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  1. Keyworth63

    The Last 8 Games Of Riyad Mahrez

    Don't agree with the negative critiques of Mahrez vs Chelsea. I thought it was evident he was trying especially hard, even winning the ball back in the defensive end and creating some chances, including the only goal.
  2. Just delved into that link. Last game vs. Birmingham (lost3-2) - Banks, King, Appleton, Gibson and Stringfellow were absent. If they won this last game it would have put them in 3rd.
  3. Thanks for posting, davieG! I was too young to appreciate the new system LCFC were playing at that time, so it's good to see a detailed description of it. I do remember seeing a televised interview with Graham Cross in which he said winning the Cup was more important than the league to him - not sure exactly how long before the Final this happened though. I also remember that in their last league game a week before the final they fielded a much weakened side, along with a list of "injuries" to some key players. I suppose at that point the league title was out of reach.
  4. Keyworth63

    FA cup 6th round 2nd replay 1954

    This might be a clue: https://www.sportspages.com/product/preston_north_end_v_leicester_city_1953_54_(fa_cup)_football_programme_21280
  5. Keyworth63

    What do you think Claudio did wrong?

    Interesting to look back to his sacking from the Greece national team; he is quoted as saying: “We are last in our group because that is what we deserve. The coach is always responsible for that." https://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/nov/15/greece-sack-claudio-ranieri-faroe-islands
  6. Keyworth63

    Now Shakespeare's in Charge

    Enjoyed the adaptation of Sonnet 18 - just hope LCFC finish above 18!
  7. Keyworth63

    Ian King: 1937-2016 RIP

    Thanks for posting DavieG. That Easter Monday game against Man Utd that he mentioned was the first LCFC game I saw - epic match (Ken Keyworth hat trick and Terry Heath goal vs Dennis Law hat trick!) Very interesting to hear his comments about the change of tactics at the end of that season.