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  1. More likely to beat Eastern European crud and get through to the knockouts. Playing a Barcelona/RM in the knockouts I think would be a better outcome than in the group stages. I don’t want us to be in the CL to make up the numbers, we’ve shown we can go far in 2017, we need to show we can go further.
  2. The guy’s immense, love seeing him do well.
  3. Apologies for my relentless optimism but if you told me that after 19 games we’d be sitting in 2nd with our only three losses being to Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd, id have snapped your arm off. As awful as today was, we need to remember that getting top 4 doesn’t necessarily depend on beating the likes of Liverpool and Man City, it requires bullying the weaker teams; Arsenal were masters at this up to a few years ago. Come on the lads for West Ham!!!!!!
  4. There are only two teams that worry me in the league and after Thursday we’ll only have to play one more again. i fancy is against literally anyone else, top 4 is still on. Wooo
  5. I’m sorry these both need to be relegated with immediate effect. Embarrassing considering the amount of money they have not my spent.
  6. Torten

    Jarrod Bowen

    We shouldn’t turn our nose up and championship quality. After all, Bowen has relatively similar stats that Maddison did before we signed him (albeit they play in different positions). Now not many people can say that maddison doesn’t deserve to play in the UCL. I’d say the risk is not much less than buying an unproven player from a different league. Gerry Minn.
  7. Hang on doesn’t this mean these spurs players are snakes sssss
  8. These are just two shit teams aren’t they.
  9. Mahrez. Also an honourable mention goes to Chris Fuchs, wand of a left boot.
  10. So to get into the ground by 2:45, what time would be wise to get there?
  11. Collection was the only option when buying, otherwise I'd have probably picked one of those two.
  12. Noob here again, first time buying tickets from the club itself rather than getting them from people I know. Do we collect the tickets on the day and if so what time would be best? Cheers
  13. Hi fellas, Ticket noob here. Bought tickets for the Burnley game in M2. Made the mistake of not checking whether it was the home or away end. So is M2 the away end? Cheers
  14. Looked like the Fuchs of 15-16, defensively secure but with some flair going forward.
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    Do it all over again!
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