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  1. Premier League Saturday night football

    For those that travel distances to home games it makes it even more difficult. Price we pay for modern prem football. I have had a season ticket for over 40 years and now I live away I find it a struggle other than Saturday afternoon and if you consider this season and the number of games televised you cannot help question the viability of a season ticket. I am not complaining just stating the fact that modern football is all about money and whilst LCFC is part of my DNA I will probably only get to half the home games this season. The comforting fact maybe that if I was to give up my season ticket that a local fan would definitely snap the seat up.....sad really but a fact of life I guess.
  2. Everton (H) Pre Match

    Simple schmeichel, Simpson, Fuchs, Maguire, Morgan, Albrighton, Mahrez, Iborra, Ndidi, Okazaki, Vardy I would not expect any changes from that based upon the Leeds game. Only Dragovic and Nacho would have put pressure on any of the starters - Amartey was very good but won’t dislodge Simpson in a 4-4-2
  3. Ben Arfa

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion but to suggest that Riyad is the past and nothing more than a flash in the pan shows a complete lack of footballing knowledge. I have been supporting the club a lot longer than 2015 and am clear that with over 40 years of watching the boys in blue that he is THE most gifted player I have seen. I include a lot of fantastic players since the mid-70's and he has extraordinary qualities that we will be unlikely to see again without spending an absolute fortune and Gray is nowhere near his quality. Riyad is guilty of being badly led, his agent is not the smartest and has had his head badly turned. He has improved tremendously since we signed him due to great coaching, a stage to play but also due to his own hard work. We LCFC gave him this platform which he is grateful for but also we have done incredibly well out of him. A 26 year old that believes he could play for Barcelona (Agent told him this - fact)will have his head turned and clearly he regretted signing a new deal at the end of 15/16 which undoubtedly led to under performances last season which he is only now coming through as he matures and realises he needs to knuckle down. Will he go in January - possibly but fans like you that make out he is just an ordinary player are deluded. He is every bit as irreplaceable as Ngolo is and we will never see the like again. If I was the owners I would continue to try and persuade him to stay with us whilst we grow and build the club because we should want to move heaven and earth to retain him - he should be playing Champions League football at his peak and I think it should be LCFC that tries to show the same ambition but there are clubs that he or any of us would find it hard to turn down as we look miles away from playing in the CL at the moment. We all care for LCFC and no one player is bigger than the club Lineker, Macdonald, McAllister, Kante to name but a few over the years that I have been gutted to see us lose but Riyad will always have a special place and whilst he is here we should be enjoying the privilege of watching him.
  4. Ex-Leicester City player news

    If fully fit he will start more than half a dozen games.......I think he is under estimated in talent and will learn a lot at Chelsea where I believe he will develop even more. His personal drive is massive and he will definitely push to get back in the England team too...... Sad that a lot of our fans never really appreciated his talent and he will be the first of a number who move on over the next 12 months which will only lead to show how talented the Champions squad was - no bitterness from me Danny was a great servant who sadly realised we could not match the draw of Chelsea. IF he was to fail I would dearly love to see him come back to us but I think it unlikely he will fail!
  5. Claude Puel - Contender

    This would be so underwhelming as an appointment. I am led to believe that the owners have a target which is more ambitious although Puel maybe Plan B - I for one would be disappointed with Puel as he was very dull and very inflexible at The Saints plus he would definitely change the style completely which I think in the short term will be a challenge. Hopefully he is one of a number with Pellegrini the top target!
  6. What exactly do the owners want?

    I think they have a better clue than most seeing as we won the bloody thing two years ago.....to be a consistent Top 8 side takes some inspired management, recruitment and board direction. They have made some mistakes which they do recognise hence they rarely do not act if they believe it is for the better in the medium term - I would suggest that taking a club from where we were to overnight being a worldwide name with the increase in turnover would be beyond most business leaders to get it all right.......I understand that they are even more determined to get us at the top end and they believe it possible with investment.......never a dull moment and the best owners we could have so enjoy the ride!!
  7. Graham Potter, Ostersunds FK - would you take a gamble?

    Personally do not think you gamble with our premiership survival - it took too long to get here and looking at the turmoil it would cause could easily lead to another time in the wilderness. I appreciate any appointment is a gamble but we should be attractive enough to find a quality manager who can make this reasonably talented squad perform - however, we do need someone that will devise an identity and push through all levels of the club and into our recruitment policy which is not an easy task so experience with some record of achievement would be a pre-requisite so I think that rules out any punts like this fella.
  8. Swansea away pre match thread

    Like that but not sure we would get away with it........12 players!,
  9. Shakey Sacked

    Right decision now but really the owners should have not appointed him preseason as we now have lost a great coach too - clear last season that he was probably not the right man and they clear,y were not convinced so the brave decision would have been preseason, Not read the whole thread but clearly recruitment and football direction is being badly managed so a sword should fall on others too! Glad the owners have not involved the players some are living on the glory of two years ago so someone who will be strong is a necessity as it may need us ripping the squad up as I would suggest one or two egos need clipping. Its a tough job as not convinced we have the talent matched with attitude to start performing.....
  10. Reasons to keep Shakespeare

    Biggest issue for me with CS is blaming the tough start ......instantly fearing and accepting we would do well to get points against the Top 6. 7 games in and already sides have beat Arsenal and Chelsea whilst Liverpool do not look all conquering. We have become little ol Leicester again because of CS’s attitude - almost sending a signal we are inferior ......yes he is Limited tactically but I hate the negative talk. Players have a lot to answer for too over the past 12 months and time for the owners to show some real leadership - sod keeping them happy put someone in charge who will put a variety of tactics together with us utilising the talent we have and not fearing our opponents - devising a set up to enable us to be effective in midfield with the talent of Gray, Mahrez, Albrighton, Vardys, Kelechi to create or score goals should not be as difficult as it is being made to be.......
  11. West Brom (H) Next Up

    Have you seen him play? Ahead of Kelechi, Slim, Mahrez or Ulloa on the bench from an attacking perspective .......I think not!
  12. Huddersfield away match thread

    Shakey clearly easing him in after injury......it's frustrating but hopefully the loyalty he is showing to established players will be repaid in effort by the likes of king and albrighton
  13. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    Shut up.....note the squad ......he was awful last week hence the selection ..you repeatedly make yourself look stupid!
  14. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    I hope not and hopefully not even on the bench.....kelechi or Oka alongside Vards with Mahrez and Albrighton for me on the wing if Shakey sticks to 4-4-2
  15. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    Need to be at it from the first whistle and match their closing down ..an early goal would be great to test their resolve and about time we went out and attacked a team away from home......attitude is key today! Expect an easy ride and we will get turned over.