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  1. I think we are too inconsistent for top 4 but the even worrying thing is the chasing pack is so tight that if we missed out then it would be a real shootout between 5/6/7/8 place and could very easily miss out all together.
  2. Patiently waiting on Sean’s confirmation on who it is
  3. Yeah it sounds like we are actively pursuing someone though else would of said Hamza can go if we get someone in. My guess is that Otavio.
  4. Yeah I agree if we listen to the rumours and apply some logic to them then I think this is the outcome.
  5. “BR doesn’t think it’s overstretched or a tear” very promising as I’m guessing that’s the physios first impressions. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/brendan-rodgers-gives-hopeful-update-4936958
  6. I’m not one for putting square pegs in round holes but how do we think Fofana would fair in a DM role if Mendy/Ndidi was injured? He apparently used to play there and reads the game incredibly well. Like I say I’m not trying to change his position just wondered how we thought he could do.
  7. I agree however we are going to do it sooner or later against a team when it makes sense tactically.. when that is who know.
  8. Could this be the game we see how good a Cags Evans Fofana 3 at the back could be?
  9. If Sean’s tweeted it then it’s probably happening he’s not wrong often.
  10. It’s why we need a great top level backup whilst Praet injured.. that’s why I wasn’t against Eriksen as it was only short term. if we lost Tielemens to injury right now we would be screwed.
  11. Sean gets it right again. I think he is the the only true LCFC ITK out there.
  12. People will ridicule you on here for suggesting he would be a good winger...so i dread to think the reactions to this 😂
  13. SeanfromEnderby suggests otherwise. I believe in him.
  14. If it was a full transfer then yes I agree on the wage front. But not a loan. The players would surely understand the situation of a loan. It’s not really that big of numbers for the club to try secure a trophy or top 6.. Let’s say for the rest of the season it would be about 6 million to make sure we have adequate cover in the Tielemens role. It would be a no brainier if he is the correct personality and can do the hard work Rogers needs.
  15. Is he the right signing? Who knows.. but I trust BR and our back room to make the right decision. But if Tielmens gets injured then there is no one that can do his job now Praet is out and I think our season would go south very quickly so we need another option and a half season loan makes the most sense who ever they choose.
  16. If we start Hamza and Mendy together that would be some serious painful watching such a shame Praet is injured. I’d rather see an U23 in there with Mendy that has a bit more about them going forward... and if it’s not working bring Tielemens on as we have no option really.
  17. Bet he’s only on about 15-20k a week..
  18. It’s a crime that Chilwell and Reece James both are ahead and play for England and Justin is better then them both at both full back positions.
  19. hmm i cant see it... Will be a right sucker punch for Fofana as been playing very well.. However i can see a 3 at the back with them both playing with Evans.
  20. Horses for Courses. Albrighton V Chilwell is an easy game for Chilwell as Albrighton is not a tricky sort of wide man. Chilwell always seems to struggle against tricky skilful players that’s why I assume people may want Under playing.
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