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  1. Leicester - No one got me off my seat more than Esteban Cambiasso even in his short stint here. He had absolutely everything. Non-Leicester - Lothar Matthaus. Absolute genius of a midfielder, a general and completely underrated in my opinion.
  2. Beautiful piece of play. Where he could really take his game would be to develop the Yaya’s or the Viera’s about him and continue the run in full stride as opposed to slowing down to check back. Add that to his game and he’d be an absolute world beater.
  3. “Chilwell is the worst left back we’ve ever had at the club” ?‍♂️
  4. Premier League club's form: Liverpool: WWWWW Man City: WWWLW Tottenham: WLWWW Chelsea: LWLWW Arsenal: WWDWL Man Utd: LMFAO
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 90 seconds  
  6. Fergie also had the choice to either sell Evans or Pique as they had an abundance of defenders. Well, we know what happened there! Even the very best get some decisions wrong but Fergie would argue that he was vindicated as Evans went on to play under for him as a starter for many years. I am, however, in agreement with you that we need to give him a prolonged run if we are to see the best out of him. After all, Guardiola doesn’t just sniff around players if they don’t have something about them. My only concern is that he was bought in as a ball playing defender, similar to that of our Harry,
  7. Absolutely agree. For someone who’s natural position is on the wing, I thought he found the pocket of space in between the midfield and defence really well. You could see clearly that he knows how to weight a pass well and that was evident when he played it deftly into Demarai who tried a neat glance which resulted in the Southampton defender nearly scoring an own goal. I was really impressed with him and his ability to be creative from the middle of the park. I can see Puel using him in this position more and more as the season progresses and it’ll provide some competition for Maddison too!
  8. I thought Ghezzal played well in his short time on the pitch in the No.10 role. He created and played some lovely passes.
  9. A Manchester United fan walks into a travel agent and asks if they have any recommendations for a nice weekend away. The travel agent replied, "Well you can't beat Brighton this time of year!”
  10. Sorry if this has been asked already but where is everyone drinking tonight? I’m at the Holiday Inn city centre and heading towards the stadium soon. Or is the choice of watering hole in the city centre somewhere? Thank you
  11. It would go a long way to explaining why so many clubs have steered away from signing him as most on here felt a free signing was a no brainer. In most likelihood, he’s probably getting a hefty signing-on bonus too. Couple that with an agent fee, it doesn’t seem as appealing as it did initially.
  12. Mahrez has just come off injured after what initially seems like a twisted ankle.
  13. Great pressing by Mendy there. I’ve been quite impressed with him pre-season. It feels like a new signing.
  14. He’s not ready yet. He’s given the ball away a few times now. Doesn’t really have the strength to protect the ball or hold it up and his awareness of players around him is lacking as he tends to slow the play down and hold on to it for longer than necessary. All of the above will come with experience so most definitely one for the future. Time will tell how quickly he develops.
  15. Is anyone else having problems signing in to LCFC.com? It keeps displaying the error message, “Sadly we don't recognise those sign in details.”!
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