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  1. What’s the deal with Castagne is he available? I could of missed something but this one keeps going under the radar for me.. he was only out with a hamstring strain wasn’t he then kept getting delayed?!
  2. He is very Picking up the lingo well because even if I had spent a few months in France I still wouldn’t shout “Oui” out of passion 😂
  3. Think he just lost his dad before the start of the season so fair play to him for pushing on with that going on. I don’t know how far he will go but he’s improving every week. MOTM for me today but goals pay the rent so madders gets it.
  4. With the Everton game coming very soon after this game I think we need more of the attacking players like a first front 3 start of Under, Vardy and Barnes starting against Brighton and I’m guessing the more sit back counter team should be against Everton.
  5. Strong team but equally rotation is needed. Would like to see ndidi strong 60/70. Then Perez in more advanced central role providing nacho support and 2 wide man providing the width and pace. DW/KS justin Fofana Evans Thomas Ndidi Under Praet Perez Barnes Iheanacho
  6. What would you rather eat dog shit or cat shit? And don’t say you wouldn’t eat either
  7. I did you just didn’t like the answer there is no alternative players to play this formation because I wouldn’t play it. The answer I’m my opinion is under and Barnes providing the attacking width NOT justin and Thomas who have none of the attributes to play wing back.
  8. We don’t play it. We play the best team for the players available. They should be both full backs with under and Barnes being the wingers to break through.
  9. This is all on Rogers this is so bad. Thomas and Justin would not be good wingbacks in The championship. The players for this formation are not the right ones so why play it.
  10. Newsflash team at top of league goes 5 at the back v bottom of the league. Same old story same old ending. Embarrassing
  11. ^ The only problem with this is he has absolutely none of the attributes of a top holding midfielder. Not shitting on the lad but that’s the reality of it and that’s why he’s 3rd in the pecking order right now.
  12. Lets try and attack a team for a change. 4141 for me. These were the apparent games Under was purchased for so lets so what he can do. Kasper Castagne Fofana Evans Justin Mendy Under Maddison Tielemens Barnes Vardy
  13. yeah i see this is the only way we spunk 40 MIllion on a new full back.
  14. Absolutely Brilliant from the owners to let the baby squad help out with the new ground
  15. Looks like an impact injury and bruised muscle hopefully.. put him out for maybe turkey game but back for Liverpool.
  16. How does liverpools defence currently line up? Guessing only Robertson only fit normal starter?
  17. theres no need to leave us until hes ready for the elite move.. Barca, Madrid. He aint getting that until hes about 24 so dont worry hes here for another 4 years guys.
  18. Do they still play a similar 3 at the back? Do we think we will line up similar?
  19. We’re hammered so much by the anti trump media and forced political views upon us that we even need to put a disclaimer at the start of our posts stating ‘‘I’m no trump fan but..’’ if you didn’t put this you would be hounded at. Ridiculous world we live in.
  20. Donald Trump is having the absolute time of his life living rent free in your head.
  21. No i agree 100% I wouldn’t change Mendy right now that would kill the teams morale when changing players when they are in excellent form.. it was only in reply to a previous team.
  22. We should strike and buy Edouard from Celtic I think in January. This will protect Vardy from injury as we are so dependable on him and give him some rest in the games where we need to break down teams more which will keep him healthy for the counter attack tactics and will get a couple more years out of him and pro long his top level career.
  23. OR for the bus parking games Kasper Fofana Evans Soyuncu Ricardo Tielemens Ndidi Castagne Cengiz Vardy Barnes Our team has some serious depth as I can’t choose between Praet/Madders/cengiz as all have different styles of play
  24. Yeah i agree but if we keep hovering around the top 4 and win tonight then the 2nd half of the year form with these players back could turn out to be an amazing end to the season
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