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  1. So in a worse case scenario and the whole season is played at reduced capacity. Our initial payments are non refundable. So for me and my 2 kids, under normal circumstances the cost of our season tickets would be £505. 1 adult, 1 U16 and 1 U10. Over a full 19 game season this works out at £26.50 per game. Sticking to the worse case scenario, let’s say we have paid the £110 for the privilege of entering the ballot and we get 4 category A games over the season, each time being allocated tickets in the west stand. This will then cost me £92 per game after they add the admin fee.
  2. Schmeichel Justin Morgan Evans Thomas Barnes Ndidi Tielemans Albrighton Perez Vardy I’d play Albrighton on the left, his experience and work rate will help Thomas out. Barnes on the right, one v one i think he has the beating of Williams. Perez supporting Vardy but dropping into midfield when needed.
  3. BBC now showing dates for all remaining fixtures, not sure if this is subject to change for tv.
  4. A few posts on twitter and Facebook, hopefully it’s just a rumour🤞
  5. I thought we were hearing some news on the stadium???
  6. Bit of a long shot but does anyone have a child ticket in the family stand that they wont be using? I have 1 adult and 2 kids but looking for a ticket so my wife can come (also she will drive so I can have a pint). I will then upgrade one of my child tickets and one of my kids will go in on the extra child ticket. If anyone can help please DM me.
  7. Boxing Day is my favourite day of the year to spend with friends and family In the pub. It would be perfect if I lived in Leicester As I’d be able to combine this with the match, but now I have to make a 50 mile round trip with no public transport. Can’t think of anything worse than sitting around all day watching everyone else drinking and having a good time while l sit around waiting for game.
  8. Some of Klopps comments after the game were as cringeworthy as Mane’s dive. “You can’t make a challenge when someone is travelling at that speed” I’m sure if it was Vardy braking away in the last few minutes of the game, he would of gone ballistic at his midfielders for not stopping him. Anyone that knows anything about football knows that sometimes you take one for the team, that’s exactly what Hamza did. It wasn’t malicious or dangerous, yes Salah was travelling at speed and the slightest touch could cause injury. To single someone out like he did is out of order. Alexander Arnold’s challeng
  9. Would love us to have a mini tour in Germany one year!
  10. Anyone know if the prices will be increased this year? And when can we expect the details to be released?
  11. ordered mine last Thursday and still haven't received them. My Palace tickets never arrived, had to collect them from the away ticket office on the day.
  12. Went as a family of 4. Tickets £93 Train £98 Food and drinks £50 Total £241 £241 spent to watch that! Seriously considering anymore away days unless something changes. I don’t mind losing, but to play without any real game plan or passion in the manner we did is so frustrating. Such a talented squad, without a clue.
  13. Just wondered if anyone else bought anything online over the blue Friday weekend has experienced any issues? I made an order in the early hours as soon as the sale went live online to make sure the items I wanted were in stock. I received an email the next day to say that the 13 items I ordered had been shipped, the club took my £350. After waiting a few days without receiving the order I tried to call the shop but after numerous calls nobody answered. I contacted Jim who has chased this up. I’ve today received an email from the club telling me that they have refunded my card as 6 of the
  14. We live in Nuneaton and my 8 year old is the only Leicester fan in his Sunday league team. Today before his game they held a minutes slience. He also scored and took off his shirt the reveal the Vichai top. Lovely stuff.
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