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  1. I understand that this could be a 1 In and 1 Out transfer i.e. Kel in from City as Riyad departs for the Emirates! Probably next week but we will see.
  2. Excellent post Thrac All the reasons why I believe Chilwell will be a top player.....listening, learning, working hard, great attitude and keeping his mouth shut. Gray promises a lot but the traits needed to be a top player go far deeper than pure ability - like you I want him to be a success but it's ridiculous to suggest he was better than Riyad and that he had no opportunities as he had plenty. Big preseason for the lad and let's hope he proves a point on the pitch!!
  3. Truly the noisiest reaction to a goal we have scored....it was chaos and the scenes were truly brilliant until that god damn penalty ........Wembley seemed to have a hoodoo till the poor little rams turned up!!!
  4. If it all hinges on a buy back I am not sure I would go through with it.....our owners don't want to be a stepping stone for the so called big boys and having developed a player to then sell him for £10m net benefit if he is that good would not be taking us forward.....just my view mind!
  5. Why? Genuine question.......I fully appreciate Matt has to prove he is prem fit but in the great escape I thought he was quality and I hope he can comeback as his best years are ahead of him.....for me I thought he was beginning to play like Carrick before his cruciate...... Clucas is good but .........really straight swap.....not for me
  6. I believe we will try and sign a number 10 too so expect more departures !
  7. I think he is a typical 20 year old modern footballer with talent and having had a lot at a young age. Question is will he push on like a Dele Alli or be like a number who get money and don't maximise their talent. The talent is there but he needs the attitude to work at his game physically and mentally which is the bit I am not sure he understands. He has the potential to be a regular at Prem Level but also he appears slightly arrogant and not willing to listen or possibly the brains to learn!! Time will tell but I believe he thinks he is entitled to more game time but I think the coaches including Shakey need to see more from him. Big preseason for him IF he stays!
  8. He is to us and I would be amazed if he is allowed to leave for anything less than £45m - I personally think he is worth every penny of £45m in the current market and I actually think like NG it would be a bargain sadly!!
  9. Yes and who is to say that Mahrez won't go on to do similar. Transfer fees are disproportionate to achievements and actually Riyad has achieved more in that one season than many of the players being linked for £50m+. Fortunately our owners value Riyad at higher levels than some of our fans - he will be impossible to replace one for one so £50m minimum for me!!!
  10. Mahrez has his heart set on the Gooners so this may help meet the owners demands for £50m+ from the OAP whinger......i mean Wenger
  11. I am not convinced about him full stop .....never quite understood all the hype but £4.5m is a low risk!
  12. We have multiple targets which are being dual ran....don't panic ......yet
  13. Shakeys first choice backed by the board ....all positive for me .....look at Chelsea and the noise that Conte is not allowed his first choice! Worked together, experienced management so versatile and can support Shakey!! Whats it's not to like about this ....if people think we are planning for the Championship then they don't understand our owners.....
  14. With you 100% ....loved Wally, Flowers and Keller but Schmeichel is the best I have seen!! Not only has he improved year on year he continues to push himself and also is a great example and leader.
  15. I think you may find a back 3 is tested and actually all of them will play - however, I would not write off Wes yet as this is his first summer break in 3 years and he has hardly had an injury until the end of the last season! Knowing the two experienced pro's they will believe they have a bit more legs in them and they will be ready for preseason and hopefully the challenge of a couple of younger centre half's will spur the on!