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  1. Shakey Sacked

    Right decision now but really the owners should have not appointed him preseason as we now have lost a great coach too - clear last season that he was probably not the right man and they clear,y were not convinced so the brave decision would have been preseason, Not read the whole thread but clearly recruitment and football direction is being badly managed so a sword should fall on others too! Glad the owners have not involved the players some are living on the glory of two years ago so someone who will be strong is a necessity as it may need us ripping the squad up as I would suggest one or two egos need clipping. Its a tough job as not convinced we have the talent matched with attitude to start performing.....
  2. Reasons to keep Shakespeare

    Biggest issue for me with CS is blaming the tough start ......instantly fearing and accepting we would do well to get points against the Top 6. 7 games in and already sides have beat Arsenal and Chelsea whilst Liverpool do not look all conquering. We have become little ol Leicester again because of CS’s attitude - almost sending a signal we are inferior ......yes he is Limited tactically but I hate the negative talk. Players have a lot to answer for too over the past 12 months and time for the owners to show some real leadership - sod keeping them happy put someone in charge who will put a variety of tactics together with us utilising the talent we have and not fearing our opponents - devising a set up to enable us to be effective in midfield with the talent of Gray, Mahrez, Albrighton, Vardys, Kelechi to create or score goals should not be as difficult as it is being made to be.......
  3. West Brom (H) Next Up

    Have you seen him play? Ahead of Kelechi, Slim, Mahrez or Ulloa on the bench from an attacking perspective .......I think not!
  4. Huddersfield away match thread

    Shakey clearly easing him in after injury......it's frustrating but hopefully the loyalty he is showing to established players will be repaid in effort by the likes of king and albrighton
  5. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    Shut up.....note the squad ......he was awful last week hence the selection ..you repeatedly make yourself look stupid!
  6. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    I hope not and hopefully not even on the bench.....kelechi or Oka alongside Vards with Mahrez and Albrighton for me on the wing if Shakey sticks to 4-4-2
  7. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    Need to be at it from the first whistle and match their closing down ..an early goal would be great to test their resolve and about time we went out and attacked a team away from home......attitude is key today! Expect an easy ride and we will get turned over.
  8. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    one consolation is that Woy is in work should the owners get twitchy - big 6 games ahead - come on Shakey show your tactical and motivational skills starting Saturday
  9. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    Tough Tough game - if we underestimate these we could be in for a rude awakening. They close down and work really hard so hopefully Shakey has the boys ready for the intensity and pace they will start at. Personally would change to a 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 but fully expect a 4-4-2 with Oka in for Slim and no other changes although Iborra will be on the bench.....take a point now if offered it
  10. Chelsea post match 1-2

    Our season will not be defined by results against Chelsea but they were a class above us tbh....disappointingly I don't think they needed to get out of second gear.... I am most concerned about the lack of identity or plan - we weren't intense, closing down but almost felt like we tried the 4-4-2 but were trying to keep them out .....would like to have seen us be more adventurous .....worryingly Shakey realised he got it wrong by changing it at HT but it only showed up the lack of quality as AK and DG were ordinary - will be a long while until Jan if Silva isn't available before then.... i was a bit surprised and disappointed we did not match them up 3-5-2 or change to 4-5-1 during the game....Shakey got that wrong but also lack of pace is a worry especially with Slim who I just don't think brings anything. Shakey has some tough choices especially with James as he is just not up to speed and Will was doing the job of two in midfield and we have little back up with Iborra injured. i thought positively Morgan and Maguire defended well although Harry tried too hard on occasions whilst I think we need a footballing right back who can get forward at times - lots to ponder and potentially we may need to switch formation to 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 with the players available......
  11. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Guilty of actually trying too hard imo......worked hard, made mistakes but is a threat and is actually our only creative spark which is worrying but hopefully kelechi, Iborra and silva will improve the quality and threat!! anyone suggesting DG is either a complete idiot or a WUM imo
  12. Demari Gray's Attitude

    I don't see it.......he was bang average at best......show pony at times takes too many touches and flatters to deceive .....would have to show a lot lot more to be in any starting 11 in my book something about his general demeanour and approach that bloody irritates me but I maybe a minority of one!!
  13. Cambiasso Retires

    Definitely one of the best central midfielders to wear the blue shirt even at the end of his career.....oozed class and was three steps ahead of most players .....absolute quality and a fantastic character despite upsetting one or two.....will go on to be a top top manager as he is extremely bright and articulate!
  14. This topic might be a bit churlish and some may say they support the team irrespective but i think the next 6 games are massive for Shakey. Saturday is significant in that can we start pulling off results against the Top 6! I believe the jury is still out on his step up and I do feel very sorry for him in that he has inherited quite a lot of noise as the team starts to break up. It was inevitable that the Top players have their heads turned as they have every right to want to win things and I think we missed the boat in the preseason 16-17 and have not been able to bridge the gap to the Top 6 clubs yet. However, the management of Mahrez, Gray, Slimani, Musa and Ulloa alone will be challenging and how or if he can keep them happy and performing could be the difference between us being competitive or not. Silva situation does not help him either. I also believe tactically he has something to prove and finding ways to take on the big boys even if we do not beat them all is a challenge he faces...United away for me was a bit disappointing in that we could have had a bit more ambition on the break and I am a bit concerned that he is conservative but time will tell. I think he has his hands full and it would test any manager with experience let alone a new manager plus his relationship as a coach with some of the lads before becoming the No.1 also makes it tricky. Hopefully he has the grit to sit them down to be clear on expectations or drop high profile players if necessary. Whatever happens he has had a bloody tough start with the fixtures, the transfer window and the fall out from it so I hope he can really succeed and starting Saturday get behind him 100% as I am slightly concerned he is on a hiding to nothing.....
  15. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    And if he gets injured? I do not think the club will want to allow a £22m signing to go back on loan at the club he came from - we are not in a position to take that risk would i believe be the club's stance. I understand we will either have a successful appeal or he will have a four month settling in period.