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  1. We should strike and buy Edouard from Celtic I think in January. This will protect Vardy from injury as we are so dependable on him and give him some rest in the games where we need to break down teams more which will keep him healthy for the counter attack tactics and will get a couple more years out of him and pro long his top level career.
  2. OR for the bus parking games Kasper Fofana Evans Soyuncu Ricardo Tielemens Ndidi Castagne Cengiz Vardy Barnes Our team has some serious depth as I can’t choose between Praet/Madders/cengiz as all have different styles of play
  3. Yeah i agree but if we keep hovering around the top 4 and win tonight then the 2nd half of the year form with these players back could turn out to be an amazing end to the season
  4. Yeah i like this.. Maddison later in the game for Praet/Under. If we play intelligent we know how Leeds will want to play and come at us thick and fast with numbers. Absorb that and release Vardy on the break and it could be goals goals goals for us.
  5. A pacey striker is what we miss when Vardy is out... Would love to know who is on our shortlist for the future Vardy replacement and when we will strike for him Pace/Aggression/Finishing/Movement/Desire/Game Intelligence ...how hard is it really
  6. I think kalvin Phillips is injured so at least they have an injury aswell
  7. Yeah scrap that I’ve just seen it’s official. What a sad state of affairs our injury list is.
  8. Let’s pray they were just rested!!
  9. I agree .. however he does tend to cut in a hell of a lot so if he’s cutting in on his stronger foot then it may be ideal for him. And provide an even more attacking threat.
  10. If Ndidi/Ricardo/Soyuncu are back around December/January All are going to be like new signings so doubt we will need to sign anyone.
  11. I believe the top sportsman who get it done privately get a slightly different graft that is used to reconstruct the knee. This graft heals much quicker and allows them to be back much sooner.. however still this year at any point would be an amazing recovery still for Ricardo.
  12. Have to agree right now. Evans will always be in the back when fully fit because he’s also a leader. He’s our new Robert Huth that is a senior centre back and just knows everything about being a top class centre back and makes everyone else play better. ....without him i feel it would be very disorganised... Much like when Wes Morgan played with anyone else other than Huth.
  13. Luckily for us they have both been injured this season and the big clubs will want to see them (especially) Ricardo hit his full potential pre injury form again for a full season. I don’t see either of them moving on in the summer.
  14. if (IF) we have our strongest team including Ricardo there is no reason why we cant go far in this competition. .. Basically 1st half of last seasons form with Castagne, Under and Fofana added.
  15. we signed Under because Rodgers admits we have no ability to break teams down but does not play him at all. Be a long season this...
  16. #RequestABet Slimani to choke slam Grealish anytime
  17. worst case team but not bad. Cant wait to to see Fofana play...... If he can pocket Neymar and mbappe he can pocket Grealish and watkins. Kasper Castagne Wes Wes Justin Mendy Madders Youri Under Barnes Iheanacho
  18. has maddison been mentioned? i couldnt see him mentioned so im guessing hes fit?
  19. Maybe also the reason why he didn’t play for a year ...
  20. Does he speak any English at all? Hopefully he does and can easily slot in next to Soyuncu or Evans... not understanding someone at CB would be a nightmare regardless of talent!
  21. I agree they will always look pretty on the ball going forward now with Barkley Grealish McGinn Ect as they all very talented but defending wise they are still mostly the same rubbish that nearly got them relegated. As long as Praet or Madders are playing I can get myself up for this as we will be able to hurt them more.
  22. Do you think there is seriously people that get up for England still and think that’s a great team?
  23. Sorry but I bet even Boris Johnson would start Grealish and he also wouldn’t start 3 right backs and 2 DMs. The only way we are going to be playing a positive attacking style of football is with a new manager and not Southgate.
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