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  1. Slimani

    Spot on Thrac........simply put be it Slim, Gray, Ulloa, Amartey etc they need to earn their bloody spot in the team! Like Danny Simpson did a couple of years ago - if the players are not willing to earn their spot then they can leave for me as the likes of Drinky, Vardy, Riyad have proved themselves as quality prem starters and actually anyone wanting their starting spot needs to proved it!! I hate this idea of pandering to keep them happy - train harder, practice, improve and when given the opportunity show that they are desperate to play. Personally would not bother me one jot if Musa, Slimani and Gray all left as they are just not good enough and actually their attitudes are not particularly positive!!!
  2. Mahrez to .......................?

    Yes and most of it is rubbish!! I believe that Riyad and DD will still be LCFC players after deadline day as no one is near to their valuations - I for one hope the players are encouraging both to stay and think we as fans can do our bit as we do not want to lose either - certainly not accepting them moving on to other Prem clubs because it would be good career moves!!!!!
  3. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    I saw all but one of those and my father has seen them all yet we are 100% in agreement that he is the best we have ever seen in a blue shirt. When you watch the real class players they always seem to have time and glide across the pitch - Riyad oozes class, touch and his ability on the ball is frightening - personally hope that he stays as if he has a great season then gets his wish to play for Barcelona. He is genuinely quality and he looks like he is coming to terms with being double man marked and drifted all over yesterday to influence the game. An absolute privilege to watch him and worth the admission price just to see him - those that are not bothered about him leaving will be the ones to regret it as in over 45 years of watching we may not see another like him and as for replacing him we will need to sign two players to improve our creativity.
  4. Gray - considering future

    Not sure what all the fuss is about .....he's a squad player with potential .....Shakey should not pander to him imo - personally not seen anything In his attitude or ability to learn that makes me believe he will be a top player. Riyad glided through the match today and was a class above everyone on the pitch...... If he leaves we will need to buy as DG will not be the solution and I understand he could leave before the window closes if Riyad stays and it would not bother me one jot if DG left. He has all the traits of a youngster who believes he is better than he is and fact he has not showed Shakey in training the attitude to force his way on for longer minutes....whereas Chilly has showed a super attitude .....peeps may not like it but Shakey knows how to manage this one and it will probably end with him moving on!
  5. Mendy

    Played half a game for U23's so on his way back and then probably out the door!
  6. Kasper wanted by Man Utd & Man City

    Sorry but you are talking absolute rubbish......fact if De Gea goes he will be in demand........you will be in a minority in your beliefs - Kasper is absolutely rated as top top level inside the game and we are really lucky that no top keepers have moved this summer!
  7. Drinkwater

    Sorry Micky......only repeating what I got told today by someone who should know!!!😶
  8. Drinkwater

    Going nowhere .......been told not going and he is happy at City
  9. Drinkwater

    Different maybe better not in my book - in terms of importance to us, necessity to sell, age, importance within squad, role efficiency I actually believe Drinky is worth more!! Good thing is so does Shakey and the owners so he won't going than less we get at least £40m!!! Goodness knows how we find a replacement but hopefully we won't need too!
  10. Drinkwater

    Really our players that are allegedly being sold have their best years ahead of them - Riyad and DD definitely are about to hit their prime!! Hence we should pull out all the stops to keep them as no one seems to have any great suggestions who we can replace them with.... Thank goodness our owners have a great perspective on the value of our top top players .......better than the minority of fans who would just let RM and DD go for ridiculously low fees without a scooby doo how to replace them .....stand firm Top and IF we have to lose anyone make sure we have got real value!!
  11. Andros Townsend...

    Ahmed Musa 😜
  12. Drinkwater

    Too many fans think buying players is like football manager!!!! DD is one of the core players who is the heartbeat of our ethos as he has developed massively here and is instrumental in the dressing room to everything we stand for. Furthermore his best years are in front of him and Why would anyone sell their best players than less the offer is ridiculous. Replacing the character, ability, fit within the squad and potential in DD would be almost impossible for £35m before the window shuts!! Our owners want to compete with the Top Clubs and being a Southampton is no way to bridge the gap - luckily they have more savvy than a number of our fans and will not roll over to Chelsea!! hopefully he stays and continues to be a key player for the next few years!
  13. Claudio receives his message book

    Top effort lads!! Will always be a true LCFC hero and hopefully at some point we get the chance to thank him by him coming back to see us - a truly top man with massive integrity and dignity who will always be remembered in LCFC's great history!
  14. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Well I will bite - your deluded. Mahrez has twice the talent of Sigurdsson - no debate in my book. I think a small minority of our fans do not know a top quality player when they see one and we have one of the best in our clubs history and some want him gone because he wants to better himself at a top club. We will be much weaker when or if he goes - no one is bigger than the club and I get fans being disappointed he wants to leave but to ridicule his talent and ability is bloody stupid. £50m for Gylfi is over the top and would not bring enough for me and I personally am not that disappointed but losing Riyad will be difficult to replace.
  15. BHA pre match

    No chance.....they played United away yesterday in case you had not noticed who will probably finish Top 2! Might not set the world alight but they will be better than at least 6 sides.....