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  1. Desperately looking for where these games are going to be shown. Forgive my ignorance - but are are the remaining games going to be shown on the beeb or Sky? Are we (as season ticket holders) going to be able to watch? As I say, forgive my ignorance.........
  2. I think it will be something like this; HOME Villa - Win Brighton - Win Palace - Draw Sheff Utd - Draw Man Utd - Win AWAY Norwich - Draw Watford - Win Everton - Lose Arsenal - Lose Bournemouth - Win Spurs - Draw Total - 19 points. I might add, I have been known to be wrong........
  3. I don't doubt Grealish's ability. But his temperament and attitude is a big turn off for me. Seriously big time Charlie!
  4. Listen - we get Ghezzal back from his successful loan at Fiorentina there is no place in our squad for this has-been.........
  5. I'd be up for this. He genuinely has the kind of qualities that we haven't seen since Mahrez left. But I guess there is the rub - he is always going to have to live up to that comparison.............
  6. Christ! I am shifting around in a similar fashion right now.......
  7. Absolutely this. Let's get behind him, why would we not??
  8. Which you would think would lead to him gaining 'legendary' status in my book!
  9. Norwich, Bournemouth and Villa (the latter more out of spite than for any real footballing reasons.......can't stand Eddie Howe or Grealish.......)....
  10. There are few anywhere near as good in the league. Just superb
  11. It really was mind blowing today. Tons leaving on the 85th min at 2:2 & we were clearly on top. Crazy.
  12. I completely agree. I think he is starting to find some form.....
  13. Completely this. I seriously don't get the flack he gets. It must be from those who didn't live through the likes of Nicky Mohan, Brian Carey and Junior Lewis. #spoiltfans
  14. I'd agree. But we're just not the same without Wilf. He's just so dynamic
  15. He was excellent. The best I have seen him play. Chelsea struggled to cope with him. Most impressive.
  16. Exactly my point. But look at the millions their wages are using up. We are not a bottomless pit!
  17. We're knee deep in CMs, most of which we would probably like to ditch - James. Silva, King and to a lesser extent Mendy. This surely more a move I would expect to happen once these/some of these had left. There is a lot of money in wages being spent on players who have literally no future at the club.
  18. I honestly think this is a very sensible, if a little underwhelming signing. I'd much sooner this than splashing £40m on the likes of Dunk or Tarkowski! We need cover, he will do that and without us sinking millions to do it. Whilst I am as disappointed by the lack of movement this window - look elsewhere, nobody is really doing any business. It is going to be a quiet one. Which to be fair, Jan usually is.
  19. Still so much to play for. Like everyone else I am so gutted to lose tonight (especially against that bunch of inbred half-wits), but we have pretty favourable tie in the FA cup and sitting pretty in 3rd. A win on Saturday would go a long towards making tonight's misery fade. Let's get behind the boys (apart from Gray, obviously......)
  20. I'm taking some solace from the fact the will get properly schooled by Man City in the final.......
  21. Incredible to think just before Brendan got here he was all but done with us. And now he is an essential member of the squad. Total pro.
  22. Professional job done. This is the kind of fixture we have lost regularly in the past. Bring on round 5
  23. Totally this. He had a real chance today to impress. Completely failed to do so. Truly dreadful.
  24. Typically the wisdom is that when a team hits poor form, work rate needs to be upped. As I said in another thread, we lack press and intensity. If we are not able to play the expansive football we want (and were playing), then we need to become hard to beat. At the moment, if things are not going our way we seem to become despondent and lacklustre. Obviously it is easier to press and work hard when you are on top and winning - but we need to get this back and then the results will start to come. We are too easy to turn over. That has to change.
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