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  1. Very Good Player???/ Never one to understate the bleeding obvious.... In Leicester City's history we have won the Top League.....once! and probably will never win it again and he was one of the main reasons we won it - creating and scoring goals is the hardest part of top flight football and he is in my opinion the most gifted creative player to EVER have played for our club. Yes, badly advised and impetuous with his behaviour but he is a relatively young man with aspirations to play at the highest level of the game consistently which his ability undoubtedly deserves..... The vast majority (80%+) I would imagine recognise that we are very lucky to watch him and the day he leaves will be a very sad day for all true Leicester fans and afterwards those doubters will suddenly realise what we have to replace. Watched some great players over the past 40 years + but he is without doubt imo the best player I have seen and currently is in the Top 5 players in the premier league and probably will walk into all the Top 6 and maybe the vast majority of the Top clubs in Europe. Our owners have not given up on keeping him and will talk to him about a new deal as they will with Vards as they want to make the Club a Top 6 side consistently but they need to get the recruitment sorted and clear out a few to evolve the team but look at the last 5 years and compare to the last 20 and you will recognise how far we have come so quickly. Mahrez has ambition and we need to try to match it but if he leaves for a Top Club I don't think anyone could resent him as he has been extraordinary for City alongside the likes of Morgan, Schmeichel, Simpson, Vards etc.....
  2. West Brom away match thread

    To protect Chilwell would be a good start!
  3. West Brom away match thread

    Spot on and shown up already - 1 down and looking ropey down that side
  4. West Brom away match thread

    Chilwell and Gray down the left..........oh dear
  5. Puel-come to the future

    Common sense and experience makes changing the manager seem a ridiculous thought.....however..... If you can see progress or a plan which is evolving then we can buy into the future but as someone who hates all the short termism of the Prem I am really struggling with Puel... Chilwell should be nowhere near the 18 at the moment - confidence is shot and never a prem defender at this point Dragovic dropped for the Club Captain (Will always be a hero) but why? James in Midfield - way off the pace Gray - all potential and not improving Simpson for Amartey - why when DA had done well? More possession but boy we are dreadful to watch and if you take RM away then we have no creativity and no plan B Vardy is starved of service and looks more disinterested with every game.. Fuchs, Iborra, Amartey, Drag, Kelechi all have better claims than a number being selected... We are not evolving in style positively, no pace, no closing down, just not convinced about the steps we are making - hopefully the owners will watch very carefully as IF CP is trusted preseason then he will need backing and we will potentially have to have evolved as Riyad will go and currently I cannot see what the future holds. May seem an exaggeration but currently without Riyad I believe we would be bottom 8 and next season if CP is given a preseason he will have to get it right......just not convinced that he knows what he is doing!!
  6. Adidas

    Must be old fashioned cus I hate seeing is red - green, yellow, gold, black, white - anything but RED
  7. Puel

    I do feel for any fans who have started supporting us in the past 6-7 years as the history of our club shows we are a bit of a yoyo club. We all have been spoilt in the past few years be it the rise from League 1, The Great Escape or The 5000-1 Story - I for one never ever thought I would see anything like in my lifetime and it really has been a dream However, it is clear that the club need to start on creating an identity and hitting the ball on the break to Vardy cannot continue to be the only route to success. Sadly we need to start evolving and the likes of Ulloa, King as well as Drinky and Kante moving on means we need to progress. Riyad and Kasper will be next in the summer and hence we will need to develop a different way of playing. Vards is not getting any younger although he is real quality but we need to start building a formula throughout the club and through the U23's especially if we are to match the owners aspirations. There is very little between 16 sides and it is the quality of Riyad and Vardy which give us something extra to keep us out of the battle at the bottom end - our recruitment remains patchy and we still lack a quality creative midfielder and No.10 whilst if we were to lose Riyad, N'didi, Kasper or Vards then we become even more standard Prem. Whether CP is the man I am not sure but continuous change will not help anyone - it is clear he is trying to evolve us but is limited by the quality of certain players - not convinced by Chilwell, Gray, Simpson, Iborra, Silva etc so developing a new way of playing without him having a proper pre-season and window to change things it is difficult to tell if we are standing still, moving forwards or backwards. I am half expecting to do a typical LCFC and become a relegation candidate - cant help it because over the last 40 years that is what usually follows other than the new owners have a clear aspiration to be successful but hopefully we can move forward and not backwards. I think the rest of the season and preseason will be pivotal for the next 3-4 years as we have quite a lot of rebuilding and hence CP moving a few dead wood or players on that will not be part of his plans - he has and is giving a few youngsters the chance to show their talent although I am not Gray or Chilwell are actually good enough. One thing I would not be doing however is changing the manager than less he clearly does not have a vision and know how to execute it but that will only really be clear internally but he needs scope on youth and recruitment to stamp his blueprint on the club!! - I hope he is the right man but not 100% convinced yet!
  8. Well done the Thais

    Great post and so true. Our owners are not only excellent business people but have real values which run deep. They do not speak out and make rash statements plus they believe in rewarding success hence the lads getting new contracts and cars when delivering success - in return they expect players to behave and honour their contracts. Despite all the media nonsense they believe they can keep progressing to make the club a Top 6 club and a worldwide brand. They do not need the money and will only sell on their terms - completely correct and based upon the market Riyad is worth a lot more than the offers with 2.5years left on a lucrative contract. IF no one offers the money then he stays and plays for another 2.5 years and if he doesn’t perform he will not get a dream move and if he does we win games. He cost £400k so if he left on a free in 2.5years have we had value - of course we have and there is no way it will get to that. All the mad fan reaction and take the offers are ridiculous as the club have all the power - hence he is back Training and already crawling back in line. i am pretty certain they will arrange a contractual release clause of around £80m and presuming he performs he will go. Hopefully he will only make the bench today and be told to get his head down and win us the FA cup and 7th spot. Everyone gains in that scenario other than Riyad who in my opinion has lost a bit of respect from fans - he is the best player I have ever seen in a blue shirt but sadly he has let himself down or been very badly advised.
  9. I am not bothered about some PR apology which is not meant. He is clearly going in the Summer and if he wants a top club he needs to get his head down and play well. Get back in training, work hard and keep his mouth shut - we need him and he needs to play well! Concentrate on his playing and have clubs throwing £75m at us so he can move on. Sorry situation which has tarnished his image and left a bad taste which is a real shame as he is the best player I have seen in a blue shirt. None of this big apology rubbish just get back doing what your paid to do and win us some games!
  10. You make valid points and I am not necessarily disagreeing but imo I think Riyad is potentially better than all of them in a Top side if his head is right. imagine him getting the service in the last third consistently and I believe he could be world class - I maybe on my own 😀 with that view
  11. No chance - we will not see him before Sheff U at the earliest
  12. I am not sure I agree with the fact that he would not get on City’s team. However, i agree he has tarnished his reputation and is being terribly advised. City were devisive in their timing and should have approached us weeks ago if they were serious and Riyad should have put his head down until the club had accepted an offer. Modern football leaves a sour taste with the way clubs, agents and player power has never been stronger - all very sad and a bit of the joy in watching Riyad has died in this whole affair. The owners are not to be messed with and I think this could get very messy as RM/advisors have hugely underestimated our owners ethical values and ability to be ruthless. This could run on at RM’s expense both reputationally and financially.....it’s a sad situation
  13. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    When and IF the owners decide to accept a bid we will need a complete rebuild imo - the creativity is completely lacking and will make Vardy even less potent. Gray is not the answer and I don’t believe should be anything other than a back up. We will genuinely need to consider not only a replacement but also a quality number 10 who creates and scores. Two players in effect to replace one who improve the starting eleven but who and where they are I don’t have a clue 😀 however the Vardy/Mahrez part of our team is what differentiates us from relegation candidates and hence I really hope we have more than a January window to replace Riyad.
  14. Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    The top flight is pretty unforgiving with young players having to be exceptional to survive. My concern with Chilwell is his natural defensive instincts are lacking and am not sure be will be a reliable left back defensively. Very good coming onto the ball and attacking wing back maybe. Compared to Gomez, Kenny who are youngsters who look better defensively imo - time will tell but two areas which could improve our starting eleven are definitely full back and i think CP will move to improve these positions now and in the summer especially if Fuchs heads to the States.
  15. Simpson

    You obviously have not watched much of Chilwell. Simpson is miles better defensively than any other full back at the club. Fuchs is still imo a long way ahead of Chilwell. We need players in both positions - an attacking RB and back up for Fuchs imo - chilwell does not have a defenders mindset - good wing back potential but only with 3 centre halves behind him. Yesterday was further evidence that Fuchs and Simpson are still our best full backs imo.