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  1. BigC


    Time to give Anderson Perry a go imo
  2. BigC

    Manuel Pellegrini

    100%, nice man, did a great job with Malaga and Villarreal.
  3. BigC

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    How bad is King... useless, can't pass, can't defend, awful player.
  4. Awful again. What are we trying to achieve? On the ball, awful, off it, just as bad. AGAIN.
  5. Some serious deja vu from last season. Deserved to lose today.
  6. BigC

    Chris Smalling

    Was immense under LVG, would take him for sure. Doubt it will happen though
  7. BigC

    Slimani to ....................?

    Get £35-40 million off a Chinese club
  8. BigC

    Time to name Shakes permanent manager?

    Not sure what it is but I don't quite warm to Shakey like I did with Ranieri, Pearson or even Sven or Sousa. I think the club needs to move forward and look ahead - the playing style needs to be developed as does the playing staff. The golden era is over so we should be beginning to reinvent ourselves and move forward. The average age needs to be brought down and I feel someone like Marco Silva would be a good, realistic fit with a good pedigree in Europe and what he is doing at Hull. Regardless, the owners will make the right call. If Shakey stays, then I reckon we will have a respectable season which is perfectly fine but it doesn't excite me or shows any ambition.
  9. BigC


    Big fan of Slim but if we can get a sizeable offer from China again, then should be sold.
  10. BigC


    Was the worst player in a Leicester shirt. Simple really.
  11. BigC

    Trouble in Madrid

    Embarrassing some of the videos coming out on Twitter.
  12. BigC

    Millwall (a) FA Cup match thread

    Awful from Okazaki
  13. BigC

    Derby Away Match Thread

    Benalouane deserves a chance surely.
  14. BigC

    Liverpool (a) match thread

    All over the place, embarrassing.