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  1. Im all for for bringing him back... To the people saying he should stay and progress for his development then we could look at it as he was clearly above the level at Blackpool and now he’s clearly above the level at Luton. If you want to see where his ceiling is at then maybe we should see if he’s ready for the premier league especially in our mad run of games we have got coming up. I think by the sounds of it there is not much more development he can do as he’s already proving it week in week out the only development is at the next level. I have never seen him play so
  2. If there is no recall then I’m sure they could do us a favour and send him back for good relations and we could do them another favour somehow.
  3. Hamza is not even an option in replacing Praet short term. Doesn’t offer anything going forward in the slightest. I’m not sure what kind of player KDH is but I’m sure its giving us a headache especially with the run of games coming up.
  4. If you can afford the money to beat the queue then why not. It’s no different to the people who can afford private healthcare and beat the NHS queues for treatment. Plus if all premier league players were vaccinated it may convince any anti vaxers that infact it’s not really Bill Gates trying to reduce the population.
  5. I wish we had the squad to make this dream come true. Unfortunately we just don't have the fitness of players and the quality of squad to do all 3 that is finish top 6, Go far in the Europa league and go far in the FA Cup. With the run of games coming in again the reality of it is that we have got to sack one off as bad as it sounds.
  6. Just my opinion but If Hamza is sold and Matty James returns as 5th choice CM then that sits good with me. Hamza is just an energetic centre mid that is neither great at attacking or defending he only looks like a DM because he loves a slide tackle but don’t think he is one as he Doesn’t have the top level brain for me as we have seen when he has come on late in games and lost his man so easy and cost us a few points.
  7. When you see it like that it really shows how busy it’s going to be.
  8. All players that have played continuously or carrying little knocks deserve a rest until the next game already have our hands full with europa and a very competitive league. Ward amartey Morgan Fuchs thomas under Praet mendy Gray Perez Nacho
  9. Some parts of this had me in stitches 😂 I wonder who else had the fight with him in Portugal against the locals. He also mentions he got up to stuff with Vardy in the early days that he cannot say else be getting in serious trouble.
  10. Talksport said palace have made 5 changes why are we saying it’s their strongest side and unchanged?
  11. He can do much better than Leeds.. scary pace and power would love that signing.
  12. Regarding the Vardy chat above ^^ Would love him to be be fully firing for the next few years but it’s not gonna happen regardless of when he entered the pro game growing old is growing old. i personally think we should play smart with the rest of his career and start to reserve his fuel for the big games when we want to counter attack. He’s not as effective anyway when the weaker teams park the bus against us and we fail to break them down so might be better for us to get an alternative striker.
  13. I’m Certain if heading was going to be outlawed then some sort of headband would be introduced to the game and worn by players that would reduce any impact to head.
  14. Was one of the other comments when he said after a madders corner “I don’t know how Leicester don’t score more from corners” 😂
  15. This is the least confident I’ve felt going into a game all season.
  16. a top 6 finish will be out our reach unless we get our injured players back and they stay fit.
  17. He’s celebrated everything he’s got right. Well done Clinton.
  18. Weird sub considering we’re trying to break a team down. Under doing good for me
  19. Justin causing trouble with peoples hamstrings pinging when being chased
  20. This ref is poor.. getting loads little things wrong feel he’s gonna cost us later on in the game.
  21. so.. I seen this article saying Man UTD are three players short of having a first XI that could take the fight to Liverpool and Manchester City https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/man-utd-title-race-transfers-19461017 Which led me to question Based on our strongest team (Ricardo, Castagne, Soyuncu etc) What additional players do we need to improve our starting 11 that you would then consider us 'title contenders' and challenge Liverpool and Manchester City?... and yes some might say we already are up there Be interesting to hear what people think i
  22. What’s the deal with Castagne is he available? I could of missed something but this one keeps going under the radar for me.. he was only out with a hamstring strain wasn’t he then kept getting delayed?!
  23. He is very Picking up the lingo well because even if I had spent a few months in France I still wouldn’t shout “Oui” out of passion 😂
  24. Think he just lost his dad before the start of the season so fair play to him for pushing on with that going on. I don’t know how far he will go but he’s improving every week. MOTM for me today but goals pay the rent so madders gets it.
  25. With the Everton game coming very soon after this game I think we need more of the attacking players like a first front 3 start of Under, Vardy and Barnes starting against Brighton and I’m guessing the more sit back counter team should be against Everton.
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