a 12 year old edit: sorry o have probably insult many 12 year olds
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