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  1. Maybe not this summer but summer 22 I feel. It’s inevitable he’s just so good I just hope it’s a power house like Barca or Real Madrid as couldn’t watch him in another team in this league Who could be the next young defensive midfielder monster with the interceptions and tackles stats in Europe that we have got our eyes on!?
  2. We’re not gonna win any game with Amartey and Albrighton on one of the flanks. So surprised it took 65 mins to concede.
  3. Not so long ago bladed studs were blamed for an increase in knee injuries not sure the excuse now though
  4. Considering theres all the speculation based on nothing then I will add my own. i dont believe it’s a ruptured ACL. Possible that it could be slightly damaged or cartilage tear but I don’t think it’s a 9 month injury like Ricardo.
  5. From a reliable source! please do not slander Sean on this topic
  6. Normally posts something on social media after every game so not sure why he hasn’t yet
  7. I will be lighting a candle and putting it outside my front door tonight praying for some good news for JJ
  8. Let’s just hope he is being a big wimp and he’s back in a few days.
  9. I don’t think there’s any knee injury scenario in which he’s back within a couple of weeks.
  10. My gut is not an ACL full rupture but could well be a few fibres/partial of one of the ligaments which still isn’t nice.
  11. Could be similar to Salahs first premier league run..he also only 13 games over 2 seasons with Chelsea. Just didn’t work out.
  12. Yeah I kind of have to agree. I see thauvin and Otavio on free then the only spendature I think would be Edouard £15-20 Million.
  13. Good move for his pocket but could be a bad move for his career. There isn’t really a pathway into Man City’s first team. They want results immediately and don’t have the patience to develop players for years like they have with Foden.. they much simply can use oil money and get world class players who are ready made to hit the ground running.
  14. Yeah I can see that being the bulk of our business and if we are going on previous links then I think we will sign Thauvin and Otavio. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/statistik/endendevertraege
  15. I thought this aswell however I thought it’s announced when premier league footballers have COVID.
  16. Have they been struggling with injuries recently aswel or are these new concerns?
  17. What’s the deal with Castagne? We were in the dark the last time he was injured aswell.
  18. I trust the club ...but if we risk him and he’s then out for most of the season because he’s rushed then someone’s head should be had. I’d rather him have another week off and be 100% and back for the rest of season.
  19. Edouard for me in the summer. And we can preserve Vardy for the next 2 years and use him for the big 6 games and the European games where we won’t have possession. Vardy is absolutely lethal when a team is dominating us with possession and we could pro long his career by only using him in games like this as long as he keeps his pace.
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